Passwords are a hassle. You have to remember them, type them, and change them regularly. And they are not even that secure. Hackers can easily crack or steal them from phishing emails or data breaches.

Passkeys are a better way to log in to your online accounts. They’re faster, simpler, and more secure than passwords.

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What are Passkeys

That’s where passkeys come in. Passkeys are a new web authentication standard that lets you sign in to apps and websites with just a tap or a glance: no more passwords, SMS codes, and hassle that comes with it.

Passkeys are based on a technology called FIDO2, which uses cryptographic key pairs and digital credentials to verify your identity. Instead of sending your password over the internet, passkeys store a unique encryption key on your device and use a biometric sensor (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition) or a PIN or pattern to unlock it.

This means only you can access your accounts, and no one can intercept or guess your passkey. It also means you don’t have to create or remember different site passwords. You can use the same passkey for all your accounts or create multiple passkeys for various purposes.

Advantages of Using Passkeys

Passkeys are not only more secure but also more convenient. According to Google, passkeys are 40% faster than passwords and work seamlessly with existing features like chat lock and screen lock modes. You can also manage your passkeys with 1Password, BitWarden or Google Password Manager, which automatically stores them in a secure cloud.

Passkeys are already available on popular apps and websites like WhatsApp, PayPal, and Dropbox. And soon, they will become the default way to sign in to Google accounts on Android devices. Google announced that it will roll out passkeys to all Android users in the coming months, making it the first major platform to adopt the new standard.

How to Enable Them on Your Device

If you want to try passkeys, you can enable them on your Google account by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Google Account settings and select Security.
  2. Under Signing in to Google, select Use your phone to sign in.
  3. Follow the instructions to set up your passkey.
  4. Next time you sign in to a Google app or website, you will see a prompt to use your passkey instead of your password.

Passkeys are the future of web authentication. They are a safer and easier password replacement and a step towards a password-free world. With passkeys, you can enjoy a smoother and more secure online experience.

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