The world has been rapidly shifting towards sustainable transportation in recent years. As the global community grapples with climate change and carbon emissions, technology such as electric scooters has risen. Falling costs of ownership are also an obvious factor in this trend spreading across the UAE, with electric scooters being found all across the country.

Whether you’re in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah, you will likely come across electric scooters daily. The evolution of electronic scooters has allowed for new, technologically advanced transportation options, many of which are available in the UAE. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the wide world of electric scooters and which options are available in the UAE.

Effortlessly manoeuvring through the streets of Downtown Dubai or Bur Dubai, electric scooters offer a seamless fusion of convenience and environmental consciousness. To find the best electric scooters in the UAE, we have carefully considered range, speed, durability, design, and affordability factors. We aim to guide you towards making an informed decision that aligns with your needs.

Let’s embark on this thrilling ride—literally and metaphorically—as we unveil the electric scooters shaping the future of eco-friendly mobility in the UAE.

The Top Pick: Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

The winner for best overall electric scooter is the extremely impressive Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra. This electric scooter brings high performance and comfort while wrapping it up in a gorgeous design.

Top Pick
Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra
  • Quick acceleration with S+ mode
  • Dual suspension system for a smoother ride
  • Strong aluminum alloy frame with a high carrying capacity
  • Expensive
  • Performance can suffer in extreme weather conditions
  • Top speed is limited to 25 km/h, which might not satisfy all speed enthusiasts

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra range is great, coming in at an impressive 70 kilometres. This is plenty for you to commute around town and puts it in the upper echelon making it one of the strongest-performing electric scooters in this category.

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra isn’t just a fast, high-performing scooter but is built extremely well on top of that. With high-quality materials, an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance, and their DuraGel tire system that is tubeless and self-sealing, the build quality here is second to none. 

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 boasts a sleek, minimalist design that exudes style and sophistication. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry and store when not in use. The intuitive controls and LED display provide a user-friendly interface, allowing riders to navigate through different settings and monitor their riding stats effortlessly.

The design choices on this scooter are beautifully designed, from the futuristic-looking LED display on the handlebars giving you a super user-friendly interface to the sleek gunmetal aluminium alloy body. This is as close to a masterpiece of design as you will find in an electric scooter.

Other electric Scooters we recommend

While the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra is our top pick, there are more options available worthy of your consideration. Look at each of them below to learn more about each so you can make an educated decision on your next electric scooter purchase.

Ninebot Segway Max G30 Kickscooter

This scooter has earned a stellar reputation for good reason. The Segway Ninebot Max stands out as one of the best electric scooters in the UAE due to its exceptional features, performance, and reliability. 

First and foremost, the Segway Ninebot Max offers an impressive range that surpasses many competitors in its class. With a single charge, it can cover up to 65 kilometres, making it an ideal choice for long commutes without worrying about battery life.

Ninebot Segway Max G30 Kickscooter Ninebot Segway Max G30 Kickscooter
  • Good range
  • Robust build quality
  • Folding Mechanism

The high-performing battery doesn’t equate to a weaker or slower ride with the Ninebot Max. This scooter is equipped with a powerful motor to reach a maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour, providing a balanced blend of speed and safety for urban commuting.

Another huge positive for the Segway Ninebot Max is the impressively robust build quality. Wear and tear will be a huge consideration if you plan on riding your scooter daily. Luckily, this electric scooter is built extremely tough with its sturdy frame, large air-filled tires, and efficient braking system that can easily handle the city terrain.

The Ninebot Max also delivers a smooth riding experience, allowing you to roll down the city streets with a surprising amount of comfort. The scooter has a spacious deck that allows you to ride efficiently, making it suitable for extended rides. It incorporates a comprehensive LED display that provides real-time information such as speed, battery level, and riding modes. Additionally, it offers a convenient folding mechanism, allowing for easy storage and portability.

The Segway Ninebot Max has one last thing going for it: the price. It offers premium features and performance at a competitive price point, making it an attractive choice for riders seeking a reliable, fun, cost-effective electric scooter.

eVA X2 High-Performance Electric Scooter

Another high-quality competitor in the electric scooter space is the eVA X2. This electric scooter is a favourite in the UAE, and when reading the specs, it is easy to understand why: It seemingly has everything but does come with a couple of downsides.

Let’s start with the range. This scooter has an astounding 80-kilometre range on a single charge. That is excellent and one of the best in this roundup. You can charge it up and take it out for a full day of riding without worrying.

The battery is not the only thing the eVA X2 has going for it. This scooter can go a blazing 50 kilometres per hour! This makes it one of the fastest electric scooters you can buy in the UAE.

Safety is an obvious priority with the X2, as it comes fully equipped with a comprehensive lighting system. This means you have bright front and rear lights, turn signals, and brake lights to keep you safe in all situations. Combine that with a highly responsive, good-performing braking system, and you have a scooter bringing you peace of mind.

Now onto the one thing holding this scooter back from the top spot- the design. While it isn’t “ugly,” it certainly is not attractive in the looks department. eVA has prioritized this scooter’s performance and safety features over the design, which holds it back. Compared to the first two scooters on this list, the eVA X2 is a step behind in design.

Kugoo G2 Pro Folding Electric Scooter (2023)

If you want a more robust scooter that can easily handle any terrain, the Kugoo G2 Pro is exactly the scooter you want. While it may not check every box, it excels at quite a lot.

Kugoo G2 Pro 2023 Folding Electric Scooter Kugoo G2 Pro 2023 Folding Electric Scooter
AED3,163.83 AED2,662.00
  • All-terrain tires
  • Decent Speed
  • Bold and gaudy looking
  • Expensive
02/23/2024 01:52 pm GMT

Let’s start off with the range here, as it is pretty decent. The G2 Pro can comfortably take up to 50 kilometres before needing a charge. This gives you a good time of time to commute to the office, go get a bite to eat, especially if you’re around areas like Business Bay.

You will also get an impressive 41 km top speed out of this scooter, which is astounding given the large height and off-road tires that are equipped on this model. This competes with top-end models and is something that should be praised.

What’s most impressive about the Kugoo G2 Pro are the large 10-inch tires. The all-terrain tires allow you to ride on the paved city landscape and take this scooter off-road between kachas and sanded parking grounds.

The design choices on the G2 Pro will not be for everyone. It is the exact opposite of our winner’s sleek, minimal design. This scooter is bold and gaudy looking, leaning into the off-road look you would expect from a mountain bike. Some people will love this, but it will certainly be a polarizing look.

You get a large LCD display on the handlebars to see your speed and distance travelled. Also equipped on this scooter are dual disc brakes to help you stop quickly and smoothly. This is a must on an off-road style scooter and will certainly be appreciated by those who take it on daring trips to Al Qouz.

Segway Ninebot Smart Electric Bike

Segway makes a second appearance on the list with their Ninebot E45 electric scooter. This proves just how strong the brand is across the globe, including inside the UAE. This is a more basic edition, great for those who do not need a high-end solution but still want a nice ride to roll around the town.

Ninebot Segway KickScooter Ninebot Segway KickScooter
AED799.99 AED699.00
  • Good pricing
  • Folding design
  • Range is on the lower side
02/23/2024 03:37 pm GMT

As the name implies, you will get around 45 kilometres of distance on a full battery before you need a charge. While this is on the lower end of the spectrum, it is decent for those commuting to work in their neighbourhood.

With a 25 km/h top speed, the Ninebot E45 is in a good range for this lower-end electric scooter range. While it isn’t going to win any races with the top-tier products on this list, it will still provide plenty of speed to take you on your evening leisurely ride without feeling like it takes forever to get where you are going.

This portable scooter has a convenient folding design that will allow you to tuck it away on Dubai Metro or store it easily in your home. It still has the simplistic design you see on Segway’s high-end offerings, giving you a nice look and excellent portability.

The Ninebot E45 features a non-pneumatic tire design, a nice hybrid between a solid wheel and an air-filled option. Instead of filling the tire with air, Segway has filled the inside with a support material that will make it have a nicer, smoother ride than a solid tire while also making it maintenance-free—a genuinely win-win tire design.

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles found on the Segway Ninebot Max but are still loyal to the brand, going with the Ninebot E45 is a great compromise on price and features while giving you a wonderful riding experience. 

Razor Electric Scooter E Prime Air

If you don’t need a scooter with a large battery capacity, insane top speed, or any high-end features, Razor has the perfect scooter for you. The E Prime Air is a low-end scooter that is a wonderful choice for younger people who will only be riding for a short time around where they live.

Razor Electric Scooter E Prime Air Razor Electric Scooter E Prime Air
  • Very affordable
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Lowest range in this roundup
  • No LED speed and distance readouts
  • Strictly for neighbourhood usage

With a battery that lasts only up to 12 kilometres (40 minutes of ride time), you won’t take this on long trips. This will be a deal breaker for some, but it does come with a few perks.

The main advantage of having a smaller battery is that you are going to have a much more lightweight, portable scooter. This makes it a perfect companion for those planning to take the bus or metro for long journeys but want a nice scooter to get around once at their destination.

You will still get a nice cruising speed of 24 kilometres per hour with the Razor scooter, putting it squarely in competition with other portable scooters available on the market. This is plenty for the light use this scooter is designed for, and you are unlikely going to find yourself wishing you had more power.

You won’t find any high-end features on this scooter. Everything here is going to be the bare minimum. No LED speed and distance readouts, no high-end suspension to make your ride less bumpy, and no high-end tires to allow for a smoother glide along any terrain. But it does exactly what you would expect: get you to where you want to go without walking.

The aluminium body feels sturdy, and Razor’s anti-rattle technology makes it feel as good as some scooters that cost much more. Don’t expect luxury, but expect a high-quality basic scooter that is super economical with the Razor E Prime Air.

Buying Guide: How To Choose an Electric Scooter To Ride In UAE

When looking to buy an electric scooter, there are a few categories you will need to check. Some people will need more range, and speed will not be as important. Others will want to impress their friends with a nice design and high-end features. Let’s look at a few of the considerations you will need to make when choosing what is right for you.


Do you need to go on a long trip without worrying about charging your scooter? If so, making sure you have a scooter with a large battery and plenty of range will be paramount. If you’re only looking for something to zip to your baqala and back, then 20 kilometres is good enough, but if you want to get from one part of the city to another, look for something with 50 kilometres or more.


Most electric scooters will fall around 25 kilometres per hour at the high-end speed. Some will be much higher, but you want to ensure you are getting around 20 km/h, which is the current limit in the UAE, to ensure you can move at a comfortable speed without wasting much time.


If you plan to ride your scooter daily, finding a durable one will be extremely important. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a product to have it break down within a week. Ensure the metals used are quality, the tires are strong and won’t wear quickly, and the shock absorption is stout to avoid too many problems from uneven terrain.


Some people want the most beautiful design, no matter if they have to trade off a bit of performance. The good news is that most high-end scooters will be beautifully designed, made with high-quality materials, and full of quality features.

Allowed Locations For E-Scooter and Mopeds In Dubai

The Government of Dubai has made riding e-scooters available across 10 districts as well as tracks designed specifically for bicycles and scooters. Below is a quote directly from their official press release:

His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), said, “The initial phase covers the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai Internet City, Al Rigga, 2nd of December Street, The Palm Jumeirah, and City Walk. It also covers safe roads and tracks within specific zones at Al Qusais, Al Mankhool, and Al Karama, in addition to 167-km long tracks designated for bicycles and scooters across Dubai, excluding the cycling tracks at Saih Assalam, Al Qudra and Meydan,” said Al Tayer.

Electric Scooter Rules in Dubai

There are many rules for owning or riding an electric scooter in Dubai. If you want to read the rules, please see this full list provided by the Government of Dubai. If you want a quick breakdown, here are a few of the main rules:

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You must wear a protective helmet.
  • Only one person can be on an electric scooter (no passengers).
  • Electric scooters must be equipped with a front and rear light.
  • You must have brakes on the front and rear tires.
  • You must set your maximum speed to 20 km/h.

Safety Measures For E-Scooter Users

While most safety measures you should take when riding an electric scooter seem simple, ensuring you are not slacking is always good, as it could lead to serious injury. Below are some main points you should check to make sure you are operating your scooter as safely as possible:

  • Wear a helmet at all times.
  • Check for damage before riding (tires, frame, lights, etc).
  • Test the brakes to ensure they are in proper working function before riding.
  • Always keep both hands on the handlebars for maximum control.
  • Always pay attention to the road or ground ahead for obstacles.
  • Make sure you’re fully alert when riding your electric scooter.

These simple things, along with following the laws for e-scooters in your city, will ensure you are safe while riding and lower the chance of an accident.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent E-Scooters In Dubai?

Multiple brands like Careem rent e-scooters in Dubai, and each is going to charge a bit differently. However, you can expect to pay around 3 AED to unlock the scooter to gain access, and then you will pay from 50 fils up to 1 AED per minute. This can get quite expensive, so if you plan on using an electric scooter daily, it is worth considering buying your own.

Bottom Line

There are many different electric scooter options available in the UAE in 2023. We’ve listed the ones we consider are the best, and the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra tops them all. It offers high performance and good comfort in a gorgeous design.


How much does an electric scooter cost in the UAE?

The cost range for a scooter in the UAE is quite wide. It can range from as low as around 1,000 AED, while you can pay over 5 times more than that for a luxury option.

What is the most popular e scooter brand?

Both Xiaomi and Segway are well-known and loved electric scooter brands on the market.

Which electric scooter is best for a long ride?

From a pure range standpoint, you will want to go with the eVA X2. It will provide you with a whopping 80 kilometers of range on a single charge.

What is the fastest electric scooter on the market?

Once again, if you are seeking fast, check out the eVA X2. It clocks in at an impressive 50 km/h, which will get you to where you are going as fast as possible!

How far can an electric scooter go with full battery?

There is a huge range when it comes to battery life on electric scooters. From as low as 12 kilometers on a charge up to 80.

How do I choose the best electric scooter for me?

Think of what you plan to use it for. Do you want something that is fast, has a huge battery, or does a beautiful design matter more? Every electric scooter has pros and cons, so weighing what is important to you and matching a scooter with that is going to be exactly how you make sure you buy the correct product.

No matter which of the six listed here you choose, know that you are getting an awesome piece of kit that will serve you well for years to come.

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