Apple has launched a new, more affordable Apple Pencil USB-C that works with all iPad models with a USB-C port. The new Apple Pencil costs AED 319 (US$79) and will be available in early November. 

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Even though it’s a lot more affordable than the previous Apple Pencils, it comes with the same features, like pixel-perfect accuracy, low latency, and tilt sensitivity. If you use it with the M2-equipped iPad Pro, you’ll also be able to use its hover functions. You won’t get wireless charging and pressure sensitivity, which are present on the Apple Pencil 2.

The new Apple Pencil has a matte finish and a flat side that magnetically attaches to the side of the iPad for storage. It pairs and charges with a USB-C cable, which is revealed by sliding a cap. 

If you’re looking for a stylus for sketching and note-taking tasks on your iPad, you want to consider the new Apple Pencil seriously.

For iPad users, the Apple Pencil is considered one of the most popular accessories as it greatly enhances productivity and creativity. With the launch of the brand-new USB-C Pencil, Apple is going all in on compatibility across all its devices.

How does the Apple Pencil USB-C with older models

FeatureApple Pencil (1st generation)Apple Pencil (2nd generation)Apple Pencil (USB-C)
PriceAED 399 / US$99AED 529 / US$129AED 319 / US$79
DesignWeighted to prevent rollingFlat edge to prevent rolling and snap to the side of an iPadFlat edge to prevent rolling and snap to the side of an iPad
StorageNo magnetic attachmentMagnetically attaches to the side of an iPad for storage, pairing, and chargingMagnetically attaches to the side of an iPad for storage
CapRemovable capNo capNon-removable sliding cap
PortLightning connectorNo portUSB-C port
Pairing and ChargingPair and charge via Lightning port or USB-C cable and USB-C to Apple Pencil AdapterPair and charge via magnetic attachmentPair and charge via USB-C cable
Pressure SensitivityYesYesNo
HoverNoYes, with M2 models of iPad ProYes, with M2 models of iPad Pro

The new Apple Pencil is a great addition to the Apple ecosystem, as it makes digital handwriting, annotation, marking up documents and more accessible to more iPad users.

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