After Apple’s launch event, it’s the retail giant’s turn at Amazon Fall Event 2023. Although Amazon’s products won’t create as much noise as the latest iPhone 15 series, it’s a different kind of buzz.

Everything announced at Amazon Fall Event 2023

The company launched just about everything except the kitchen sink from an updated Alexa, new Fire TV hardware, Echo, and other smart home gadgets.

Alexa and Echo Products

Alexa, their smart home assistant, will soon be backed by generative AI that gives it more speech-like capabilities. Expect to have a more natural and conversational interaction, as Alexa should be able to understand complex requests and provide personalized responses.

Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)

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New Alexa features

Some of the new features for Alexa include:

  • Eye Gaze Mode: This feature allows you to control your Fire tablet with your eyes without using your hands or voice. You can gaze at the screen to navigate, select, and scroll through apps and content.
  • Call Translation: This feature enables you to communicate with people who speak different languages using Alexa audio and video calls. Alexa can translate your speech and the other person’s in real-time, allowing you to have natural and effective conversations across languages.
  • Alexa Emergency Assist: This feature is a subscription service that allows you to call for help in an emergency using your Echo device. By saying, “Alexa, call for help”, you will be connected to a trained agent who can provide assistance or contact emergency services.

New Echo devices

Amazon also refreshed its Echo lineup with new designs and improved performance. Some of the new Echo devices are:

  • Echo Frames: These smart glasses let users access Alexa on the go, with longer battery life and redesigned audio experience. The new Echo Frames have a sleeker look and come in four colours: Classic Black, Horizon Blue, Modern Tortoise, and Glacier White. Amazon doesn’t bring the Echo Frames to Dubai and the UAE.
  • Echo Show 8: This smart display features a 13 MP camera that automatically frames and centres users during video calls and an adaptive colour that adjusts to the ambient light. The new Echo Show 8 has enhanced audio quality and supports Netflix streaming. Expect to see the new Echo Show 8 in Dubai and the UAE soon.
  • Echo Hub: This smart home controller features a 10-inch HD touchscreen with widgets that provide quick access to smart home devices, routines, and notifications. The new Echo Hub also has a built-in Zigbee hub and supports Matter, the new smart home standard. Amazon hasn’t released the Echo Hub in Dubai and the UAE until now.
Amazon Fall Event 2023

Fire TV

Amazon also announced the new generation Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which are streaming devices that offer faster processing, better connectivity, and improved AI for more natural content searching. 

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is Amazon’s most powerful streaming stick yet, with 40% more power than the previous generation and support for Wi-Fi 6. Both devices support 4K Ultra HD streaming with Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and Dolby Atmos audio.

New Fire TV Soundbar

Amazon is also going into the soundbar game to complement its wide range of Fire TV hardware. The Fire TV Soundbar delivers an immersive sound experience that pairs up well with your Fire TV’s software.

Smart Home

Of course, Amazon did not forget their smart home ecosystem with brand-new products in this category:

  • Eero Max 7: This is a Wi-Fi 7 mesh system that delivers the fastest speeds eero customers have ever experienced, with up to 10 Gbps internet plans and support for Matter, the new smart home standard. The new Eero Max 7 also has advanced security features and parental controls. We hope to see the new Eero released in Dubai and the UAE.
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Pro: This security camera features radar sensors to help with motion detection and Bird’s Eye View technology to provide an aerial view of the property. The new Ring Stick Up Cam Pro also has colour night vision and two-way talk and should hopefully make its way to Dubai and the UAE when released globally.
  • Blink Outdoor 4: This wireless security camera offers a two-year battery life and customizable motion zones. The new Blink Outdoor 4 also has infrared night vision and cloud storage. Amazon does not bring Blink to the UAE so don;t expect to see it.

All these devices work seamlessly with Alexa and can be controlled with voice commands or the Echo Hub. These are just some of the exciting announcements from Amazon’s fall event 2023. For more details on these products and services, visit Amazon’s Event Post.

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Abbas Jaffar Ali
2 months ago

I wish Amazon brought some of their AV stuff to Dubai. Looking forward to the new Eero but it sure is expensive.

Ammara Rounaq
2 months ago

do Fire TV devices work in the UAE? 🤔