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Keeping Encyclopedias at your fingertips with your iPhone
Posted on: September 3, 2009
Quote: “So, by now you’ve got all of the General Knowledge you need on your big machine, and life is good. Unfortunately, you will not always have that machine with you as you go about in life. But you do have an iPhone (perhaps), and, having a thirst for instant cranial gratification, what are your [...]

MSI 785GM-E65
Posted on: September 3, 2009
On August 3rd, 2009, AMD launched 785G and chipset, an updated version of their popular 780G chipset. The 785G is essentially the same 780G with a few upgrades, which makes it an even better chipset for the HTPC user. The biggest enhancement for the 785G would be its updated graphic controller base on the HD [...]

ioSafe Solo 500GB Rugged USB External Hard Drive Review
Posted on: September 3, 2009
Link: http://www.bigbruin.com/content/iosafesolo_1 Image (150×70): http://www.bigbruin.com/images/articles/631/icon.jpg Quote: The ioSafe Solo is designed to allow the hard drive inside to withstand a single disaster, fire or water. This does not mean you can drop it in the ocean for a day then connect the ioSafe Solo to your PC like nothing happened. What it does mean is [...]

MSI Wind U123-003US Review
Posted on: September 3, 2009
“People buy netbooks for two reasons: They’re extremely portable and they’re pretty darned cheap. The MSI Wind U123 satisfies both criteria and throws in a bonus: Incredibly long battery life. We tested battery life by playing (and in this case, by replaying) a movie (Boogie Nights) that we ripped from DVD, encoded to MPEG-4, and [...]

Asus G51VX Review
Posted on: September 3, 2009
“Asus knows how to do performance. Long before the company’s name because synonymous with the explosion in netbooks, it was building top-quality system boards prized by gamers for their reliability, flexibility, and speed. The G51 merges both ends of the company’s history by uniting high-end performance from the early years with the budget-oriented approach of [...]

In Win AMMO 2.5 Inch External SATA HDD Enclosure Review
Posted on: September 3, 2009
External Hard Drives are becoming more and more popular nowadays and with 3.5 Inch enclosures being more suitable for the home, this is where 2.5 Inch enclosures come in. The In Win AMMO SATA HDD Enclosure has many brilliant features that will appeal to many people among the general public but security is the main [...]

Digital Cameras: 10 Reasons to Buy A DSLR
Posted on: September 3, 2009
“Digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are the serious photographer’s tool of choice. These units are also a world apart from point-and-shoot digicams, offering far superior performanc although sadly, they do have prices to match. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider investing in one, however – beyond, of course, the fact that it’s [...]

Posted on: September 3, 2009
By adding 2oz of copper to thier motherboards, using all Japanese solid state capacitors, too utilizing Ferrite core chokes (Ultra Durable 3). Make’s GIGABYTE a force to be reconed with when it comes to their motherboards. When I was offered a chance to review one of GIGABYTES AMD motherboards, I jumped at the chance to [...]

Review of the Zalman VF2000 LED Hybrid VGA/CPU Cooler
Posted on: September 3, 2009
The graphics card industry has always been a jungle for most consumers. There are just so many models and manufacturers to choose from and it can be overwhelming to try to get a grip of the market. And graphics cards don’t come cheap. For a high end graphics card you will have to put up [...]

Mionix Alioth 400 Mousepad
Posted on: September 3, 2009
” Today for review I’ve got another mousepad, yep a mousepad, not too exciting to most, but I personally like getting them for review because I’ve found they can be greatly different from each other. The one I have for review today is called the Alioth 400 and it’s from Mionix. It’s a fairly large [...]

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