You’re looking for the best Split AC in UAE and Saudi Arabia for 2023, and here are my top recommendations. For more detail, continue reading past this list below to see short reviews on each Split AC, along with a buying guide and FAQs.

It’s no secret that the weather can get hot in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, especially in the summer. If you’re looking for a way to keep cool and beat the Middle Eastern heat, a split AC unit is an excellent option to consider whether you’re adding a new AC or replacing an old one.

To save time, we’ve rounded up the Best Split AC In UAE and Saudi Arabia 2023 and some great runner-ups for you to consider. 

Samsung 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Inverter Compressor Split AC

AED2,698.50 AED2,199.00
  • Prevents bacteria growth and foul smells
  • 8-pole digital inverter for energy efficiency
  • The warranty is only on the compressor
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11/29/2023 03:28 pm GMT

Our top choice for the best split AC in UAE is the Samsung Split AC 1.5 Ton. We chose this split AC unit because it’s from a high-quality and reputable brand and is one of the best to keep you cool in the UAE heat. 

The system has excellent features such as an auto-cleaning setting, WindFree cooling technology, an AI remote control, and a capacity of 18,000 BTU/h. 

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Super General 18000 BTU 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner With 4D Air Flow

AED1,799.00 AED1,352.00
  • It comes with a sleep mode for energy efficiency
  • Follow-me-mode for easy temperature sensing
  • The fan is smaller than other models
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12/01/2023 06:28 pm GMT

This split AC from Super General is a great and affordable option for those looking to cool down their homes in the UAE. It’s a popular brand in the country and has provided customers with AC units for over three decades.

The split AC system provides 18,000 BTU/h, has a sleep mode, an instant restart button, and a rotary compressor to help keep energy costs low.  

Gree Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton With Rotary Compressor

  • Cold plasma to deter odor
  • 3-D airflow to evenly distribute air
  • It only covers 190 square feet
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If you’ve shopped for split AC systems in the UAE before, then you’ve heard of Gree. This brand has some of the best units on the market thanks to innovative technology and a great warranty. 

We chose the Gree R4 Mmatic-R18C3 because it has 18,000 BTU/h, a gold fin, a rotary compressor, and a self-diagnostic feature to let you know when maintenance is needed. 

Aftron Split System Air Conditioner 24000-28000 BTU

  • 28,000 BTU/h
  • DIY installation is available
  • It consumes more energy than other units
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The AFW-24095BC is the best option for those in the UAE who have a larger home or office that they want to keep cool.

We chose this unit because it has 28,000 BUT/h, a remote control, you can install it without a professional, and customer support as you do so. 

O General Premium Split Wall AC – 1.5 ton

  • Five-speed fan
  • Accelerated cooling
  • It's more expensive than other options
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12/01/2023 06:43 pm GMT

O General’s Premium Split Wall AC 1.5 Ton is another excellent option for residents of the UAE for several reasons. 

We added this product to our list because it has 18,000 BTU/h, the fan has five speeds, and innovative cooling technology that allows it to cool from corner to corner in a room. 

Midea Ultimate Comfort Split AC 2 Ton

  • It continues to cool even at temperatures as high as 60°C
  • Air Magic Filter
  • The warranty only lasts for five years
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Lastly, we have the Midea Ultimate Comfort Split Wall AC 2-Ton. This is a high-quality unit that is perfect for UAE homes and offices. 

We chose this product because it has a magic air filter to keep bacteria and viruses at bay, 24,000 BTU/h, and it’s super quiet. 

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Split AC

Even with knowing the best-split AC in the UAE, you might need to browse around or at least compare the above units to one another. When doing so, here are five essential factors to consider when purchasing a split AC. 

Energy Efficiency

It will cost to keep your UAE home cool, and we’re not just talking about your initial purchase, installation, and maintenance of a split AC. Your energy bills will naturally rise since you use more energy to keep your home cool. 

How much your energy bill will increase will vary depending on how often you’re using your split AC and the energy efficiency of the one you buy. Choosing an energy-efficient split AC isn’t only better for your pockets but overall good for your community. 

Cooling Capacity

The whole point of getting a split AC is to keep your home cool in the UAE. Not all units are created equal; some can cool better than others. You’ll want to consider the cooling capacity to make sure you’re getting one that can cool the space you want it to.

Whether it’s one room or your entire home, getting one with a slightly higher capacity that what you need will be a far wiser investment. 

Noise Level

If you’re sensitive to loud noises, looking for a split AC that is as quiet as possible will keep you comfortable in your home and not drive you insane. Some products are noisier than others, so reading reviews on how loud or quiet other users think they are can be helpful when making your decision. 

Installation and Maintenance

All split AC units will need to be installed and require maintenance at some point. You’ll want to think about whether you can install the AC yourself or if you need to hire someone to do it for you. 

As for the maintenance, you’ll want to look at how often regular and emergency maintenance is needed for the unit. If you aren’t going to keep up with more frequent maintenance, finding one that requires less is a better fit. 


When it comes to making a substantial purchase, considering the price is necessary. Even if you have no budget, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting great value for your money and, if you have a budget, that you’re not overspending. 

Be sure to compare the features of the split ACs you’re interested in and their prices to make sure you’re choosing the right one for you and your home. 

How To Use and Maintain a Split AC

Before using your split AC, you’ll need to install it per the manufacturer’s instructions. Most of the time, this requires the work of a professional. 

Once the unit is installed, you’ll control the unit with a remote in many cases. You can adjust the temperature, the mode, and how long you want it to run based on your needs. 

As for maintenance, it will vary depending on the brand and specific model you purchase. You should schedule annual maintenance just for general upkeep, but then call a professional if there’s ever an issue to fix the problem ASAP and keep it in the best condition possible. 

The Impact of UAE Climate on Split AC Performance

The UAE has a very hot climate, so it can heavily affect the performance of split AC systems. Combining high temperatures with high humidity levels can cause the systems not to work as they should. 

Purchasing an energy-efficient split AC and keeping up with regular maintenance can ensure that your AC lasts for as long as possible without leaving you sweating inside your home. 

FAQs for the Best Split AC In UAE for 2023

Do you still have questions about the best-split AC or general questions about them? Here’s what other UAE residents are asking. 

What are the best split AC brands available in the UAE?

The best brands available in the UAE are Samsung, Gree, Aftron, Media, and O General. 

How do I determine the right cooling capacity for my home or office?

The cooling capacity comes down to the size of the unit and how much square footage you want it to cover. You’ll want to determine how many rooms or how large the room you want to install the split AC in and then compare it to the coverage (cooling capacity) listed on the product details. 

What is the average electricity consumption of a split AC unit in the UAE?

It can vary, but the average electricity consumption of a split AC unit in the UAE is between 0.48 kWh and 5.14 kWh when running for one hour at a time. 

What are the safety considerations when installing a split AC?

Safety considerations for installing a split AC include the wall’s strength, proper spacing, the height from the ground, and the tilt angle. It’s always best to hire a professional to install the unit to avoid accidents. 

How much does a quality split AC cost in the UAE?

A quality split AC can cost anywhere from 1,200 AED to 3,000 AED. 

Bottom Line – Final Thoughts and Recommendations

There’s no better way to keep cool during the summer in the UAE or anytime during the year than with a split AC system. There is much to choose from, but going with our top choice, the Samsung 1.5 Ton unit, or even one of the five runner-ups will ensure you get a high-quality product with excellent cooling capabilities and energy efficiency. 

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