Deck13’s sand-filled action RPG, Atlas Fallen, has finally risen from the dusty grooves of the development cycle and has been released for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Critics have praised the game’s unique combat and open world, but it seems the lack of an original and interesting story, forgettable characters and a largely generic experience make Atlas Fallen a rather play-once-and-forget-about-it experience.

Atlas Fallen Review Roundup

Here are some reviews and first-look articles for Atlas Fallen from around the web. At the time of publishing this article, the score for this game was 68 at Opencritic and 73 on Metacritic.


Atlas Fallen is a solid open-world action RPG with plenty of platforming and large monsters to fight. Putting aside its weak story and the console versions’ gritty graphics there’s a hidden gem of excellent combat, robust exploration, and surprisingly deep customization to uncover in the sinking sands of its arid wilderness.

IGN rating: 7/10


I do think there is reason enough to experience Atlas Fallen. Especially if you are a fan of the action RPG genre. It may not leave a lasting impression once you’ve completed the adventure. But it will be enjoyable enough along the way to hold your interest. 

Destructoid rating: 7/10


If you were asked to imagine a truly average open-world action-adventure in 2023, you’d likely come up with something like Atlas Fallen. If very little here is actually dreadful, not much more is original, or imaginative, or genuinely entertaining either, nor is it even especially polished. You’ve likely seen it all before, in other words. And if you haven’t, there are better places to start.

GamesRadar+ rating: 2.5/5

Attack of the Fanboy

Atlas Fallen is not a game free of flaws. But it also acknowledges the fact that a game should be played. Above all else, a game should be fun to pick up and enjoy firsthand, and that happens to be the one area where Atlas Fallen truly excels. That alone makes it far more worthwhile than many of the other releases it competes with. Should the developers continue to support this title, either through regular updates or a sequel that shatters its old flaws, Atlas Fallen will only ever be a net positive on the industry. 

Attack of the Fanboy rating: 4/5


Atlas Fallen is a valiant effort from Deck13 Interactive that will go down as its best game so far. With fantastic traversal and a fun, engaging combat system, the developer has nailed the gameplay in every sense. What holds the experience back, though, is a lack of polish to iron out the technical issues and potentially long load times.

PushSquare rating: 7/10


Atlas Fallen is a study in contrasts. A rote story and inconsistent voice acting are married to an attractive setting and generally fluid movement. On the whole, combat is fun but there’s also not a huge variety of enemies. Like in their earlier games, Deck 13 Interactive is definitely punching above their weight. If this results in some moments of unexpected awesomeness, it also results in some rough patches and missing polish.

COGConnected rating: 68/100


Atlas Fallen is at its best when you’re fighting huge enemies with your carefully constructed (by trial and error) build, but when you’re repeatedly fighting the same enemies, when the story falls flat, and the environments blend into one, it starts to get dull and frustrating quickly.

TheSixthAxis rating: 5/10
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