Turtle Beach has announced a new $279.99 Xbox and PC controller that, among other things, has a full-color LCD screen on it.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra’s screen is officially called the ‘Connected Command Display’, which lets players access ten onboard profiles, adjust button mapping, thumbstick response, dead zones, and vibration intensity, and configure the 16.8 million RGB colors. More importantly, it can also receive notifications from social apps from your phone, like Whatsapp, “meaning no more glancing away from the game and missing key moments while checking notifications.” You would still have to glance away from the TV to check the controller’s screen, so it’s kind of the same thing, and you won’t be able to respond to the messages as well – but we are just nit-picking the marketing jargon here.

Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra Controller

“The Stealth Ultra’s premium components, build quality, and features elevate it beyond any other controller in the market today and firmly establishes it as the must-have controller for gamers who want the best,” said Cris Keirn, interim CEO and senior vice president of global sales at Turtle Beach, in a press release. “Turtle Beach controllers have been designed to provide the ultimate in control and to integrate features far exceeding the category. The all-new Stealth Ultra is a supreme testament to that ideal and another clear example of Turtle Beach continuing to deliver on that promise to our fans.”

The controller also uses Hall Effect sensors which Turtle Beach likes to call the ‘AntiDrift’ thumbsticks, to provide enhanced accuracy and improved durability. Two extra sets of domed thumbstick caps are also included in the box.

The Stealth Ultra has a charging dock with a built-in USB port for connecting the controller’s wireless transmitter. The controller can be charged separately via a USB-C cable if you don’t fancy using that. As for battery life, the controller lasts for up to 30 hours on a single charge in the ‘Eco Mode’, which turns off the RGB lighting.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra will be available from December 15, 2023.

Abbas Jaffar Ali
Abbas Jaffar Ali

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