You’re looking for the best Air Fryer in UAE and Saudi Arabia for 2023, and here are my top recommendations. For more detail, continue reading past this list below to see short reviews on each Air Fryer, along with a buying guide and FAQs.

Air fryers have become increasingly popular kitchen appliances in recent years, revolutionizing how people cook and enjoy their favourite foods. They offer a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods and can be used for various recipes, from whole fish to chicken wings to vegetables and even certain desserts. 

Air fryers are also convenient because they take up relatively little space on your kitchen counter and are easier to preheat and clean than a standard oven. Overall, they’ve risen in popularity and have an enthusiastic community of home cooks who continually experiment to see what they can and cannot cook in an air fryer.

Whether you’re looking to switch to a slightly healthier way of cooking or want an easier way to cook, an air fryer is an intelligent addition to any kitchen. 

Top Pick

Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer

AED999.00 AED808.99
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12/01/2023 01:13 am GMT

Our top pick for an air fryer is the Ninja Foodi, and with good reason. You can air fry, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and bake with it, and the dual baskets let you air fry two different foods at different temperatures without interfering with each other.

It’s also got up to 7.6 litres of cooking capacity between the two drawers, which is more than enough space to cook a good amount of food. And with a temperature range of 40-240C, you can easily choose whatever recipe you want to tackle. 

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The Philips Essential air fryer is excellent for basic, everyday cooking that won’t break the bank. Simply set a temperature and time limit and let the machine do the rest. The machine will automatically shut off when your food is done, so there’s no risk of burning or overcooking your dinner. The only drawback is that it has no food presets, given its low price tag.


Nutricook Air Fryer 3

AED799.00 AED434.95
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12/01/2023 02:13 am GMT

The Nutricook Air Fryer 3 Vision offers eleven cooking programs to cook your favourite meals quickly. You can save up to three of your most-loved recipes for easy access anytime. With the clear window, you’ll see your food as it cooks – eliminating the need to open the basket at any point during the process. Other features like automatic preheating, shake reminder and SmartTemp Technology ensure even and crispy results every single time. 


Black+Decker Air Fryer

AED359.00 AED199.10
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12/01/2023 02:43 am GMT

This is another budget-friendly air fryer, so its features will be limited. However, with some practice, you can master your favourite recipes, and the 4L basket is large enough to accommodate most foods. There are no preset buttons here, but there is a small guide for common cooking foods on the side of the device to help you get started.


Philips Essential XL Airfryer

AED799.00 AED479.00
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12/01/2023 03:13 am GMT

This Philips air fryer offers easy presets to cook meat, vegetables, fish, and more. You can also quickly defrost or reheat foods; the large basket can even accommodate a whole chicken for roasting. When food is cooked, you can activate a ‘Keep Warm’ mode to keep food at the ideal temperature for 30 minutes.


Tefal Oilless Easy Air Fryer

AED374.99 AED350.00
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12/01/2023 03:13 am GMT

Another excellent budget pick, this Tefal air fryer has a compact design perfect for small kitchen countertops. You can fry, roast, grill, or bake with this model, with temperatures reaching up to 200C. An auto-shutoff and bell notify you when food is ready, and the 1.2kg capacity basket has enough room for plenty of servings.

What Is An Air Fryer and How Does It Work?

An air fryer is a compact kitchen appliance that cooks food by circulating hot air around food in its frying basket. Doing this mimics the crispiness of food that is normally deep-fried with little to no oil being used.

A heating element inside, along with a strong fan, helps to keep the hot air circulating, ensuring that all areas of the food are heated thoroughly.

Air fryers also usually come with several presets, so it is relatively easy to put a particular food into an air fryer, press a button, and then get a piping hot meal in record time. You can set your own temperature and cooking times for different recipes, and there are plenty of resources and communities to explore new recipes with your air fryer. 

Buying Guide: How To Choose an Air Fryer

Not all air fryers are created equal, and there are some essential factors to consider when purchasing one.

Size and Capacity

Size is a very important consideration when buying an air fryer. The size of an air fryer will determine two things – how much space it will take up on your counter and how much food you’ll be able to fit in it for cooking.

Consider the amount of food you want to cook before narrowing down your results – air fryers with multiple cooking baskets also allow you to cook two different foods simultaneously, making it even more convenient.

Wattage and Temperature Range

The wattage and temperature range will determine how hot the air fryer can get, directly affecting the cooking times and the range of foods you can prepare. Higher wattage will mean a faster cooking time, while a wider temperature range allows for better control over your cooking so that food is not overcooked or burned.

Consider what kind of dishes you want to make in your air fryer to determine the wattage and temperature range that suit your needs.

Cooking Presets and Options

If you’re not a fan of fiddling around with a complicated recipe and cooking times, then an air fryer with multiple cooking presets will be an advantage. Some air fryers have pre-programmed settings for popular dishes like fries, chicken, fish, and more. This allows the air fryer to automatically set the required temperature and time, resulting in a great meal with a single button press.

If you regularly make a particular dish, then consider an air fryer that has that meal preset already available for even easier cooking. 

Safety Features

Since an air fryer can get very hot on your counter, it’s also essential to look at the safety features. Look for automatic shutoff, heatproof basket handles, and a sturdy base that doesn’t slip or move when removing the fryer baskets. This will ensure a safe operation when in use, no matter what you’re cooking up. 

What Are the Disadvantages of an Air Fryer?

While an air fryer is a convenient cooking appliance, they do have some drawbacks. Air fryers have limited cooking capacity because of their size, so you can only cook as much food as you can fit in the basket. 

They can also take longer to cook food items than an oven or deep-frying. There are also obvious texture differences in the food compared to traditional cooking methods, and it’s also not always possible to cook any recipe in an air fryer.

Lastly, air fryers also have a bit of a learning curve and practice to get the temperature and cooking times just right, requiring a bit of extra time to master.

Philips vs Nutricook Air Fryer – Which Is Better?

Both Philips and Nutricook are great brands to choose from when picking an air fryer. The price point shouldn’t be the only thing when deciding between these brands.

Philips has air fryers that don’t occupy much space, making them great for small kitchens or cooking for a single person. Nutricook has models for preparing larger quantities of food and some with dual baskets for preparing two different types of food with different temperatures and cooking times.

Ultimately, it will come down to personal preferences based on your desired air fryer size and features. 

Where To Buy the Best Air Fryer in UAE and Saudi Arabia

There are a few different options for buying Air Fryers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia that you might want to consider. These include: 

Online Marketplaces 

Online marketplaces, like Amazon, Noon or Carrefour, are good options for finding the perfect water dispenser for your needs. These websites offer a range of options and a good deal of information about each. The only downside to this method of buying a water dispenser is that you can’t see it in person. 

Large Retailers

Large retailers like Union Coop and Ace Hardware are also great places to find dispensers. Sometimes, these stores have lower prices or clearance units that can be picked up at a much lower price. One downside of these stores is that, while the employees are helpful, they do not have specialized knowledge about water dispensers, so you may have a few unanswered questions while shopping.

Air Fryer FAQs

Are air fryers healthy to use?

Generally, air fryers are a healthier alternative to traditional cooking methods since they require little or no oil to completely cook foods.

What important features should I look for when choosing an air fryer?

When buying an air fryer, look for the capacity, temperature range, and presets available. Combined, these will provide the most optimal air frying experience for you.

How much should I expect to spend on a good quality air fryer in the UAE?

Typically, a good quality air fryer will start at around the AED 600 mark, which should get you a mid-sized model with some basic recipe presets.

How much electricity does an air fryer use in the UAE?

Electricity consumption of an air fryer will vary depending on the temperature it is set at, and how long it will be running for. Higher temperatures for longer cooking periods will certainly consume the most electricity.

Is an air fryer cheaper to run than an oven?

Because an air fryer is considerably smaller than an oven, it can be cheaper and more convenient to operate than an oven. That said, not all recipes that can be made in an oven can be replicated successfully in an air fryer.

What are some popular air fryer brands available in the UAE?

Some air fryer brands that are available in the UAE are Tefal, Nutricook, Philips, Black & Decker, and Ninja.

Summary and Recap

If you’re looking for a healthy way to make meals, then an air fryer can help. It can make cooking much easier than traditional methods, so if you’ve not cooked much before, consider trying out an air fryer for your meals. 

Our current pick for the best air fryer in the UAE is the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer. We’ve also listed several alternatives if you don’t want that model for whatever reason. Just make sure to follow our buying advice when picking your next air fryer to pick one that matches your budget and cooking needs.

Don’t forget that it may take some time and practice to prepare your foods just right in an air fryer, so experiment with small batches before cooking complete meals.

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