Razer and AD Gaming have announced a strategic partnership allowing game developers in Abu Dhabi access to a range of Razer products and a bespoke Gaming Zone to help the community bolster their game development process.

AD Gaming is a government-led initiative that aims to create a game development industry in Abu Dhabi and has partnered with leading tech firms like Unity and Nvidia to give developers access to teams and the infrastructure required to make games.

Razer Gaming Zone

As part of the collaboration, Razer will introduce a state-of-the-art 16-seater Gaming Zone on the AD Gaming premise, which will be decked out with Razer-branded chairs, DT cases, and high-end Razer peripherals. Developers can use the zone to test builds, run simulations, and host demo events. Razer also promises to routinely host gaming events and give away prizes to community members.

“This strategic partnership with AD Gaming Hub marks a significant milestone in our long-term commitment to supporting the growth of the game development industry in Abi Dhabi and the broader Middle East region,” said Ignacio Sune, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Razer, in a press statement. “By providing a Gaming Zone equipped with Razer’s cutting-edge gear and offering discounted high-end equipment to game development businesses, we aim to empower and inspire the local gaming community to create innovative and immersive gaming experiences.”

Up to 30% discount on products for developers

Game developers can avail Razer peripherals at a discounted rate. Razer will provide a 10-30% discount on the hardware and promises to update the product list to reflect new releases.

Mufaddal Fakhruddin
Mufaddal Fakhruddin

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