Microsoft is not going to allow itself to fall behind other tech companies when it comes to AI. According to insider reports, the company is working on giving Windows 11 apps some AI flare. The first apps to enjoy these features will be Paint and Photos.

Although it might not seem that helpful initially, the planned features will allow users to do more with their images and screenshots with the help of AI.

AI Features for the Photos App

For the Photos app, Microsoft is developing an AI feature that would let users select and copy people or objects from one photo and paste them into another. You can think of it as a feature to quickly create collages and memes.

For the Snipping Tool, Microsoft plans to add optical character recognition (OCR) technology. This would let users capture text from screenshots and copy it to the clipboard. If you’re always taking notes, this is the feature you’re looking for.

Microsoft is also expected to add OCR to the Camera app. This would let users select and copy text from photos taken on their devices. 

Integrating AI with the Paint App

Finally, coming to the Paint app, Microsoft is working on a feature to let users ask Paint to create a canvas based on their criteria. For example, users could ask Paint to create a landscape with mountains and a lake. This feature would use the same Bing technology that powers Bing Image Creator.

These features are still in the experimental stages, according to Windows Central. At the root of all this, it’s really to help users enhance their productivity and overall experience.

Do you think this is going to help make your job a lot easier? Will you see yourself using these features once they become available?

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