HDDs – WD Velociraptor, WD Black, and WD My Passport Ultra

1TD WD VelociRaptor
With games packing more technology and bigger worlds, they are expanding in installation size quite rapidly. It is not uncommon to find games that are of 20GB+ of size. We understand this and so we are making sure that the UGPC has all the space you need. The 1TB WD VelociRaptor fits the requirement quite perfectly, and with its phenomenal read/write performance and 10,000rpm speed, the VelociRaptor will have no trouble in loading even the most arduous of games.

4TB WD Black
We also understand that gaming is not all that will be done on the UGPC. Which is why the 4TB WD Black is our choice as the secondary hard drive, giving you enough room to store all of your favorite media, be it music, movies or photos.

1TB WD My Passport Ultra
Data backup is crucial but it can be a laborious process to do so properly. WD’s new 1TB My Passport Ultra makes the process a breeze with its intuitive SmartWare Pro software, which allows you to schedule automatic backups and even upload to the cloud via the Dropbox Integration.