iPhone 4 App of the Week – Tap DJ - Where to Buy

By on March 9, 2011

“Hey, Mr DJ put a record on I wanna dance with my baby!”

iPhone 4 App of the Week - Tap DJ
Say what you may about the short comings of digital music, but its been reviving the music industry since 98, steering the course of what maybe the oldest form of entertainment known to man.

It has introduced many new artists who started off as a garage band to eventually see them perform to a packed audience at the Garden, Wembly, Coachella and Glastonburry.

Countless record labels have been saved from the brink of bankruptcy purely on a bad calling of theirs when it came to signing overpriced artists that just ran out of steam and got lost in the transition somewhere with the sudden shift of dynamics to the digital era of techno,lounge,progressive, Drum N Bass and Dubstep.

There has been another leap which has been in the creation or dissection of music, insteps our aural Savior the DJ (disc jockey) they come in many shapes and forms some are tubby like a baby panda others skinny and rakish like the missing link between man and insecta if ever there was such a distinction in genealogy, on the upside there has been an influx of female DJs "So good on you ladies finally some eye candy woo-hoo!".

Tap DJ is an app that lets you fulfill you dreams at being a disc jockey its simple to wrap your head around, a pretty mirror of an actual mixing deck complete with bells and whistles; retailing for a meager two dollars it smashes scratched vinyls in the face of other desktop apps that can retail for around fifty dollars or so. You can tell attention to detail was taken here for even the apps Icon art is a tiny turntable that's dare I say it "sweeeeet" to look at its rendered in 3D giving you the illusion of depth and honestly should win a mac design award purely on app art as nothing comes close to it.

Its fully integrated with your iPod library thus neatly displaying your library according to artists, songs playlists, albums,uploads and does far better a job then the native iPod app, apple should surely learn a thing or two from these guys. Tracks can be procured using USB and WiFi transfer also.

Of course DJ-ing would be nothing without sampling so under this tab you'll find the usual array of bits and bobs such as blow horns, countdowns, sirens, drum loops of all manner ranging form Arabic to funky, cheesy one liners and even the deep throat sound offs from a Issac Hayes a.k.a. Chef (south park) knock off.

For more experienced DJs there is a plethora of FXs to play with:-

3 band equalizer, 3 cue points per deck, 9 pad sampler, echo, reverb with tweaks such as amount, time and mix to tinker around with add to that a patented Gyroscratch technology which allows you to place your device flat on a surface and wiggle it around like a record this can be fun in the right hands otherwise your apostle thumbs will do just fine when it comes to scratching.

On the cooler side of things you can hit the explore tab and you'll get to see the top tracks by artists chosen for mixing by users globally the list includes all your current favorites such as Airplanes featuring the anemic red head emo chick form Paramore, Lady Gaga, Usher, David Guetta, Eminem, Lil wayne, Slipknot etc.. the most popular being Black eyed Peas with their booty shaking tracks. You'll also find a sub-section of top mixes a list comprising of the dream mashups by users something that we've seen before only in DJ Hero for consoles or the non-gaming singing in the shower bunch have on Glee. These tracks can instantly be previewed and bought off the the iTunes store in-app.

Of The more interesting ones i found were:-

Thriller (MJ) Vs I'm Bad (LL Cool J)

Barbara Streisand (duck sauce) Vs Like a rolling stone (Bob Dylan)

Corduroy (pearl Jam) Vs The great beyond (R.E.M.)

If you are really picky about your music and have been gifted with the voice of an angel then take to recording your own tracks using the voice recorder, once you have a winner on your hands save your mixes and spread the love.

One thing is certain DJs are here to stay and currently rule the charts with billions of fans thronging at their blaring tunes like mice do unto The pied Piper.

I personally think they've doomed or scarred the linguistic beauty of songwriting and music that creates lasting memories, how does one win over the heart of a girl by playing  Tiesto standing underneath her window?!, you'll be slapped with a restraining order faster then you can say "you complete me….". You do it the Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) way in say anything with his boombox held high above his head playing In your eyes By Peter Gabriel.
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