Get ready for ChatGPT to invade your food delivery apps starting with talabat this week. Users with a Pro subscription can access talabat AI under the talabat Mart section of the app.

Talabat’s new shopping assistant, powered by generative AI, will allow customers who order from ‘talabat Mart’ to search for recipes and find available ingredients, simplifying grocery shopping and enhancing the overall experience.

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How to use talabat AI

This feature is currently available to Pro subscribers and those using the English version of the app. If you tick both of those boxes, here’s how you can give it a try when it becomes available later this week:

  1. On the talabat app -and navigate to ‘talabat Mart’
  2. Tap on the search bar within ‘talabat Mart’
  3. Press on the blue icon on the bottom right
  4. Ask about a recipe in the chat box

When a customer requests a recipe through the chat, talabat’s new grocery shopping assistant will provide them with all the necessary cooking steps along with the required ingredients available at the nearest talabat Mart store. Users can also ask for cooking tips, suitable complimentary dishes, and nutritional information. Here are some questions you can ask ‘talabat AI’:

  • I want a recipe for a healthy salad.
  • I want a protein-based dish with chicken and eggs. 
  • What ingredients do I need for homemade falafel?
  • What side dish compliments chicken biryani? 

After being launched in Beta in the UAE, talabat AI will also be available to Pro subscribers in Kuwait and other markets soon.

Abbas Jaffar Ali
Abbas Jaffar Ali

Abbas has been covering tech for more than two decades- before phones became smart or clouds stored data. He brought publications like CNET, TechRadar and IGN to the Middle East.

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