The long-rumoured Nintendo Switch 2 might be released this year, according to Dr. Serkan Toto, a games analyst and Nintendo expert.

In a 2024 predictions report on, Toto noted that Switch 2 will cost around $400 and will be an iteration rather than a completely new console design.

“The time is finally here for a Switch successor, even though I can say a ‘Pro’ model actually did exist and certain developers were already working with the dev kit,” he said. “I believe the next hardware will drop next year for $400. There is a high chance that games will cost more, too: $70. The next system is also likely to be an iteration rather than a revolution. Nintendo might add some bells and whistles to the device, but it will be similar to the current Switch. And because there is Pokemon, and Pokemon is associated with handheld gaming, there is no way on earth Nintendo will drop the portability feature for their next big thing.”

Toto’s comments also suggest that Nintendo seems to have dropped the idea of a Switch Pro. The Switch Pro was another long-rumoured device from the publishing giant, which supposedly featured slightly powerful internals and NVIDIA DLSS support and was meant to be a stopgap between the Switch and the Switch 2.

Ampere Analysis analyst Piers Harding-Rolls also concurred with Toto’s predictions, stating that he expects the console market to be “marginally” aided by “the launch of a next-gen Nintendo console, more than likely a Switch 2, towards the end of the year. “

Toto’s prediction that Nintendo will retain the Switch’s handheld aspects makes sense – the Switch has sold over 132 million units worldwide, making it Nintendo’s best-selling home console and the third best-selling game console of all time, behind the Nintendo DS (154 million units) and PlayStation 2 (158 million units). Over its seven-year run, the Switch has been appreciated for its portability and ease of use, and to tamper with that winning formula would be too risky, even for Nintendo, which works on a different frequency than everyone else.

Nintendo typically likes to keep their cards close to their chest, so besides rumours and predictions, there is nothing to go off of. However, we might see an announcement or at least some hints of what the Japanese giant has been cooking during its Nintendo Direct showcase in February.

Mufaddal Fakhruddin
Mufaddal Fakhruddin

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