Meta announced on Monday that it will offer Facebook and Instagram Paid Subscriptions for its social media platforms in Europe. 

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Users who subscribe will be able to access Facebook and Instagram without seeing any ads, while those who choose to continue using the free version will see ads that are relevant to them.

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Forced by European Regulations

The subscription service is a response to the evolving European regulations on data privacy and online advertising. Meta said it respects the spirit and purpose of these regulations and is committed to complying with them. 

The company also said it believes in a free, ad-supported internet, which gives people access to personalized products and services regardless of their income.

How Much Would Facebook and Instagram Paid Subscriptions be?

The subscription fee will vary depending on where users purchase it. On the web, it will cost €9.99 per month, while on iOS and Android, it will cost €12.99 per month. 

The difference is due to the fees that Apple and Google charge through their respective purchasing policies. The subscription will apply to all linked Facebook and Instagram accounts in a user’s Accounts Center.

The subscription service will be available in November for users in the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland. It will not be available in the UK, where Meta faces a different set of regulatory challenges.

Meta said it will not use subscribers’ information for advertising purposes while they are subscribed. However, it also said that whether people choose to use its products for free with ads or subscribe to stop seeing ads, it is committed to keeping their information private and secure under its policies and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Will Meta Move to a Subscription-Based Model?

The subscription service is a major change for Meta, which has relied on advertising as its main source of revenue for years. It also raises questions about whether Meta will offer similar options in other markets, such as the UAE, where Facebook and Instagram have millions of users.

While Meta said this subscription plan is specifically for the European market, it did not rule out the possibility of expanding it to other regions. It said it will continue to monitor the impact of this change on its business and users and adapt accordingly.

What do you think about Facebook and Instagram Paid Subscriptions? There is a chance that Meta might introduce this in the UAE and Saudi Arabia at a later stage. Would you pay for an ad-free Facebook and Instagram experience?

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