The iPhone 15 is nearly here – but there’s also something on the horizon: iOS 17!

Apple is gearing up to unveil its new iPhones and Apple Watch on September 12, as well as the final version of iOS 17. We can categorize the changes in iOS 17 into four groups: Features, Intuitive Additions, Personal Customizations, and Quality-of-Life Tools.

These are not official names, but they capture the essence of what iOS 17 offers.

The iPhone is already a fun device, with many features, apps and utilities that make it enjoyable. And iOS 17 adds more to the mix, making it even more delightful.

New Features of iOS 17

One of the new additions I’m looking forward to is the StandBy screen, which replaces the always-on display (if you have a 14 Pro) when you charge your iPhone in landscape mode. 

A large clock can also display photos, a calendar, widgets and notifications. It’s ideal for looking at your iPhone from a distance, like on your bedside table, desk or kitchen counter.

However, this feature will only be enabled when your iPhone is placed in a landscape format on a MagSafe charger. It will also likely only be available for the Pro models.

Another new feature is Stickers in Messages. You can now create and use your own stickers from photos, emoji and Memoji. Stickers can also be accessed from the emoji keyboard, so you can use them in any app that supports emoji. 

Stickers are great for expressing yourself more creatively and precisely than just using a Tapback reaction.

Intuitive Additions

With iOS 17, Apple has tweaked its existing features and tools, making using your iPhone more intuitive and easier to use in different situations. 

One of these is the swipe-to-reply feature in Messages. You can now swipe right on any message to send a quick reply without tapping and holding onto it. You can also keep track of conversations and respond to messages easily and quickly.

Personal Customizations

iOS 17 also brings new features that make your iPhone more personal and customized to your needs. 

One of these is the Listen to Page feature in Safari. When you visit a website in Safari, you can tap on the Aa icon next to the address bar and select Listen to Page. Siri will read everything on that page, including information on any images.

This is useful if you’re busy doing something else or don’t have your glasses.

Quality-of-Life Tools

iOS 17 also offers new tools that make your life easier and more convenient. One of these is the flight information feature in Messages. 

If you need to share your flight details with someone, text them the airline and flight number. They can press and hold on to the message to see detailed flight information, such as the route, the status, and the baggage claim carousel. This is super helpful if someone is picking you up at the airport.

Another helpful tool is the FaceTime voicemail feature. If someone misses your FaceTime call, you can leave them a video or audio message. You’ll see an option to leave a voicemail after so many rings.

One more helpful tool is the Live Voicemail feature on the iPhone. If someone calls you on the phone and you send it to voicemail, you’ll see a real-time transcript of what they’re saying. You can then decide whether to answer the phone or leave it in voicemail. And they won’t know.

A final helpful tool is the Clean up Automatically feature in Messages. This feature automatically deletes two-factor authentication codes that you receive and enter with auto-fill. You can turn it on by going to Settings > Password Options > Clean up Automatically. This will keep your inbox tidy.

iOS 17 is not compatible with all iPhones, though. You need a phone released in 2018 or later to get this upgrade which means phones such as the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus,and iPhone X will not be getting this update.

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