Dlala Studios’ Disney Illusion Island seems to be the perfect cooperative platformer this Summer, at least according to the reviews.

Critics have praised the game’s visuals and artistic flair, and while the platforming is far from inventive, it seems to offer a fun cooperative affair, especially if you manage to convince your kids to play along with you.

Disney Illusion Island Review Roundup

Here are some reviews and first-look articles for Disney Illusion Island from around the web. At the time of publishing this article, the score for this game was 75 at Opencritic and 73 on Metacritic.


Disney Illusion Island’s platforming may be extremely polished but it’s not particularly inventive, and nor is it likely to appeal to anyone who favours a more combat-oriented Metroidvania experience – its enemies are strictly for dodging rather than destroying, and its small assortment of boss fights are mostly anticlimactic. Where it excels, though, is in providing a wholesome co-operative journey through a charismatic cartoon world that’s well-suited to pairings of parents and their children.

IGN rating: 7/10


Illusion Island doesn’t overhaul the platformer genre, or the Metroidvania formula for that matter, but its distinctive no-combat focus on simply moving through Monoth keeps the trip amusing, brisk, and gratifying. I would have liked more challenge; this is a simple adventure that might not capture the interest of platformer enthusiasts with little to no preoccupation with Disney.

GameInformer rating: 8.5/10


Disney Illusion Island is a lightweight Metroidvania perfect for kids. It’s not as good as its more level-based Illusion predecessors; nor is it as good as the true titans of the genre like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. But, I also wouldn’t expect eight-year olds to get on with those classics as much as this. 

GamesRadar+ rating: 3.5/5


Illusion Island has a lot going for it: It looks great, controls wonderfully, is packed with charm and character, offers enjoyable exploration, and features a memorable multiplayer experience. If you’re a big fan of the genre, you’ll get a kick seeing little references to other all-time classics, too. However, the slow start and the blase boss battles put a bit of a damper on the whole thing, especially if you plan on going on this trip solo.

Gamespot rating: 7/10


Disney Illusion Island doesn’t reinvent the Metroidvania wheel. If anything, it serves as one of the better introductions to the genre. Got a young child who maybe isn’t ready for a game like Ori and the Blind Forest or the Metroid titles? Disney Illusion Island will be the game for them. If adults want to join in on the fun, there are plenty of Disney Easter Eggs to keep them entertained. 

Shacknews rating: 8/10


Disney Illusion Island is the perfect family platformer. With inclusivity at the center of its design, you can select a suitable difficulty option that allows everyone to engage and more importantly, enjoy the game. Love and admiration for the history of Mickey are apparent. References to classic cartoons and previous video games are noticeable as you venture through a new world.

COGConnected rating: 84/100

Digital Trends

Disney Illusion Island‘s goal is to ease new players into the Metroidvania genre with recognizable characters, helpful co-op mechanics, and a charming visual style and soundtrack. The game does pull that off, so while this probably won’t be a title I will remember fondly a few years from now.

Digital Trends rating: 3.5/5
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