Crazy Survival World Trip BlackBerry App Review - Where to Buy

By on January 16, 2012

Stick figures, platforms and missiles. Bring it on.

Crazy Survival World Trip BlackBerry App Review
It’s a crazy world we live in and considering this is 2012 then why shouldn’t you expect the world to come to an end? Don’t fret though, there’s an app to help you prepare for the apocalypse! Well not really. Crazy Survival World Trip is a game about surviving what clearly must be the end of the world and seeing the world.

Your hero is a stick figure that you control via a set of four buttons on the screen (tested with a BlackBerry Torch 9860), right, left, jump and crouch. The goal is to score points by avoiding a myriad of falling objects such as meteors, rocks, missiles and fiery objects from the sky. You gain points by jumping over or crouching under these obstacles and grabbing health points and stars that make you grow to twice your size. You get to travel to all seven continents and in each continent you have 15 levels of difficulty to overcome.

The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward and you get a free version to try before considering paying for the premium. The thing that annoyed me about the free version was that in between the controls are advertisements and I found myself accidentally touching those while trying to play the game. The advertisement opens up a window in the browser that interrupts your game and you can see why that would be annoying. The controls themselves sometimes get stuck if they are pressed for too long and you cannot press two buttons at once so you cannot run to one side and jump over something, you have to run there, stop then jump.

The levels are quite challenging and it certainly gets much harder nearing the end of your visit to that continent. The graphics are nothing to write home about- you can’t expect a Crysis-like game with superb graphics for a measly $1.50. I reckon Crazy Survival World Trip is a decent game to keep you busy on a short flight or when you’re heading home from work on the bus or metro. It has nothing flashy like outstanding graphics or sound but you don’t need those in a game to make it decent enough to play. Give it a go, but be warned about the free version, the ad in the middle of the control buttons is just inexcusable.
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