You’re looking for the best Water Dispenser In UAE and Saudi Arabia for 2023, and here are my top recommendations. For more detail, continue reading past this list below to see short reviews on each water dispenser, along with a buying guide and FAQs.

There’s a wide range of water dispenser models available the UAE and Saudi Arabia, offering everything from bottom loading to top loading and hot and cold water dispensing. Plus, they’re available at varying prices, so you could find something without overextending your budget.  

This guide looks at the best water dispensers with advanced filtration features that are incredibly convenient, whether you’re buying one for the office or like the idea of having one at home. 

Top Pick

Midea Top Loading Water Dispenser

AED349.00 AED299.00
  • Reliable child safety lock
  • Lightweight design makes it straightforward to position
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Compressor is on the noisier side
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12/03/2023 12:13 am GMT

The best choice for most people is the Midea water dispenser. Made of stainless steel, this free-standing water dispenser comes in black and white colour options. Its three taps offer cold, hot, and room-temperature water. Cold water benefits from Midea’s “ice cold technology,” which keeps temperatures as low as 3 degrees Celsius. 

Parents will appreciate the built-in child safety lock for the hot water tap. The Midea dispenser is a double safety device for added security, protecting it from overheating.

Midea’s water dispenser is top-loading and easy to fill, clean, and maintain daily. Despite being our top choice, Midea’s model comes at an affordable price compared to several alternatives. Some users reported that Midea’s compressor is loud, which may make it unsuitable for those who don’t have a closed-off kitchen.

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Sure Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

  • Water flows quickly
  • Display indicates when water is low
  • Touch button design is intuitive
  • Several users report the dispenser lacks a child lock
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11/28/2023 11:43 pm GMT

The Sure Water Dispenser is a great all-around option for offices and kitchens. It offers hot, cold, and room-temperature water options and an advanced touch screen. 

It is a bottom-loading dispenser, which generally makes it easier to replenish the water supply. The dispenser has a mid-range price and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Philips Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

AED1,099.00 AED845.00
  • Has a UV-LED function that kills bacteria in the tank
  • Supports a range of containers
  • Water pipe is stainless steel and anti-rust
  • Some users report the water flow gets disrupted
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12/03/2023 12:43 am GMT

The Philips Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is another fantastic option that is as well-designed as it is efficient. This dispenser features a UV-LED disinfection option and child locks. It’s not a complicated product, but it is one that you can depend on for clean, cold or hot water when you need it. 

Budget Pick

Nobel Free Standing Water Dispenser

AED290.00 AED235.00
  • Comes with a storage cabinet
  • Has anti-electric shock protection
  • Indication lights for electricity, cooling, and hot
  • A number of reviewers reported the Nobel breaking quickly
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12/03/2023 12:43 am GMT

The Nobel Water Dispenser is a free-standing dispenser option slightly smaller than others on this list. Still, it’s also significantly less expensive, coming in at just AED 239. It has two dispensers, one for hot water and one for cold, and is made of high-quality, durable material. A few reviews have reported the Nobel breaking quickly, so make sure you pick up a warranty.


Geepas Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

  • Compact design makes it ideal for kitchens
  • Detachable water barrel seat is easy to clean and disassemble
  • Dispenser has a secure child lock
  • Only comes in one color option
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12/03/2023 12:43 am GMT

Next on our list is the Geepas hot and cold water dispenser. It comes in white and black and is affordable for your home or office. As a bottom-loading machine, it includes cooling, heating, and indicator lights to tell you exactly when to refill the tank. 


Electrolux Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

  • Noise levels are relatively low
  • Has a self-cleaning function to keep water clean
  • Cabinet storage is spacious
  • Some users reported noticeable rattling
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11/28/2023 11:43 pm GMT

The Electrolux water dispenser is one of the highest-rated water dispensers you can buy today. It’s more than suitable for your home or kitchen and has a one-year warranty. It’s bottom-loading and features a stainless steel water tank and hot/cold water options. 

Important Factors To Consider When Buying a Water Dispenser

Buying a water dispenser isn’t as straightforward as it might sound. Not only do you need to find one with everything you need, but you need to ensure you stay within your budget and have enough room for the dispenser you buy.

Cooling Technology and Temperature Options

The cooling technology and your machine’s temperature options are likely the first things you will consider. Will it keep the water cool (or warm)? Is it capable of doing its job even if it’s hot outside? You’ll also want to consider the range of cooling options it offers. Some machines can produce cold water at different specific temperatures. 

Capacity and Size

Of equal importance to the cooling technology is the machine’s capacity and its general size. You’re likely not looking for a large, bulky machine or one that requires you to refresh the water regularly. Therefore, keep your requirements in mind; look at a variety of options and pick one that offers a good water capacity but isn’t itself very large. 

Filtration System

Another thing to consider when buying a water dispenser is its filtration system. These will vary from machine to machine, so read the fine print to get what you want. Some options use drip trays, while others are self-cleaning. It’s essential to understand how easy your chosen dispenser is to clean. 

Energy Efficiency

To avoid a shock looking at your electricity bill, you’ll want to consider a product’s energy efficiency. For instance, a more energy-efficient model will likely be the best choice if you use the water dispenser a lot. However, if it’s only going to be used once or twice daily, this feature isn’t as vital as others. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

While it might not be the first thing you think of, maintaining and cleaning the machine will determine whether it’s a short-term or long-term purchase. 

Cleaning the machine is something you’ll be doing fairly regularly, so you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t turn into a long, drawn-out process. After all, a machine that’s time-consuming to maintain effectively ruins the convenience of a water dispenser in the first place!

Design and Aesthetics

Last but important are the design and aesthetics. Some design elements you might want to consider include the materials the machine is made out of, its finish (meaning, is it made of stainless steel, or does it have a matte or glossy finish), the colour, its general shape/form, the display and control it has available, and the lighting it uses. 

The most expensive machines stylishly fit into any setting and have clear, easy-to-use displays with multiple helpful functions. Whether you want a black water dispenser, a stainless steel one, or something in between is entirely up to your preferences. 

Where To Buy the Best Water Dispenser in UAE and Saudi Arabia

There are a few different options for buying water dispensers in the UAE you might want to consider. These include: 

Online Marketplaces 

Online marketplaces, like Amazon, Noon or Carrefour, are good options for finding the perfect water dispenser for your needs. These websites offer a range of options and a good deal of information about each. The only downside to this method of buying a water dispenser is that you can’t see it in person. 

Large Retailers

Large retailers like Union Coop and Ace Hardware are also great places to find dispensers. Sometimes, these stores have lower prices or clearance units that can be picked up at a much lower price. One downside of these stores is that, while the employees are helpful, they do not have specialized knowledge about water dispensers, so you may have a few unanswered questions while shopping. 

FAQs about Water Dispensers

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about buying a water dispenser in the UAE in 2023.

What is the difference between bottled and bottle-less water dispensers?

The difference between bottled and bottle-less water dispensers is that the former is designed to work with standard-sized water bottles while the latter is connected to a water source (like a water line) and used for continuous supply. 

How often should the filters be replaced in a water dispenser?

Generally speaking, water dispenser filets should be changed every six to twelve months. But, how often you change the filter in your dispenser will depend on the machine you have. You can consult the manufacturer or check the instructions that came with the dispenser. 

Can water dispensers handle different water sources (tap water, mineral water, etc.)?

Most dispensers sold in the UAE only work with large bottles sold by water retailers like Oasis.

Are water dispensers suitable for office or commercial use?

Yes, water dispensers are suitable for office or commercial use. It’s far more common to see water dispensers in a commercial or office setting than in a home. They are usually used to accommodate many customers, particularly in waiting rooms. 

What are the maintenance requirements for a water dispenser?

The maintenance requirements for a water dispenser vary depending on the machine you have. Generally, you will need to replace the water filter once every six to twelve months, collect water from the drip tray (if the machine has one), and regularly clean the machine, searching for evidence of bacteria or mould build-up. 

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

When it comes to the best water dispenser in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, there are several options to consider. The Midea Water Dispenser is our top pick but we also think Philips Bottom Loading Water Dispenser and Electrolux Water Dispenser are good options in the UAE. These dispensers are dependable, easy to clean and maintain, and fit into any setting (domestic or commercial). 

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