The food delivery service Talabat has partnered with ADCB to launch the ADCB Talabat Credit Card, a food-themed credit card with excellent perks and advantages, including 35% of the order value back. That makes it better than any Talabat discount code.

The ADCB Talabat Credit Card has zero annual fees and offers free delivery and talabat credit. Consumers can choose their favourite from one of the seven food-themed designs, which include hummus, popcorn and avocado.

Signing up for the card is free and easy and can be done through the talabat app on your iPhone or Android. All card users receive the same benefits, including a welcome bonus and free delivery on orders from Talabat-pro restaurants and stores when ordering from restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, and flower shops through the talabat app.

What are the benefits customers will receive with the ‘ADCB Talabat Credit Card’?

The new ADCB talabat Credit Card, a Platinum Mastercard, carries no annual fees from ADCB and offers a wide range of unique benefits on talabat.

Customers will receive 35% of their order value back as talabat credit up to AED 350 on the first ten talabat orders charged to this card each month, which will be posted into their ‘talabat pay wallet’ the following month.

For food orders worth AED 50 or more, or AED 100 or above for non-food stores, customers will be eligible for unlimited free delivery from talabat pro restaurants and stores with no subscription fee.

Customers will receive a welcome bonus worth AED 500 as talabat credit when they spend a minimum of AED 2,500 with the credit card within 45 days of card issuance.

Customers who spend with the ADCB talabat credit card inside or outside the country will receive up to 1.25% of the transactions’ value back as talabat credit into their talabat pay wallet the following month.

How can customers apply for the ‘ADCB talabat Credit Card’?

Applying for a new card is easy and can be done directly and in simple steps through the Talabat app. Alternatively, it’s available through the ADCB website at or by sending an SMS ‘talabat’ to 2626 or visiting an ADCB bank branch.

Customers should be adults, residents of the UAE and earn a minimum of AED 5,000 per month. The card will be launched on Monday, 7 August, with a Shari’ah-compliant version to follow soon.

What are the available card designs for ‘ADCB talabat Credit Card’?

The co-branded card is available in several food-themed designs, so customers can choose which kind of foodie they are.

  • Hummus for The Traditionalist
  • Avocado for The Health Fanatic
  • Macaroons for The Sweet Tooth
  • Popcorn for The Snacker
  • Pizza for The Comfort Eater
  • Chilli peppers for The Daredevil
  • An orange one for The Everything Foodie
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