As the video games industry gears up for the summer of game reveals (RIP E3) and showcases what they have in store for the rest of the year and beyond, the month of June looks like it’s packed with some heavy hitters that should keep you floating for a good few months to come.

Capcom is releasing their highly anticipated Street Fighter 6, and so is Blizzard with Diablo 4, both of which have received rave reviews. Square Enix is coming out with Final Fantasy 16, which the developer has claimed to be a massive Game of Throne-esque fantasy adventure with mature themes (it’s banned in UAE and Saudi Arabia for a reason, eh?). There is also Amnesia: The Bunker, a brand new entry into the popular survival horror series, and Crash Team Rumble from Toys for Bob.

Check out our list below for the best games that are releasing in June 2023 for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch:

Street Fighter 6

Genre: Fighting | Release Date: June 2 I Plats: PC, PS, Xbox

Unlike Street Fighter 5, which was criticized for its lack of content on launch, Street Fighter 6 features everything you could ask from a fighting game and then some. A massive 20-hour RPG-like single-player campaign with World Tour allows players to create their custom character and upgrade their gear while fighting with almost anyone they want.

There is also Battle Hub, which allows you to take your custom character and hang out with other players online, and Fighting Grounds, which lets you play versus and ranked matches with other players. The game has received praise from critics for its polished and refined gameplay and the new Drive Impact system that makes for some exciting fights.

Diablo 4

Genre: Action RPG | Release Date: June 6 I Plats: PC, PS, Xbox, Switch

Blizzard’s latest entry into its nearly thirty-year-old franchise invites you back to Hell for an endless slaughter of evil demons, countless abilities to master, and massive dungeons to loot and conquer. According to reviews, there is not much to the story, although it seems like it’s a marked improvement from Diablo 3 (which isn’t saying much). That said, while the game doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, the improvements to the combat, looting and visuals still make for a fresh take on the iconic franchise. You can read our review round-up here.

Amnesia: The Bunker

Genre: Horror | Release Date: June 6 I Plats: PC, PS5, Xbox, GamePass

Amnesia: The Bunker is the latest entry into the popular survival horror series, and this time around, you are trapped in a WW1 bunker with only one bullet and a degrading flashlight to defend yourself. You will be wearing the boots of a French soldier, Henri Clement, and you will have to find yourself out of the nightmarish hell you have found yourself in. You must scavenge for supplies and craft items and adapt your playstyle while keeping an ever-present threat out of your way.

Unlike previous entries in the series, Amnesia: The Bunker is a semi-open world in which you must explore and experiment to overcome an obstacle in your own way.

Layers of Fear

Genre: Horror | Release Date: June 15 I Plats: PC, PS, Xbox

Layers of Fear features a remake of the original game released back in 2016 and Layers of Fear 2, along with new DLCs that deepen the series’ overall story. The assortment of games is built in Unreal Engine 5, with 4K resolution, HDR, and Ray-Tracing support. 

F1 23

Genre: Racing | Release Date: June 16 I Plats: PC, PS, Xbox

The new instalment from Codemasters’ long-running Formula 1 racing game will see the return of the Braking Point single-player story alongside a host of new gameplay modes and quality-of-life improvements.

The engine torque and vehicle inertia have been improved, as well as the balance between aerodynamics and tire stability. The game will also include every car, driver, and circuit from the 2023 season of the F1 sport, including racetracks at the Las Vegas Grand Prix and Lusail International Circuit, Qatar. 

Crash Team Rumble

Genre: Online Platformer | Release Date: June 20 I Plats: PC, PS, Xbox

Developed by Toys for Bob and Activision, Crash Team Rumble is an online multiplayer 4v4 “strategic platformer” and features a number of playable characters from the Crash universe, including Crash, Cortex, Coco, Dingodile, Brio, and Tawna.

A team must capture more Wumpa fruit than the other team by depositing it at their own drop-off zone while preventing the other team from doing the same. The character roster is divided into three roles, namely Blocker, Booster, and Scorer, and each will have its own unique skills and abilities to master. 

Final Fantasy 16

Genre: RPG | Release Date: June 22 I Plats: PS5

One of the Playstation’s biggest exclusives this year, Square Enix Final Fantasy 16 promises a more mature and adult theme (like Game of Thrones) and will see considerable changes to the series formula.

The game takes place in Valisthea, a world divided into six countries, where two of them have been warring against each other to control the magic crystals that could potentially offer world domination. You play as Clive Rosefield, who goes on a vengeful quest when he watches his kingdom destroyed by a plague called Blight.

However, for those in Saudi Arabia (and possibly in the entire Middle East), Final Fantasy 16 will not be available to purchase both in-store and digitally. The game did not pass the censorship after Square Enix refused to adjust the game according to the suggestions posted by the Saudi censor board.

AEW Fight Forever

Genre: Action RPG | Release Date: April 27 I Plats: PC, Xbox

Yuke’s AEW Fight Forever offers arcade-like wrestling gameplay while bringing the best elements from the All Elite Wrestling shows. It features talent from AEW (both iconic legends and new stars) and a host of gameplay modes like Single, tag-team, 3-way, 4-way, ladder, Casino Battle Royale, Falls Count Anywhere, Unsanctioned Lights Out, Exploding Barbed Wire Death, and online co-op matches.

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