Zombie Attack (BlackBerry) Review - Where to Buy

By on January 2, 2012

Turn zombies into fireballs in this Angry Birds clone.

Zombie Attack (BlackBerry) Review
Zombies are just plain evil, they’re relentless and they never get tired of eating brains. Fortunately in a post-Zombie apocalypse, you had come to the struggle prepared. Armed with a catapult and an endless supply of fireballs and stones you take on the entire zombie horde to save humanity.

Now onto the actual game; if you’ve played Angry Birds then you can easily get the gist of Zombie Attack. The concept is pretty straightforward; you own a catapult and are given a set number of stones and fireballs on each level that you use to fling at the zombies. Actually they’re not zombies but more like zombie heads laid out on piles and bricks. With each level it gets more challenging and harder to knock all the heads with the ammunition you have. If you get stuck on a level and can’t get through, you can drop a nuclear bomb on them. The caveat here is that while the game is free right now, the bomb will cost you $0.75 to use. I suppose the bomb has its merits as it does help if you’re stuck in a level but you could still get by without it. However, I wonder if there might be at least one level in the 200 or so they’ve included where you would simply be forced to either stop playing or buy a bomb to get through to the next level.

The controls for the catapult are rather awkward and while the game supports touchscreen phones, I found it was easier to just use the trackpad. The graphics are not exactly fluid and seem rather sluggish in comparison to Angry Birds. You can control the angle of the catapult but not the speed of the object you’ve thrown or maybe I just haven’t been able to master that part yet. The game is also somewhat of a resource hog with the traditional Blackberry hourglass showing up on occasion and I am running this on a 9860 Torch.

I don’t know why Angry Birds isn’t available for Blackberry phones since you can get it for the Playbook. Zombie Attack is a pretty decent clone with some twists of its own to set it apart from the game that inspired it but it does have its issues and I hope they’ll work on making this game run smoother. I would like to see better touchscreen controls at least. For a game that has 200 levels and is free though, Zombie Attack is a good game to pass the time while commuting on the Metro or on a plane. It certainly has the number of levels to keep you occupied for hours.
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