According to several sources, the full GTA 5 source code has been released online, unearthing details of what developer Rockstar had been cooking before cancelling several projects in favour of its unlimited money cheat code, GTA Online.

The leak is a follow-up to last year’s hack on Rockstar, which saw over 100GB of files, source code, and company secrets stolen. Among the stolen content was every file for Bully 2, the 2008 fan-favourite and controversial Bully. Besides that, a screenshot also suggested that some Python code from GTA 6 has also been released, along with some early conceptual artwork from GTA 5.

More importantly, it was also revealed that Rockstar was planning at least eight pieces of DLC for GTA 5, which never came to fruition. Many believe that the projects were cancelled in order to keep the development focused on GTA Online, which has been a phenomenal success for both Rockstar and publisher Take-Two Interactive.

The planned DLCs included at least four cosmetic packs for the main game, namely SP Assassination Pack, SP Norman Pack, Relationship Pack, Enterprise and SP Manhunt Pack, with the latter suggesting that there was potentially going to be a crossover of sorts with Rockstar’s 2003 game of the same name.

Besides that, an ‘Agent Trevor’ DLC is also mentioned, which we assume was something related to one of the main leads of the game, also called Trevor. However, the most heartbreaking leak comes with the Prologue DLC and LibertyV DLC, which suggested that Rockstar not only had a prologue planned for GTA 5’s main story but was also exploring returning to Liberty City, a parody of New York City that has been featured in five GTA games, including the original trilogy, GTA IV, and many other spinoff titles.

Rockstar has yet to comment on the leak. However, Take-Two Interactive has been trying to remove every link to the source code as much as possible. It is unclear what the implications of the leak will be towards the development of GTA 6 and if it will pose any security concerns for GTA Online players as hackers continue to dig deeper and identify any exploits that can be used for a worldwide hack.

Mufaddal Fakhruddin
Mufaddal Fakhruddin

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