You’re looking for the best Hair Straightener in UAE and Saudi Arabia, and here are my top recommendations. For more detail, continue reading past this list below to see short reviews on each hair straightener, along with a buying guide and FAQs.

Hair straighteners can vary from simple travel-friendly models to more complicated salon-grade models with various attachments. Whatever your choice, some great hair straighteners are available in the UAE, each with unique features and attachments.

No matter what brand you choose, hair straighteners all work in the same way by passing a section of hair between two heated plates. We’ve gone through models available in the UAE and picked the best ones that work in Dubai’s generally hot and humid climate.

Best Hair Straightener in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Top Pick

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

AED1,999.00 AED1,799.00
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12/02/2023 09:43 pm GMT

The Dyson Corrale is our top pick since it can be used without a cord for the easiest and safest hair straightening. It’s suitable for all hair types, and three precise heat settings allow for finer control for the most effective styling.

The OLED screen displays battery level and temperature control, ensuring an even, constant heat to the plates at all times. And because it’s cordless, there’s no risk of a cord being tangled while you’re styling. The Corrale also boasts a rapid heat-up time, reaching the desired temperature in seconds, so you’re not left waiting for very long.

With its advanced features and exceptional performance, the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener offers a luxurious and efficient styling experience for those seeking salon-quality results.


Philips StraightCare Essential ThermoProtect

AED119.00 AED88.65
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12/02/2023 10:43 pm GMT

The Philips StraightCare Essential ThermoProtect hair straightener is a reliable and user-friendly styling tool that provides effective straightening results while prioritizing hair health. Its ThermoProtect technology ensures a consistent temperature of 210°C, preventing overheating and minimizing the risk of hair damage.

Its wide plates cover a larger section of hair, making the straightening process quicker and more efficient. The adjustable temperature settings cater to different hair types and preferences, ensuring optimal styling results. Overall, this hair straightener offers a combination of performance, hair protection, and ease of use, making it a great choice for everyday styling needs.


Babyliss Hair Straightener

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12/02/2023 11:43 pm GMT

The Babyliss Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener is a versatile and efficient styling tool that delivers sleek and smooth results. It ensures even heat distribution, featuring ceramic plates, reducing the risk of hot spots and heat damage to the hair.

Its maximum temperature of 230°C makes it suitable for various hair types and textures, from fine to thick. The straightener also heats up quickly, minimizing waiting time. Its compact and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to manoeuvre. 

Budget Pick

Revlon All Day Frizz Control

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12/02/2023 11:43 pm GMT

The Revlon All Day Frizz Control hair straightener is equipped with copper-infused plates, which help reduce frizz and static, leaving your hair smooth and shiny. The digital temperature control allows you to adjust the heat settings to your desired level, ranging from 180°C to 230°C.

Additionally, the straightener features an automatic shut-off function for added safety and peace of mind. This is a good pick for those who want great hair results but don’t want to spend too much money on a hair straightener. 


Remington Shine Therapy Straightener

AED279.00 AED249.00
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12/02/2023 11:43 pm GMT

The Remington Res8500 hair straightener is unique and features advanced ceramic plates infused with Moroccan Argan oil, providing a smooth glide and minimizing frizz and static. The floating plates adjust to the hair thickness, allowing for even pressure and effective straightening, so you don’t have to apply too much pressure for the best results.

With a maximum temperature of 230°C and a fast heat-up time, it caters to various hair types and ensures quick styling. The straightener also offers temperature lock and turbo boost functions, providing flexibility and control during styling. 

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Digital Straightener is a great tool that offers precision and performance. Its high-quality titanium plates provide smooth gliding through the hair, reducing frizz and delivering sleek results.

The digital temperature control allows for precise heat adjustments, catering to different hair types and textures. This straightener heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature, ensuring efficient and effective styling. It can also be used to create loose curls, making it a very versatile hair straightener. 

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Hair Straightener

Plate Material

The plate material of a hair straightener determines its effectiveness and impact on your hair. Ceramic plates are the most commonly used ones, but other materials, such as titanium or tourmaline, may also be used.

You want to use a material that heats evenly and holds the heat well. Otherwise, you’ll have to constantly wait for the plates to heat up. Ensure you avoid hair straighteners with metal plates, which can cause uneven heating or burning.

Temperature Settings and Control

The most important feature to look for is adjustable temperature. You don’t want to singe your hair by setting the temperature too high, so being able to adjust the plate temperature properly is an important thing to look for. Some hair straighteners also come with an LCD panel that accurately tells you the straightener’s temperature so you can use it at its optimal temperature. 

Plate Size and Width

The plate size and width determine how much hair you can straighten in one pass. Larger plates are suitable for long and thick hair as they cover more surface area, reducing the time it takes to straighten your hair.

However, smaller plates may be more appropriate if you have shorter hair or want to create curls or waves. Consider your hair length and desired styling options when choosing the plate size and width.

Heat-up Time and Recovery

The heat-up time refers to how quickly the straightener reaches the desired temperature. A shorter heat-up time is convenient if you’re in a rush or have limited time for styling. Heat recovery time indicates how fast the straightener regains heat after passing it through the hair.

Opting for a straightener with a fast heat-up and recovery time can save you time and make your styling process more efficient.

Safety Features

Safety features are essential to protect your hair and yourself from accidents or damage. Look for straighteners with features like an automatic shut-off timer, which turns off the device after a certain period of inactivity, preventing overheating and reducing the risk of fire hazards.

A heat-resistant exterior and a swivel cord can also prevent accidental burns and tangling during use. Some models may also include a heat-resistant mat or storage case for safe storage when not in use.

Where to Buy Best Hair Straighteners In UAE? 

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces such as Amazon, SharafDG and Noon offer sections for hair straighteners and often have promotions where you can get specific models at a discounted price. Check their websites often for special promotions or savings from certain bank cards.

Speciality stores

The only speciality store offering hair straighteners is Dyson, where you can try out their devices before buying one. Otherwise, you can find more expensive hair straightener models at high-end hair salons, where you can get buying and styling advice from a professional hairstylist.

Large retailers

Most common large retailers have a beauty section where you can find a hair straightener available to buy. Retailers such as Carrefour, Jumbo, and SharafDG all have these products on display for you to compare in person before making a decision.

FAQs about hair straighteners

Can hair straighteners be used on all hair types?

Yes, but you must keep in mind the kind of hair that you have to use effectively. Thin hair may be more prone to damage from excessive heat, while thicker hair will require higher heat levels to straighten effectively. If in doubt, consult a professional hair stylist who can provide recommendations based on your hair type. 

How often should I use a hair straightener?

This will depend on how healthy your hair is and your hair type. Thin hair should not be straightened more than once a week, while thicker hair will require more sessions during the week to keep your desires style.

Do hair straighteners cause damage to the hair?

Because hair straighteners apply short bursts of heat directly to your hair, it is best to practice caution when using a hair straightener. Avoid going over a section of hair more than two or three times, and do not straighten your hair every day, as this will certainly damage it. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and try out a small section of hair first.

How do I clean and maintain a hair straightener?

Once your hair straightener is cooled down, wipe the plates with a clean, slightly damp cloth. If there are any stains on the plates, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a piece of cotton to clean them off. Make sure you store your straightener in its carry case, if available, or in a drawer to avoid it being damaged or falling off your dressing table.

Are there specific hair products that should be used with a hair straightener?

While hair straighteners can be used without any products, you can use a heat protection spray or anti-frizz finishing spray along with your hair straightener for the best results and long-lasting effects.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Hair straighteners are a great tool to quickly control your hair and make it look sleek and shiny. Before buying one, it’s important to remember the kind of hair you have and also practice caution when using a hair straightener on your hair.

Our top pick for the best hair straightener in the UAE is the Dyson Corrale which checks most of the boxes. It is on the pricey side, so we’ve also recommended others, including the Revlon All Day Frizz Control, that’s our budget pick.

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