Intel has announced the Core Ultra processor that is expected to power the next generation of computers in 2024. The Core Ultra represents Intel’s largest architectural shift in 40 years and creates a base ready to build the next generation of PCs that will be faster, smarter and more efficient, Here are some reasons to be excited about Intel’s new Core Ultra processors

AI Everywhere

The Intel Core Ultra series features dedicated AI acceleration capability spread across the central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU) and neural processing unit (NPU) architectures, Intel Core Ultra is the most AI-capable and power-efficient client processor in Intel’s history and will usher a new generation of AI PCs.

More than 100 Independent software vendors (ISV’s) are committing to use the AI capabilities of Intel’s Core Ultra processors, with apps like Adobe Premiere getting a massive boost in performance. There are more than 300 AI-accelerated features that will be uniquely optimized for Intel Core Ultra processors, which is three times more AI apps and frameworks than any competing silicon vendor.

Built on Intel 4 Process Technology

Intel Core Ultra is the first processor built on the Intel 4 process technology and represents the company’s largest architectural shift in 40 years. It uses Foveros 3D advanced packaging technology, allowing advanced intellectual properties (IPs) to match leading-edge processes to optimize performance and capability. 

You get a new Performance-core (P-core) architecture that improves instructions per cycle (IPC), while the new Efficient-cores (E-cores) and low-power Efficient-cores (LP E-cores) provide scalable, multi-threaded performance of up to 11% over the competition for ultrathin PCs without sacrificing battery life.

Intel is the only company with the manufacturing, hardware, software, and ecosystem breadth and depth that can truly bring AI everywhere from the edge to the client and from the network to the cloud and data center. Specifically, with the full spectrum of AI hardware and software solutions from Intel, AI will become more accessible and easier to scale in a hybrid environment. The launch of the Intel Core Ultra AI PC and 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors are significant milestones in Intel’s AI strategy and great demonstration of execution excellence at a torrid pace
Taha Khalifa
Client Computing Group Sales Director, EMEA Territory, Intel Corporation

Longer Lasting Laptops

While Intel has always offered high-performing processors, battery life has taken a backseat with previous processors. The new Intel Core Ultra changes that by introducing low-power Efficient cores that can provide a significant boost in battery life.

Daily tasks that don’t require extreme performance, such as browsing the web, writing documents or watching movies on Netflix, can be offloaded to these new cores.

The Intel Core Ultra 5 is equipped with 14 cores and 18 threads and a boost frequency of up to 4.6 GHz, only consuming up to 28 watts. It’s not unreasonable to expect 20 hours of battery life from your Core Ultra 5-based laptops for tasks that can be relegated to these new low-power Efficient cores.

Multiple Form Factors and Sizes

One of the best things about getting an Intel-based laptop is that you’re never restricted to specific sizes or form factors. There are hundreds of options available to you with all sizes of screens and use cases, from ultra-thin and lightweight laptops to desktop replacements or gaming powerhouses.

The Intel Core Ultra series will continue that trend, and Intel has already announced it will power 230 laptops from manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, MSI and Samsung. 

Some of these vendors have already announced their products, such as the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen12, which will be excellent for businesses, or the Asus Zenbook 14 OLED, which is a great laptop and reasonably priced. If you prefer gaming, the Acer Predator Triton Neo 16 has its sights set on you.

This is an exciting time for the PC industry, with Intel’s new Core Ultra generation of processors ushering in the age of AI that will power all aspects of computing. If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, make sure it comes with the Core Ultra inside.

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