ASUS ROG TYTAN CG8890 Desktop Review - Where to Buy

By on November 7, 2012

Bleeding edge performance at wallet bleeding price.

ASUS ROG TYTAN CG8890 Desktop Review

Last quarter I reviewed the ASUS Republic of Gamers TYTAN CG8580 gaming desktop, which proved to be quite a beast, especially with it's factory overclocked performance. Today, I'll be looking at it's bigger brother, which is a true monster, not only in terms of specs, but performance as well. Oh, and the price too!

From the outside the CG8890 is identical to the CG8580; lurking underneath it, however, is a machine that would look very much in place in the Batcave. The chassis itself is what makes the ASUS ROG TYTAN CG8890 one of the most impressive desktop on the market right now. I knew that CG8890 would come with an overclocked Sandy Bridge-E processor, but I didn't realize how many modifications ASUS would do to the chassis to accommodate the heat dissipation.

The TYTAN CG8890 comes with three factory overclock levels, with the second and third level activating the cooling panels on the chassis. The touch of a button is all it takes for the overclock to take effect, and thus open the left and right panel on either side of the chassis, as well as the rear top panel. While the left and right panel open up to expose 3 small fans that suck in air, the rear top panel opens up with two fans throwing air out.

The opening and closing of the chassis panels is accompanied by an annoying noise of multiple small motors, kind of like the sound you'd hear on the flaps of a plane's wings, with an additional hum of the fans. When closed, or running at stock speeds, the flaps are closed and the TYTAN CG8890 is barely audible above a whisper.

The  TYTAN CG8890 also comes with a GX900 laser gaming mouse with 4000dpi and a wonderfully smooth mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX Black switches.


Now that you know what the chassis can do, let's see what's all the hot hardware inside that needs so much cooling.

Thankfully, this time around we do have some ROG components inside, unlike the CG8580. Of course, most of the innards are comprised of 3rd part products, but look at the overall attention to detail, especially with regards to cooling and overclocked settings, and the ASUS TYTAN CG8890 is a mighty impressive machine. Just like the CG8580 the  TYTAN CG8890 doesn't come with any bloatware, save for the few ASUS utilities which are actually pretty handy.

Too bad that for all the branded components inside, the PSU itself, which is the backbone of any desktop, is from a little known company called ACBel who usually make OEM parts.


Now let's have a looks at what the  TYTAN CG8890 brings with it three levels of factory overclock versus the CG8580 and our stock testbed which uses a GTX 680 and Core i7-3770K.


As I mentioned before, the  TYTAN CG8890 is pretty quiet at the stock (overclocked) speeds of 3.8GHz, while the 4.0 GHz and 4.2Ghz speeds open up the cooling flaps the increase the sound with a mild hum. Nothing irritating, but as you'll see from the graph below, it does help keep the temperatures in check. So much so, in fact, that even at the highest clock speeds, the maximum temperature of the CG8890 is lower than the lowest overclock (default factory speeds) of the CG8580!


As was the case with the previous ROG TYTAN CG8580, the ASUS TYTAN CG8890is a gaming desktop beast, but only affordable by those who want to boast specs, while at the same time having the peace of mind that overclocking comes easy and without any reprecussions (as long as there's no tampering with the hardware). Of course, you can always upgrade components by yourself later on (the no-tamper seal doesn't break), but won't have warranty on the new components. Not that you'll need to upgrade anything on the TYTAN CG8890 for the next few years.
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