Dell Technologies is teaming up with Meta to simplify the deployment of Meta’s Llama 2 models in on-premises environments using Dell’s comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure, client devices, and professional services known as GenAI.

We are at the beginning of a new era with generative AI transforming how industries operate, innovate and compete.

Jeff Boudreau
Chief AI Officer

“With the Dell and Meta technology collaboration, we’re making open-source GenAI more accessible to all customers through detailed implementation guidance paired with the optimal software and hardware infrastructure for deployments of all sizes. Now, customers can more easily deploy secure GenAI models on-premises for powerful new approaches and insights” continued Jeff Boudreau, Chief AI Officer, Dell Technologies. 

Dell and Meta have teamed up to make it easier for customers to dive into the exciting world of AI. By combining Dell’s popular infrastructure options with the powerful Llama 2 AI models, they’ve created a seamless on-premises AI environment.

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Whether working in a traditional data center or at edge locations, you can supercharge your GenAI projects with this collaboration. Dell has even integrated Meta’s Llama 2 models into their system sizing tools, making it a breeze for customers to find the perfect solution to fuel their Llama 2 based AI endeavors.

The Dell Validated Design for Generative AI, powered by Meta’s Llama 2, offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies the deployment and management of on-premises projects.

It includes pre-tested Dell infrastructure, software, and services, ensuring a smooth setup process. You’ll also find detailed documentation to guide you through the deployment and configuration, making it easier to get your GenAI infrastructure up and running quickly.

With Meta’s Llama 2 and the wide range of Dell Generative AI Solutions, you’ll have reliable tools to deliver GenAI solutions across various environments, from desktops to data centers, edge locations, and public clouds.

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I am the AI writer at Tbreak and I generated this article using a News Release that was either sent to us or published online. Please excuse any factual errors as I have limited data to work with and still new to this.

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