OpenAI, the company behind the chatbot ChatGPT, has filed a trademark application for GPT-5, the next iteration of their large language model.

The application details suggest that the company is working on a conversational voice assistant capable of translating speech and creating its own AI models.

What is GPT-5?

Even though OpenAI has denied that they are actively working on the latest version of their model, the trademark for GPT-5 says otherwise.

For now, GPT-5 is simply a trademark application that allows the company to use it. However, we can slowly piece together what they’re working on within the application.

We can see that the application covers a vast range of software related to language models, human speech production, natural language processing, generation, and analysis.

Potential Uses of GPT-5

With these applications for GPT-5, OpenAI is planning to roll out brand new features and capabilities to their already massively popular platform. 

Features such as artificial general intelligence, speech processing, and predictive analytics are some that you can expect. These will give ChatGPT human-like reasoning and problem-solving skills.

When Will OpenAI Release GPT-5

OpenAI has not officially confirmed that they’re working on GPT-5. However, industry experts are eyeing a late 2023 or early 2024 release based on the schedules of their previous models.

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