We recently saw the launch of Vu Televisions in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries, but the brand has been around since 2006 and has sold over 3 million large-size products and 4K TVs. We’ll highlight the best Vu TV deals below, so make sure you check them out if you’re planning on buying a new TV.


Vu Televisions is focused on delivering the best picture and sound quality and claims to be trusted by companies like Google, Netflix, and the Hollywood Filmmaker Association. It positions itself as the innovator behind the Cricket Mode and Cinema Mode in the television space.

In the region, Vu is selling two models of its television lineup- the Vu Masterpiece Glo QLED TV and the Vu GoLED TV.

Best VU TV Deals

VU 65 inches (164 cm) GloLED Series 4K Smart LED Google TV 

We’ve taken a close look at what buyers have to say about the 65GloLED. The common consensus is that this TV strikes a fine balance between cost and features, with many praising its vivid display and sharp images.

What customers are saying…
  • Users are satisfied with the visual performance, citing that the crispness and vibrant colours enhance their viewing experience.
  • The in-built sound system with a DJ subwoofer effect has received positive remarks for its quality, adding to the immersive experience.
  • It’s identified as a smart purchase by many, offering a premium feel without breaking the bank.
  • The ease of navigation and user-friendly interface have been appreciated, making it accessible for all ages.
  • The packaging quality has been highlighted as particularly impressive, suggesting good care in the delivery process.
  • Installation services didn’t live up to expectations for some customers.

Vu 55-inches Masterpiece Glo Series 4K QLED TV

Our analysis of the feedback from buyers of the VU 55QMP model reveals an overwhelmingly positive experience.

What customers are saying…
  • Customers express admiration for the TV’s picture quality, with its ability to display rich, detailed visuals even in dark scenes.
  • The Armani Gold aesthetic is mentioned favourably, with users finding the TV’s design to match its high performance.
  • Many find the TV user-friendly, with an easy setup process and hassle-free installation service accentuating the experience.
  • Long-term users of VU TVs have noted the consistent quality and durability over the years, contributing to the brand’s trustworthiness.

Vu 75 inches (189 cm) The Masterpiece Glo Series 4K Ultra HD Smart Android QLED TV

Across the board, customers are mostly satisfied with the quality, especially the viewing experience, of the VU Masterpiece Glo Series.

What customers are saying…
  • The clarity and quality of the image are consistently praised.
  • Responsive and helpful customer support from the VU team is appreciated by customers.
  • Some users have experienced difficulties with audio synchronisation, specifically with external Bluetooth sound systems.
  • Some users have reported challenges with iPhone connectivity.
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