If you’re looking for true wireless earbuds that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, the Huawei FreeBuds 5i is an easy choice. This pair allows you to enjoy hi-res audio, active noise cancellation, and advanced connectivity features in an affordable package.

Offering a snugger fit coupled with a lightweight and compact design, these earbuds will elevate your day-to-day audio experience. 

Pricing and Availability

This is not the first time the Huawei FreeBuds 5i has hit the market. It was released in China in June, but it’s time for its global debut.

Starting January 13, it will be available in UAE for under AED 329. You can get the FreeBuds 5i on Huawei’s online stores or certified retailers.

Device Specs

Huawei FreeBuds 5iHuawei FreeBuds 4i
Dimensions (Earbud)30.9 x 21.7 x 23.9 mm37.5 x 23.9 x 21 mm
Dimensions (Charging Case)48.2 x 61.8 x 26.9 mm48.0 x 61.8 x 27.5 mm
Weight (Earbud)4.9 g5.5 g
Weight (Case)33.9 g36.5 g
Battery (Earbud)55 mAh55 mAh
Battery (Case)410 mAh215 mAh
Music Playback (ANC off)Up to 7.5 hoursUp to 28 hours with caseUp to 10 hours
Music Playback (ANC on)Up to 6.0 hoursUp to 18.5 hours with caseUp to 7.5 hours
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.2Simultaneous ConnectionBluetooth 5.2
Earbuds Audio Drivers10 mm10 mm
Audio FeaturesActive Noise CancellationCall Noise CancellationTransparency ModeActive Noise CancellationCall Noise Cancellation
Water Resistance RatingIP54N/A

Design and Build

The earbuds will be available in three finishes, namely Isle Blue, Nebula Black, and Ceramic White. They are made from sturdy plastic, making them comfortable for day-to-day activities.

Compared to the previous-gen FreeBuds 4i, the new earbuds come with shorter stems and are lighter for a snugger and more relaxed fit. Different silicon tips are also available for improved comfort as you use the earbuds.

As a true wireless pair of earbuds, the FreeBuds 5i comes with a charging case for storage and extra battery capacity. The case is compact and lightweight, making it great to hold and put in your pocket.

Audio Quality

The FreeBuds 5i is a stylish pair of earbuds, and it also packs a good punch in terms of audio quality. The 10mm dynamic drivers offer added frequency range, especially in the highs. 

Overall, the earbuds produce a balanced audio signature. The bass can sometimes sound prominent, but it does not overpower the other tones. The high-resolution audio provides added details allowing you to distinguish instruments from one another.

The vocals on the earbuds are clear, with all genres sounding decent. Whether you’re listening to rock, jazz, country, or metal, you can enjoy them with the FreeBuds 5i. 

Another use that earbuds like the FreeBuds 5i are calls. The call quality with this pair is pretty decent, allowing you to hear anyone on the other side easily. It’s not the best, but the quality is close enough, which is a win for its price point.

Features to Look Out For

The FreeBuds 5i come with touch panels that are quite responsive. It’s usually an issue with budget-tier earbuds, but surprisingly, they’re not a problem with this pair. You can customize gestures on each earbud using the AI Life app to improve the controls.

You’ll also enjoy active noise cancellation with the FreeBuds 5i. You can choose from three levels: Cozy, General, and Ultra. You can select the mode that suits your current listening level, depending on your needs.

There’s also Awareness mode, that’s the complete opposite of noise cancellation. Turning this on amplifies the noise outside and can help you hear whenever someone is talking to you.

Battery and Charging

Huawei has published that the FreeBuds 5i can last up to 6 hours with the noise cancellation feature. Using up your case’s battery can push the earbuds up to 18.5 hours of battery life. Charging time is also quick, as each earbud will only take up to an hour to get to full charge.

Getting the charging case to full capacity can also take time. You’ll need up to 2 hours of charging time to get the case to full power so you can use it to top up your earbud’s batteries.

Limiting the use of the active noise cancellation feature will extend the battery life of your earbuds. 

Wrap Up

The Huawei FreeBuds 5i is an excellent value pair of earbuds at under AED 329. They have also crammed many premium features that push this above the rest. The sound quality is great and is on par with more expensive earbuds. Noise cancellation is also a useful feature that can help you block out noise from outside.

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