Standing atop our crush hopes of a Dino Crisis reboot, Capcom has launched Exoprimal, a multiplayer-only dinosaur shooting game that is a hodge-podge of different ideas that somehow work together. It blends Overwatch’s 5v5 hero-shooter with traditional single-player story elements, and mixes it with PvPvE and horde-based survival mechanics in what is a truly unique multiplayer experience.

However, according to reviews, Exoprimal doesn’t exactly hit its mark. It’s lack of variety in content, along with some quality-of-life issues and its repetitive nature, leaves much to be desired. Exoprimal might be a solid shooter, but as it stands right now, it will require some top-tier post-launch support to make it great.

Exoprimal Review Roundup

Here are some reviews and first-look articles for Remnant 2 from around the web. At the time of publishing this article, the score for this game was 69 at Opencritic and 68 on Metacritic.


Exoprimal’s unique take on the hero shooter genre is a bold one – with its best modes and surprises hidden deep within its goofy sci-fi story – but a variety of fun exosuits, the simple appeal of tearing through thousands of dinos, and great multiplayer design make that grind an easy one to recommend sticking with.

IGN rating: 8/10


So I find myself in the position of an embattled Exoprimal evangelist. I want this game to have a future, because like many people I’m inherently sold on mass lizard slaughter and ridiculous exosuits. But also because I’m drawn to the way Capcom drip-feeds the story, lulling you into a grind stupor then shaking up the Dino Warfare formula without warning. It has real impact when the tightly defined constraints of that mode are messed with.

PCGamer rating: 69/100


Capcom’s latest is fun in short bursts, but it just can’t keep the entertainment going for as long as the live-service space it wants to inhabit demands. Exoprimal’s story and minute-to-minute action are entertaining, but nearly everything else lets the side down

GamesRadar+ rating: 2.5/5


Unfortunately, the pacing is slower than a triceratops wading through a tar pit. Cooler dinos and greater objective variety should keep players coming back for more, but they’re unfortunately locked behind a story that’s more tedious than Jurassic World and unfolds just as slowly. 

Shacknews rating: 6/10


Exoprimal is a multiplayer shooter with bags of potential. A good round has all the thrills of Overwatch’s PvP wrapped up with the brain-massaging mayhem of Earth Defense Force or Dynasty Warriors, but it’s so slow about getting you invested that some players might simply never get there.

TheSixthAxis rating: 7/10

Metro GameCentral

This is an odd game, that’s both cynically chasing industry trends and standing in clumsy opposition to them. We don’t particularly ever want to play it again, but we can’t say we didn’t have fun with it, when we got a good game going. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement but unfortunately dinosaur fans, and those looking for some originality in their online action, can’t afford to be choosy.

Metro GameCentral rating: 6/10

PlayStation Universe

Either play Exoprimal now in case it dies before it gets to improve or wait for that improvement. I’d lean toward the former just because what is there if you ignore the murky stuff, is really good fun. What Exoprimal is now as a game is unlikely to get too much better, so just play it while it’s at its ‘purest’ and broom it for a while or indeed forever.

PlayStation Universe rating: 6.5/10
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