Despite being rough around the edges, Remnant: From the Ashes from Gunfire Games quickly because a cult classic thanks to its Soulslike combat mixed with looter-shooter mechanics. With an impressive success behind them, and presumably now with a much larger budget, the developers are back with Remnant 2, and it seems they have knocked it out of the park.

According to the reviews, Remnant 2 mixes Soulslike combat, looter-shooter mechanics, multiversal concepts and procedurally generated content to near perfection. The procedurally generated levels, along with entirely different worlds to explore, make the game infinitely replayable, and when you add the sheer amount of weapons and customization options, Remnant 2 promises to be a time sinker.

Remnant 2 Review Roundup

Here are some reviews and first-look articles for Remnant 2 from around the web. At the time of publishing this article, the score for this game was 81 at Opencritic and 80 on Metacritic.


It’s astounding to think that if I were to create a list of my favorite soulslikes, my favorite looter shooters, and my favorite procedurally generated games, Remnant 2 would appear on all of those lists. This is a triumphant sequel that doesn’t just reimagine the soulslike genre as a co-op looter-shooter, but absolutely nails that concept in nearly every way – including many that the original did not.

IGN rating: 9/10


Remnant 2 is exactly what you want from a sequel, such is the way it expands and improves upon the first game’s ideas. It’s not likely to blow you away, but the core gameplay loop–built on rewarding combat, an ever-expanding repertoire of skills and abilities, and the randomness of its procedural generation–latches on and refuses to let go.

Gamespot rating: 7/10


Remnant 2’s action, loot, and bosses are cranked up to 11. It’s a marked improvement over the first game, with the fat trimmed and all the good parts ready for devouring right from the start. There’s a lot to love here, with more surprises and reasons to play even after multiple playthroughs

Shacknews rating: 9/10

Attack of the Fanboy

Remnant 2 feels like a love letter to the fans of the first, with an emphasis on replayability and some new features. The different experiences the game can generate from one person to the next are impressive, as each run feels unique. Combat feels great, and the freedom in build creation is a huge improvement over its predecessor. Still, some issues with the game’s core may leave some disappointed. 

Attack of the Fanboy rating: 4/5


If you were a fan of Remnant: From the Ashes, chances are you already planned to pick up Remnant 2. If you haven’t played the original but are a fan of souls-like games, or even rogue-likes like Risk of Rain 2 or Returnal, this will be right up your alley.

Destructoid rating: 8.5/10


Remnant 2 knows exactly what it is – a solid, no-nonsense shooter with thrilling combat that is challenging and satisfying in equal measure. Features new and old serve the sole purpose of enhancing the combat, with dozens of ways to tailor your playstyle. A lack of a cohesive narrative may put some off, but the unique, procedurally generated story system and multiple beautifully crafted biomes promise high-quality storylines on repeat playthroughs. 

Videogamer rating: 8/10


Saying that Remnant 2 is more Remnant isn’t inaccurate, but it’s far from being just more of the same. Quirks and issues aside, the sequel offers so much variety, challenges, environments, features and customization while delivering a compelling, well-paced journey. Sure, it doesn’t break the mold for compelling third-person shooter action, but it’s a worthy sequel that fans will love.

GamingBolt rating: 8/10
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