If you have ever texted someone from an iPhone who uses an Android phone, your messages appear in green bubbles instead of blue ones. 

Apple uses its proprietary messaging system, iMessage, which offers features like end-to-end encryption, read receipts, typing indicators, and more. However, iMessage only works between Apple devices. 

When you text someone using a different platform, your messages are downgraded to SMS or MMS, which are outdated and insecure standards.

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Apple Announces RCS support in iPhones by 2024

But that is about to change. Apple has confirmed to 9to5Mac that it will support Rich Communication Services (RCS), the modern industry standard for messaging, on iPhones by 2024. 

RCS is supported by most carriers and over 500 Android device manufacturers, and it offers many of the same features as iMessage, such as high-quality media sharing, group chats, and encryption. 

By adopting RCS, Apple will improve the texting experience for iPhone and Android users, as they can enjoy seamless and secure communication across platforms.

Blue Bubbles and Green Bubbles Not Going Away

However, this does not mean that iMessage is going away. Apple said RCS will work alongside iMessage, and users will still be able to choose which service they want to use. 

Apple said it will keep the blue and green bubbles to indicate which service is being used. Blue bubbles will still mean iMessage, while green bubbles will mean RCS. Apple also said it will not make iMessage available on Android, as it considers it a core feature of its ecosystem.

Apple’s decision to support RCS comes after years of pressure from Google, Samsung, and other competitors, who have been pushing for a universal messaging standard. It also comes amid regulatory scrutiny over Apple’s dominance and exclusivity in the messaging market. 

By embracing RCS, Apple is showing that it is willing to cooperate with the industry and offer more choice and convenience to its customers.

Rolling Out in 2024

RCS is expected to roll out to iPhones in 2024 as part of a major software update. Until then, iPhone users can still use other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal, to communicate with Android users without compromising quality or security.

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