Vego Cafe and Confectionery is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant that has been serving Dubai since 2019. It currently has two branches in Mankhool and JLT.

To celebrate Veganuary, Vego Cafe has introduced a few vegan dishes on its menu. They’re also offering 20% off on their menu on Mondays “because a plant-powered start to the week should be extra special.”

Vegan dishes introduced at Vego Cafe

Idli Slider: Touted as Vego Cafe’s signature slider, you’ll get a crispy potato patty nestled between two steamed rice cakes (idli). The slider is served with sambhar (lentils and vegetables) and coconut chutney, capturing the essence of Indian cuisine.

Vego Uttapam is a flat rice pancake adorned with olives, chilli, cherry tomatoes, cubed avocado, greens, and a drizzle of pesto. This dish showcases the richness and freshness of plant-based ingredients.

Pancakes: These banana pancakes come with Nutella and strawberry toppings, and redefine comfort food while adhering to vegan principles, offering a guilt-free treat for those with a sweet tooth in Dubai.

Waffles: Vego Cafe’s waffles are crafted from oat flour, providing a vegan twist to this beloved breakfast staple. You can personalise your waffle experience with an array of plant-based toppings.

If you’re more of a cook-at-home type of person, Vego Cafe has curated a hamper that starts from AED 160 and includes flavours of Jaggery Sesame Chikki, Gluten-Free Almond Crackers, Sugar-Free Orange Biscotti, Jaggery and Sea Salt Makhana, and a box of Freshly Crafted Vegan Sweets. 

Besides the delicious delights that Vego is introducing for Vegunuary, it is also known for selling vegan cakes in Dubai and is worth a visit if you’re looking for one.

What is the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan food

The primary difference between vegetarian and vegan diets is that a vegetarian diet typically excludes meat, poultry, and fish, whereas a vegan diet goes further to exclude all animal products and by-products, including dairy, eggs, honey, and gelatin. Simply put, Veganism is a stricter form of vegetarianism.

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