The Day Before, largely considered one of the biggest scams in the video game industry, will shut off its servers 45 days after its release.

The news comes from publisher Mytona, who posted a message from the game’s Twitter account.

“We regret to inform you that the development company Fntastic has officially ceased operations, and as a result, The Day Before will be retired and the servers will be turned off on 22 January 2024,” the company said.

“As previously communicated, Mytona, as the investor, has been working in collaboration with Steam to facilitate refunds for all game purchasers. For any players that have not already had their purchase refunded, Steam will now proactively refund all remaining players.”

This video from Skillup presents a humorous and entertaining recap of the events of The Day Before.

The Day Before quickly became Steam’s most wish-listed game after wowing players with its slick gameplay reveal, which promised a robust and visually impressive MMO shooter. However, soon after its announcement, a series of delays, delisting from Steam over copyright claims, and accusations of ripping off games like The Division, Call of Duty, The Last of Us, and more, not to mention a wholesale asset flip from the Unreal store, players grew suspicious if the developers will ever deliver on their promise.

But as suspected, The Day Before was a far cry from the game that was shown in the trailers. Instead of a large, open-world MMO shooter, the game was an underwhelming extraction shooter that couldn’t even get the basics right, with janky gameplay, server issues, game-breaking bugs, and AI-generated voiceovers. Soon after the game’s release, developers Fntastic announced they would be closing doors as they no longer had funds to continue developing the game, raising suspicion among the community that the game was nothing more than a switch-and-bait and a means to scam people from their money.

At the time of writing, The Day Before sits at 12 per cent on Opencritic and also earned a rare 1/10 from IGN, which called it “one of the worst games I’ve ever played, to the point where I’m afraid to continue running it on my PC.”

Mufaddal Fakhruddin
Mufaddal Fakhruddin

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