Toss It! BlackBerry App Review - Where to Buy

By on January 30, 2012

From crumpled papers to basketballs- the idea is to score.

Toss It! BlackBerry App Review
I like simple games with simple controls and a simple purpose. I also like complex games but not necessarily on my mobile. I feel that I need a proper gaming system to maintain interest in a complex video game, something that I just don’t get on a cell phone. Saying that, I do have over a hundred apps on my BB, Android and iOS devices with many I haven’t even tried out yet.

Toss It! is one of those simple games that while being rather repetitive, can still keep you entertained for hours. The object of the game is to throw a specific object into its respective “goal” to score points. The number of “goals” you score in a row is your best score- miss one and you’re back to zero again and have to beat your best.

You get four levels/fields to play in, the first field of play is an office and the object is to throw crumpled up pieces of paper into a rubbish bin. The second field is beer pong, where you throw a small into a cup; the third is a Rugby/American Football goal post and the fourth is a basketball court. In all these levels or fields you have wind blowing from either the left or right at a specific speed so you have to throw the object at the right angle to get it into the goal. There are no achievements other than the best score which could throw people off after a while.

The game itself was very simple to follow and master. I found the beer pong and basketball levels to be the hardest as the balls had to go into a hole not that much larger than the balls themselves. Meanwhile the paper and football levels were much easier and the football level especially got rather tedious. I also found that the game isn’t always accurate with the wind levels indicating one thing while the ball would act like it either had the opposite or no wind affecting it.

It’s too bad that the game doesn’t allow you choose from an assortment of objects which could have made things more interesting and increased the game’s life. Otherwise the game was a good way to waste your free time but I don’t see myself playing this in the long run. You can get the game for free or purchase it for $1.50; the only difference I saw was that the free game had advertisements. The ads weren’t distracting nor did they affect the gameplay. Overall it’s a fun game if only for a little while before the boredom sets in.
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