Choosing the right laptop can be confusing because of the sheer number of options available. You really need to decide of your set of requirements and move from there. If you’re not restricted to a specific manufacturer, you should look at our best laptops list. Or if you’re into gaming, you definitely need to look into the best gaming laptops.

But if you are a Mac user or looking to switch to Macs, then you might be wondering which is the best MacBook for you? We understand that can be a little confusing as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are highly popular choices of laptop computers.

If you’re confused over which one is the best MacBook for you then you’re at the right place. Apple sells a few different MacBook models and it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to decide if it’s the right computer for you.

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MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: which MacBook Is Right for You?

There are three main categories that MacBook is often used. 

MacBook Pro is best for business people: It is one of the slimmest and lightest laptops in the market. It comes with a full-size keyboard which makes it comfortable to type.

MacBook Air is good for students: The laptop is not very expensive yet it still gives you all the features and power that you need.

MacBook Pro is perfect for creative professionals: The retina display and the color accuracy is what makes this laptop stand out.

If you know which category you fit in, deciding on the best MacBook becomes easier. But that’s not always the case, is it? You could be a business owner that also designs images or a student that likes to edit videos. And then there is also the cost factor. There is a lot that needs to be thought of but the biggest question to ask is if the best MacBook for you is the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro?

Differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air are two of Apple’s most popular laptops. Both laptops offer great features and design, but there are some key differences that you should know before you decide which one is the best MacBook to buy. Here’s a quick rundown of the main differences between the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air:

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is significantly more powerful than the MacBook Air especially the 14-inch and 16-inch models. It has a more powerful processor, more RAM, and a better graphics. If you need a laptop that can handle demanding tasks, then the MacBook Pro is the way to go.

The MacBook Pro is also bigger and heavier than the MacBook Air. It has a larger screen and a larger body, so it’s not as portable as the Air. If portability is important to you, then the Air is the better choice.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is significantly less expensive than the MacBook Pro. If price is a major factor in your decision, then the Air is probably the better choice for you.

So, which laptop should you buy? Ultimately, it depends on your needs and budget. If you need a powerful laptop for demanding tasks, then go with the Pro. If you need a lightweight and portable laptop for everyday use, then go with the Air. And if price is your biggest concern, then go with the Air.

Best MacBooks for students or Business users

The best MacBook for students or causual users in the workspace is the MacBook Air. Apple sells the MacBook Air with M1 and M2 processors.

Apple MacBook Air M1

AED4,199.00 AED3,999.00

Weight: 1.29 kg | Display: 13.3-inch IPS LED, 2560 x 1600 resolution, 60Hz | Processor: Apple M1 chip; 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, 16-core Neural Engine | GPU: Apple 8-core GPU | RAM: up to 16GB | Storage: up to 2TB | Expansion: Two Thunderbolt USB C ports | Wireless: 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology | Battery: Up to 18 hrs, 30W USB-C Power Adapter

  • Most affordable MacBook
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good performance
  • Old design
  • Limited ports
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12/04/2023 02:43 pm GMT

Looking for the best priced MacBook Air? The MacBook Air M1 offers up to 18 hours of battery life excellent performance . The M1 chip delivers 3x faster performance than older Intel based Macs and does so with less power consumption so it will feel like nothing is slowing down your workflow.

The MacBook Air has 8GB of unified RAM by default though you could opt for up to 16GB. This can make multitab browsing and opening large files quick and simple, giving you more free time to get your work done!

With its 13.3″ Retina display, the Apple MacBook Air Models makes it possible for students to get a laptop that not only performs well but also provides an immersive experience. The screen is perfectly sized for you to use it in your classes and the laptop stays cool for your workload. If you are on a budget or new to the Mac platform, the M1 MacBook Air is the best MacBook to get.

Apple MacBook Air M2

AED4,599.00 AED4,201.97

Weight: 1.24 kg | Display: 13.6-inch IPS LED, 2560 x 1664 resolution, 60Hz | Processor: Apple M2 chip; 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, 16-core Neural Engine | GPU: Apple 10-core GPU | RAM: up to 24GB | Storage: up to 2TB | Expansion: Two Thunderbolt, USB 4 ports for Charging, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3 (up to 40 Gbps), USB 4 | Wireless: 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology | Battery: Up to 18 hrs, 30W USB-C Power Adapter

  • Gorgeous new design
  • Very light and powerful
  • Great battery life
  • Limited expansion ports
  • More expensive starting price than M1 model
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12/02/2023 03:13 am GMT

The new and improved M2 MacBook Air is more portable than ever with a completely new design that weighs less that the previous M1 based MacBook Air. It enables you to work or play anywhere with its powerful and efficient M2 processor that is faster than the MacBook Air M1 without sacrificing on battery life. This next-generation processor has an 8 core CPU, up to 10 GPU cores and up to 24GB of unified memory provide the power needed.

The display is 13 inch Liquid Retina with over 500 nit brightness and support 1 billion colors that make images vibrant as well detailed! This sleek and lightweight laptop also features a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, three mic array plus four speaker sound system that provides you clarity from anywhere in your room. If you can spend a little more, the best MacBook for you could be the M2 based MacBook Air with a brand new design and a more powerful processor.

Best MacBooks for Creators

If you are a creator working on apps like Adobe Creative Suite, Garage Band or Pixelmator Pro, the best MAcBook for you would definitely be the MacBook Pro. Apple currently sells the MacBook Pro in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes.

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch


Weight: 1.6 kg | Display: 14.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR, 3024 x 1964 resolution, 120Hz | Processor: Apple M2 Pro, M2 Max chip; 12-core CPU with 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, 16-core Neural Engine | GPU: Apple 19-core GPU | RAM: up to 96GB | Storage: up to 8TB | Expansion: Three Thunderbolt 4, USB-C ports, HDMI, SDXC card slot | Wireless: 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3 wireless technology | Battery: Up to 18 hrs, 67W / 96W USB-C Power Adapter

  • Extremely powerful
  • Portable form factor
  • Gorgeous screen
  • Mediocre battery life
  • Expensive
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12/04/2023 02:13 am GMT

The Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch is the perfect choice for professional creators who need to get their work done while still being able to move around. Packed with 12-core processing power, it can fly through pro processes 3x faster than before! The 16-core neural engine and long lasting battery make this great as your go to device, whether you’re trying out different apps or working on complex projects that will take hours of rendering time!

It has enough power to do anything you want it to, from designing apps and graphics all the way through post-production editing video or audio projects – with up to 96GB of memory. With 8TB worth on solid state drives (SSD) this laptop will fly through any task at hand. The 14 inch Liquid Retina XDR display also has extreme dynamic range and contrast ratio which gives this notebook unparalleled power in both visual fidelity (resolution) AND ability.

It has a very capable 2560 x 1664 resolution screen with wide viewing angles so every detail gets preserved beautifully no matter how far apart you are sitting. The MacBook Pro 14-inch is the best MacBook if you’re looking for power without sacrificing portability.

Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch

Weight: 2.15 kg | Display: 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR, 3456 x 2234 resolution, 120Hz | Processor: Apple M2 Pro, M2 Max chip; 12-core CPU with 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, 16-core Neural Engine | GPU: Apple 38-core GPU | RAM: up to 96GB | Storage: up to 8TB | Expansion: Three Thunderbolt 4, USB-C ports, HDMI, SDXC card slot | Wireless: 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3 wireless technology | Battery: Up to 21 hrs, 140W USB-C Power Adapter

  • Powerful M2 chip for optimum computing performance
  • Up to 22 hours of battery life
  • Stunning 16-inch Retina display
  • Need to pay a premium to get it
  • Big and Heavy- not ideal to lug around
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The 16-inch MacBook Pro is powerful enough for any professional content creator looking to do some serious work on their computer without sacrificing performance in other areas like graphics processing units (GPU). The new M2 Max chip will make it easier than ever – whether you’re working alone or collaborating remotely-to take full advantage of all that this device has going for it: Amazing battery life; fast data transfer rates thanks to USB 3 type C connectivity; excellent sound quality via headphones and a 4K or 5K monitor hooked up through Thunderbolt technology.

With the new Apple MacBook Pro for creators, you can fly through pro workflows quicker than ever with up to 12-core CPU and 96GB of memory. The graphics card is also 4x faster which will make it easier on your eyes when editing videos or playing games. It features up to 38 powerful cores and up to 5x faster machine learning performance with the Neural Engine, as well as longer battery life of 21 hours on average!

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the best MacBook for someone who will use their computer primarily as a desktop replacement as it is rather large and heavy to lug around. That being said, it does offer excellent battery life so even if you do want to take it somewhere, you won’t have to worry much about running out of juice.

Should you buy a MacBook?

Trying to decide whether or not to buy a MacBook? Here are a few things to consider that may help you make up your mind.

They’re very Reliable

Apple builds really good products and Macs are no exception. They may be on the pricier side, but you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to quality. If you’re looking for a laptop that’s going to last you for several years, a MacBook Pro is definitely worth the investment.

Great for Creators

A MacBook Pro is great for creative professionals. If you’re into photography, design, video editing, or any other type of creative field, then you’ll definitely appreciate all that a MacBook Pro has to offer in terms of power and performance. The retina display is also perfect for creative work, as it offers stunning detail and clarity.

Who shouldn’t buy a MacBook

As good as Macs are, they’re not great at everything. Here are a couple of scenarios where it might not make sense to buy a Mac.

Long time Windows users

If you’re a heavily invested Windows user, the MacBook may not be for you as there is a significant learning curve when switching from Windows to macOS. It’s not impossible to switch, but it’s definitely more difficult than simply sticking with what you know. If you’re not willing to put in the time to learn how to use a new operating system, then you should stick with Windows or Linux.


Gamers should also steer clear of Macs. While some games can be played on the MacBook Pro, the gaming experience is not as good as on a PC. If gaming is your main priority, then you’ll be better off with a laptop that has been specifically designed for gaming, such as the Razer Blade. Check out our guide to best gaming laptops if that’s your area of interest.

FAQs on which MacBook to get

Are MacBook Airs or Pros better?

We hope we answered the question above. Both are excellent for specific use cases so get the one that fits your workflow.

Which MacBook model is the best?

Generally speaking, the latest models are usually the best. The MacBook Air M2 is excellent and sits on the top of our best laptops guide.

Is MacBook Air M1 worth buying in 2022?

The MacBook M1 Air is still a great computer even through it has a dated design. It’s the lowest priced MacBook and offers excellent performance and battery life even in 2022.

What should I consider when buying a MacBook?

Figure out what you would use the MacBook for and what your budget is. Based on that, see if the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro fits your needs.

Which MacBook should you buy?

If you’re not a power user then get the MacBook Air but if your workflow requires video editing or working on large number of browser tabs, then the MacBook Pro might be a better option.

Will Apple make another MacBook with an Intel chip?

It is highly unlikely that Apple will make any more Macs with Intel chips. They have put a considerable investment and resources behind their own chip Apple Silicon.

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