Proving that Insomniac has tapped into some arcane magic that no other developers are privy to, their upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been confirmed to feature ray-tracing across all visual and performance modes.

According to Insomniac Community Director James Stevenson, the game will launch with 30fps, 40fps, and 60fps modes “all with ray tracing”. So, no matter which visual mode you opt for – the (presumably) higher resolution 30fps mode or a buttery smooth 60fps mode, the game will not compromise on visual fidelity to achieve the target frame rate.

In an interview with IGN, Tech Director Mike Fitzgerald added, “There’s no mode of this game that has the ray tracing turned off because there’s really no need for it. We figured out how to deliver what is the right Spider-Man picture and visuals and we want to make sure every player is seeing that.”

That’s a massive flex and just goes on to show that Insomniac has tremendous control over its engine optimization and is willing to push the PS5 to its limit. And this is especially impressive because most games lock ray-tracing to its 30fps mode or massively degrade the image quality to achieve the same at higher frame rate modes.

Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to launch on October 20, 2023 for the PS5.

Mufaddal Fakhruddin
Mufaddal Fakhruddin

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