Harman Middle East pioneering headphones at Gitex 2012

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Harmon middle east has brough harman/kardon’s top of the line headphones to display at Gitex 2012. The display includes a range of headphones, home theatre stations and docking stations. The headphone models come in in-ear, on-ear and over-ear desgins, and feature bluetooth connectivity and noise-cancelling. The headphones are available in stores now, with CL (classic) models selling at 899 and the BT models (Bluetooth enabled) are available for 1099.

Press Relase:
Harman Middle East, a market specialist in home, professional and car infotainment in the region, is throwing the spotlight on harman/kardon’s pioneering range of headphones along with the latest audio based products from top audio brands during this year’s edition of GITEX Technology Week 2012, which runs until October 18, 2012 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC). Harman ME’s participation at GITEX demonstrates its commitment to bring in new innovations to today’s consumers – a strength that has helped maintain its market leadership in the region. The Harman ME stand is located at Concourse 2, CC2-5A.

The company is featuring its top range of headphones, docking stations and home theater systems, which are also being endorsed by globally renowned artists like Grammy award winning AR Rahman, Sir Paul McCartney, Maroon 5 and harman/kardon’s brand ambassador for the ‘Beautiful Sound’ campaign, Jennifer Lopez.

“Consumers in the region today have become more demanding of the expectations they have for audio devices. Participating at this year’s edition of GITEX gives us the opportunity to leverage our diverse portfolio of headphones and docking stations across visitors coming to the venue. These products are the best in their class and offer a whole new audio experience—which is also backed by endorsements from pop music icons like Jennifer Lopez, Sir Paul McCartney and Maroon 5,” said Amit Malani, President, Harman ME.

One of the products that the company is showcasing at GITEX 2012 is harman/kardon’s first line of headphones. The new models feature an exciting breakthrough design that integrates the latest in audio innovations, which come in two in-ear models, three on-ear and over-ear styles and also offers wireless Bluetooth and noise-cancelling features. The distinctive rectangular shape of the headphones range complements the back case of an iPhone, which highlights a design meant to pair with an iPhone, iPad or iPod and is highly recommended for music lovers seeking a refined industrial design that is true to the company’s rich acoustical heritage.

Acer debuts the Aspire One 725

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Acer continues its Aspire brand with the Aspire One 725, powerful laptop optimized for a terrific multimedia experience. The laptop combines a Radeon 6290 graphics card, AMD C-series dual core processor, and 4GB DDR 3 RAM to provide a great visual experience regarding videos, images and video games, all displayed on Acer’s CineCrystal LED-Backlit display. Full press release below:

Press Release:

The Aspire One 725 was designed to skillfully combine a tasteful and stylish look with terrific performance enabling users enjoy a sensational visual experience for superb multimedia – movies, games, photos, videos – wherever they go. This netbook delivers a state-of-the-art user experience and amazing HD visuals anytime, anywhere.

The Aspire One 725 definitely stands out and not only for performance. Available in two color options, Caribbean blue and Volcanic black, it flaunts a gorgeous glossy, glittery cover. The soft matte finish of the palm-rest matches the color of the cover, for a more pleasant look, and prevents fingerprints and palm smudges. Thinner than 1-inch and around only 1.2 kg, it easily fits into any handbag or backpack while providing a comfortable viewing thanks to the 11.6” screen.

This new netbook comes with a high-brightness Acer CineCrystal™ LED-backlit display, with both HD resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, making it ideal for both entertainment and productivity.

To provide a seamless experience, it’s equipped with an HDMI port to easily connect to HDTVs, widescreen monitors or projectors and share Hi-Def video content.

And, to chat face-to-face, capture photos or video-conference there is the Acer HD CrystalEye webcam with Acer Video Conference Manager to enhance image quality and allow for photo, document and screen sharing on the spot!

With AMD APU Fusion technology, combining AMD C processor and AMD Radeon™ HD 6290 graphics, supporting the latest graphic standards, real time image processing and edge sharpening, the Aspire One 725 accomplishes any task in a breeze. Now it’s possible to experience full high-definition video over the web, up to 3 times faster online video streaming and enjoy HD movies.

What’s more, the Aspire One 725 not only is ready to make the most of web browsing and to take advantage of today’s more visual digital universe, but it can efficiently perform everyday tasks, such as emailing, chatting, photo viewing, document editing and delivers multitasking capabilities, even with demanding applications.

79% of UAE mobile users want to be found

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Press Release:

Location-based services (LBS) have topped the global league, as the mobile feature set to grow the most after world leading insights consultancy, TNS revealed more than 60 per cent of those that don’t yet use the service globally want to start. This is of even greater interest in the UAE where this figure stands at 79 per cent.

TNS’s annual Mobile Life study – which explores mobile use among 48,000 people in 58 countries – shows the majority of people around the world now recognise the value of sharing their location to benefit from a range of services.

The key findings, released as a set of interactive visualisations show that the services and apps people use vary considerably from region to region (Available at www.tnsglobal.com/mobilelife).


Location-based services move into the mainstream in the UAE

Almost one fifth of the world’s six billion mobile users are already using LBS, with more than three times this number – 62 per cent – aspiring to do so in the future. Navigation via GPS remains the most popular motivation behind the LBS uptake, which currently stands at 52 per cent in MENA.

There is also growing interest in more diverse activities, with 13 per cent of social network users ‘checking-in’ through platforms like Foursquare or Facebook Places, versus 11 per cent in 2011.

LBS users are increasingly using services to enrich their social lives, with one out of four people in the UAE using LBS to find friends nearby compared to one in five globally. Around a quarter use the technology to find restaurants and entertainment venues, while 19 per cent check public transport schedules and 8 per cent to book a taxi.

Savvy LBS users in the UAE have realised that there is something to be gained from sharing their locations with brands and retailers – with 11.5 per cent sharing their location in exchange for a deal or special offer; almost at par with the global average of 12.5 per cent.

Beyond current users of LBS, globally a third of people who already or would like to use mobile voucher schemes, highly rate receiving deals when they are nearby a store that they like.  One in five mobile users stated that they find mobile advertising interesting if it is offering them a deal near their current location.

Steve Hamilton-Clark, CEO of TNS MENA explained that location based services are finally ‘coming of age’.

“People are realising that sharing their location often offers some kind of reward in terms of a discount or deal. It is the combination of time and context – directing people towards a deal when they can easily redeem it. This unlocks a powerful tool for marketers to develop targeting approaches,” he said.


A complex map of global use

He noted that while the study has shown an increasing willingness to engage with LBS, there are also significant variations in people’s reasons for embracing the service across different markets.  Of all current LBS users, Latin Americans most use the feature to find friends, with 39 per cent stating it as the top reason to share their location, compared to 24 per cent in the UAE.

“There a regional variations on what prompts the desire to engage and these highlight the importance of having a targeted strategy when it comes to location based marketing.

“LBS offers marketers an unprecedented level of engagement and targeting, however it has to be done in line with how people in individual markets want to engage with brands to avoid being intrusive. Where brands get it right, we have seen significant rewards in terms of brand engagement, loyalty and sales,” Hamilton-Clark concluded.

Sony launches Walkman Z Series

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Press Release:

Sony is once again turning the dreams of audiophiles on-the-move into reality with the launch of its Z Series, the first-ever Walkman powered by Android. Dedicated to providing a truly exceptional mobile audio experience, the Walkman is packed with Sony’s innovative sound technologies.

 Featuring Sony’s new S-Master MX digital amplifier that significantly reduces noise and distortion level in music, it also offers the best-ever Walkman in-ear experience on the go,  driven by the full range of five Clear Audio Technologies – S-Master MX, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), and EX headphones. The components come together to deliver a truly phenomenal portable audio experience that many have come to expect from a Sony Walkman.

A new distinctive W.BUTTON launches the unique W.Control, allowing users to intuitively browse through their music collection with a simple flick of the art cover and enjoy stunning on-screen visualisations while the music plays. Walkman Z Series can even sort the music collection using SensMe – from a total of 14 mood-themed channels to suit the time of the day or the mood of the moment.

Walkman Z series is also the first Mobile Entertainment Player from Sony that’s powered by Android. The device allows you to enjoy a generous choice of preinstalled apps, and get more from the ever-growing range at Android Market™.

Sharing Music Passion and Connecting with Ease

Walkman Z Series has a unique ergonomic body design, enabling the xLOUD speaker system to offer a high level of clear sound reproduction from its built-in speaker – users can now listen in to their favourite tunes with friends and loved ones without a speaker dock.

Much more than just a music player, Walkman Z Series allows the sharing of content, either at home or on-the-move wirelessly via Wi-Fi and connects to other DLNA-enabled devices such as the newly launched 3D Blu-ray home theatre system BDV-N590. Users can simply ‘throw’ music, pictures and videos from their Walkman screen by ‘flicking’ them directly to compatible TVs, PCs, or home audio systems to stream their media effortlessly.

The Walkman can be connected directly to the TV via the micro HDMI out for super-size enjoyment of videos, photos and games for high definition fun. It can also be effortlessly linked via Bluetooth® to compatible speakers, headphones, hi-fi systems or car stereos eliminating wire clutter.


Maximum Visual Entertainment

Music, videos, games and apps come alive on the unique anti-reflective 4.3” multi-touch LCD screen. Its high responsiveness combined with a speedy 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor keep things snappy whether users are browsing web pages, watching movies or downloading apps.

Available in a 16GB capacity, the new Walkman® Z1000 Mobile Entertainment Player from Sony is currently retailed at Jumbo Electronics showrooms and other authorised outlets.

Etisalat launches new LTE offerings at the LTE MENA 2012

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Press Release:

Etisalat announced new LTE service packages at LTE MENA 2012 (Dubai), the region’s first and only conference on LTE – the fourth generation (4G) wireless technology. As the Strategic Operator Partner of the event, Etisalat’s participation featured top management key note speeches and the launch of value-packed LTE USB modem offers.

Etisalat has extended the LTE service offering by making the LTE-compatible USB modems available to customers subscribing to My DataPlan ‘Plus’, ‘Extra’ or ‘Ultra’ pack bundles. Customers can choose and enjoy the LTE super-speed of up to 100Mbps for FREE or for competitive monthly rentals on any My DataPlan pack, subscribed on a six or 12 months contract. For a limited time, customers can also buy the standalone LTE USB modem at AED599, enjoying a 25% discount from AED799 offered at launch in December 2011.

Based on customer’s data requirements, My DataPlans offer the most competitive data bundles, including the ‘Ultra’ pack which provides the UAE’s largest data allowance of 20GB. In addition, customers get free hours of unlimited Internet usage and downloading from midnight to 3 am every day on every pack.


LTE USB modems on My DataPlan packs are available as follows:

Customers can subscribe to My DataPlan packs or buy the LTE USB modems from any Etisalat Business Center or Outlet across the UAE.

Speaking on the first day (29 April) of the LTE MENA event, Etisalat’s Senior Vice President for Mobile Networks at Etisalat, highlighted during his interview session, “Etisalat’s LTE network is capable of providing customers with a transformational mobile broadband experience. Starting with value-packed offerings on the LTE USB modems, Etisalat is working its way up to provide customers with more LTE devices, such as tablets and voice enabled smartphones, by the third or fourth quarter of this year. Customers will soon be able to enjoy more devices and services options on our network.”

On mobile trends in the industry impacting the network, Dr. Muneer Zuhdi, Senior Director of Technology Strategy at Etisalat, stressed on the importance of having a good fixed network as a pre-requisite to having a good mobile network. Dr. Zuhdi elaborated on some of the features in LTE and LTE-Advanced, and the importance of taking an end-to-end view to provide customers an excellent quality of experience. Dr. Zuhdi concluded his talk by remarking that the investments Etisalat has made in the fiber network, coupled with the ongoing deployment of LTE, will place Etisalat in a very strong position to continue to offer differentiated services and superior customer experience.


At the event, Dr. Mohamed Nadder, Director Mobile Network capacity planning at Etisalat, highlighted during his presentation and panel discussion, the latest industry standards and technology trends for carrying voice over the new LTE radio environment. He discussed new methods of ensuring superior speech qualities on LTE network, over the existing 2G and 3G legacy systems utilizing voice over IP technology.”


For more information on LTE and data plans, customers can call 101 or visit www.etisalat.ae

Kingston Digital Expands USB 3.0 Flash Drive Product Line

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Press Release:

Kingston Digital Europe Ltd, an affiliate of Kingston Technology Company Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the Kingston® DataTraveler® Elite 3.0. The DataTraveler Elite 3.0 is based on the USB 3.0 standard and is an economical choice for consumers looking for fast data transfers, enabling users to store and transfer their digital library quickly.
“As consumers store and carry more HD video, digital artwork, music and presentations, faster devices are required to keep pace with one’s digital lifestyle,” says Antoine Harb, Business Development Manager, MEA. “The new DataTraveler Elite with USB 3.0 technology adds to our USB 3.0 family range and is the perfect solution for those who require faster transfer speeds, without breaking the budget.”
DataTraveler Elite 3.0 helps consumers save time. For example, in internal testing, DataTraveler Elite 3.0 was approximately two times faster than a standard USB 2.0 Flash drive copying over 22GB worth of data. The testing was done with a single Blu-ray™ movie, over 10,000 photos and more than 4,000 songs.

The DataTraveler Elite 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, DataTraveler Elite 3.0 features a sleek, capless and retractable design to protect the USB connector, allowing users to keep the drive with them at all times as it can be easily attached to a key ring or lanyard.
Kingston’s DataTraveler Elite 3.0 is backed by a five-year warranty, 24/7 technical support and legendary Kingston reliability. For more information visit www.kingston.com/europe
DataTraveler Elite 3.0 images can be found on the Kingston website and Flickr

A video of the DataTraveler Elite 3.0 can be found here

Kingston DataTraveler Elite 3.0 Features and Specifications:
- Capacities*: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
- Speed**:
- USB 3.0: 70MB/s read, 30MB/s write;
- USB 2.0: 30MB/s read, 25MB/s write
- Dimensions: 2.7185″ x 0.8504″ x 0.437″ (69.05mm x 21.6mm x 11.1mm)
- Operating Temperature: 32° to 140°F (0° to 60°C)
- Storage Temperature: -4° to 185°F (-20° to 85°C)
- Warranty: 5 years

Acer Introduces the V3 Series

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Press Release:

Acer has unveiled the V3 Series, a range of notebooks optimized for today’s digital needs, available in 14-, 15.6- and 17.3-inch models. With excellent performance, entertainment enhancements, communication tools and a classy design, these notebooks are intended for tech-savvy users who want daily high-definition audio and visual experiences.

The latest generation Intel Core family processors, plus NVIDA GeForce GT Series graphics ensure excellent performance for multitasking with lots of apps, music, Internet video, movies, games and more.

Specialized entertainment enhancements include the Acer CineCrystal HD+ 1600 x 900 LED-backlit display on the 17.3” screen and , Dolby Home Theater v4 and a Blu-ray Disc drive. Users can even enjoy notebook entertainment on an HDTV via the HDMI-out port.

The V3 Series features Acer InviLink Nplify Wi-Fi CERTIFIED wireless connectivity and Gigabit Ethernet to keep users online, and the Acer Crystal Eye HD webcam guarantees high-resolution face-to-face communication.

Acer clear.fi 2.0 automatically connects all digital-home devices. This lets users manage, share and enjoy media from any device in any room at home.

Sharing files among other digital devices is also possible via a multi-in-1 card slot, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0/3.0 ports (with USB power-off charging).

Design-wise, the cover has a glossy finish and its color matches the screen bezel and palm rest. The Acer chiclet keyboard is stylish, ergonomic and complemented by a multi-gesture touchpad for enhanced comfort and productivity. The V3 Series comes in Midnight Black, Dawn Gold, Nightfall Gray and Thunderbolt Silver.

Elitegroup (ECS) introduces super alloy chokes to further support motherboard stability.

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Press Release:

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is pleased to introduce uniquely-designed, gold plated Super Alloy Chokes. While the current industry standard is to use iron or ferrite materials for the magnetic cores of the chokes, ECS has created market-leading chokes that not only maximize performance and stability thanks to the Super Alloy core, but also prevent corrosion from damaging your system with the gold plating. These innovative Super Alloy chokes are available on three motherboards in the H77 and Z77 chipset series, the X77H2-A3, Z77H2-AX, and Z77H2-A2X.

For PC users troubled by inexplicable crashes, poor stability or disappointing performance, Elitegroup’s innovation delivers the solution that other PC motherboard manufacturers only promise, with the new Super Alloy Choke. This much-needed upgrade to a critical – but usually overlooked – motherboard component lets users enjoy the full power of their systems without the instability and degradation often caused by lower quality components.

The choke filters and conditions the power supply reaching the CPU and other highly-sensitive components by blocking harmful high frequencies. Choke quality is a vital factor in PC performance because even tiny fluctuations in power input can be enough to cause inexplicable system crashes, lockups, failure to start up, or even long term damage. Lower quality chokes can not only lead to instability and shorter system life, but also increase electricity costs by wasting power.
Under full system loads or unstable currents, chokes made from standard materials are more likely to burn out or cause system shut down, according to ECS analysis. The new super alloy material is 150 percent more stable than the standard materials in challenging conditions, including hot environments and overclocking.

Helping Super Alloy achieve this much greater stability is its extremely wide stable operating temperature range – more than 25% wider than that achieved by other materials. So even in punishing overclocking and heavy power users’ scenarios, ECS’ Super Alloy Chokes will ensure the power supply to the CPU and critical components remains perfectly stable. The ability to better endure extreme temperatures also lengthens the operating life of ECS Super Alloy Chokes, and, of course, the ECS motherboards that use them.

This Super Alloy is also more energy efficient, reducing power consumption and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). This provides a safer and more stable operating environment.

Using these industry-leading chokes, the X77H2-A3, Z77H2-AX, and Z77H2-A2X motherboards offer the lowest EMI interference, the longest life-span, and a 150 percent greater stability than other motherboards available in the market. These advantages translate into a smoother, better computing experience..

Besides these three models, there are still wide diversities of H77 and Z77 chipset series, such as H77H2-M, H77H2-M3, H77H2-M4, and Z77H2-A2X Deluxe, and Z77H2-A3. Please consult the ECS website at www.ecs.com.tw for more information and full specifications.

Trend Micro leads in Cloud Security

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Press Release:

Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704;TSE: 4704), the global cloud security leader, is the major player leading the fast-growing Global Cloud Security Software market, according to TechNavio’s Global Cloud Security Software Market report.

The current overall TechNavio estimate for the global cloud security software market was valued at US$241 million in 2010 and is expected to reach US$963.4 million in 2014, growing at a CAGR of 41.4 percent. Of the four major players in the global security software market, Trend Micro leads with the greatest estimated market share. The TechNavio report points out that Trend Micro is able to dominate the market because of its diversified geographic reach, established customer base, and brand reputation. The company’s partnerships with cloud and virtualization service provider, VMware, and partnerships with companies such as HP, Cisco, Dell, Microsoft Corp., Oracle, and Wipro, also were cited.

According to the TechNavio report: “The main drivers for the Global Cloud Security Software market are the growing use of cloud services for critical data storage and the sudden increase in cloud-specific attacks. Driven by multiple factors such as flexibility, cost saving, and availability, an increasing number of companies are transferring their data to the cloud.”

“Trend Micro’s dominance in the cloud security market is the product of the focus and dedication our company has poured into cloud security innovation, which has enabled us to extend the reach of the global cloud infrastructure while maximizing security, reducing complexity, and providing a better user experience,” said Steve Quane, Chief Product Officer.

This recognition follows on the heels of Trend Micro being positioned as the leader in corporate endpoint server security and the leader in worldwide virtualization security management market by IDC’s “Worldwide Endpoint Security 2011-2015 Forecast and 2010 Vendor Shares” and  TechNavio’s “Global Virtualization Security Management Solutions 2010-2012” reports positioning Trend Micro as the leader in corporate endpoint server security and the leader in worldwide virtualization security management market.

Within the virtualization and cloud space, Trend Micro offers two flagship products: Trend Micro™ SecureCloud™ and Trend Micro™ Deep Security™.

Trend Micro SecureCloud provides data protection for public and private clouds and VMware vSphere virtual environments, using encryption with policy-based key management and unique server validation. This protection safely and easily secures sensitive data stored with leading cloud service providers keeping data private and helping companies meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Trend Micro Deep Security is designed to provide system and application security across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Deep Security meets the challenging operational security and compliance needs of today’s dynamic data center.  It combines intrusion detection and prevention, web application protection, firewall, integrity monitoring, log inspection and anti-malware capabilities in a single, centrally managed enterprise software solution. Deep Security also provides the industry’s first and only agentless security suite for VMware environments, enabling enterprises to attain even higher consolidation rates, faster performance, better manageability and stronger security.

TechNavio defines cloud security software as software that provides security to cloud-based services or cloud computing architectures. Cloud security software can be a standalone solution or a suite of products. It focuses on the security of key parameters such as compliance, governance, data protection, architecture, and identity and access. A typical cloud security solution offers features such as encryption, identity and access management (IAM), endpoint

ASUS introduces desktop series with the 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors

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Press Release:

ASUS today announces a series of desktop PCs featuring the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor. Powerful and versatile, there is a desktop to cater to each type of user, with the ROG TYTAN CG8580 for the hardcore gamers, the CG8270 and CM6870 for the tech-savvy crowd, while the ET2411 and ET2701 All-in-One PC are for those looking for hassle-free PC entertainment.

These ASUS desktops also feature Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0; high definition graphics with DirectX® 11, and Intel® Quick Sync Video Technology. In addition, LucidLogix Virtu MVP accelerates graphics performance by up to 60% and triples video conversion speeds.

Supreme gaming with the ROG TYTAN CG8580
Featuring a stealth submarine-inspired design, the CG8580 houses the Intel® Core™ i7-3770K processor clocked at 4.6 GHz. It has a one-touch Turbo Gear button for instant overclocking without having to reboot or alter BIOS settings.

A NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 graphics card provides unprecedented 4-display capabilities with 3D Vision Surround plus one extra display. The CG8580 also features additions like 2GB GDDR5 video memory, GPU Boost which maximizes clock speed, and Adaptive Vertical Sync for optimized frame rates for true-to-life images at 2560 x 1600 resolutions. These are complemented by Dolby Surround Sound and a Xonar DX audio card for audio that is 35x cleaner than those offered by onboard codecs. In addition, twin 128 GB SATA 3 SSD with RAID 0 gives users four times greater data access speeds than generic HDDs.

A 5-way vent and liquid cooling system offer efficient and silent heat dissipation — perfect for marathon gaming sessions.

Smart Digi+ Technology works in tandem with the TurboV Processing Unit to give an exceptional increase in CPU overclocking performance and control; while Wi-Fi Go! provides multimedia streaming to portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

Supreme home entertainment with the ET2411 and ET2701 All-in-One PCs
ASUS All-in-One PCs bring an added touch of aesthetic beauty when it comes to home entertainment.

The ET2411’s simple, precise lines result in an elegant space-saving design. A low-profile easel-inspired stand aids in cable management, ensuring a clutter-free workspace.

On top of that stand sits a 23.6” Full HD, LED-backlit display that is ideal for 16:9 videos in high definition (1920 x 1080). That visual performance comes by way of a discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT630M graphics processor which easily handles the most intense loads. The addition of a Blu-ray drive adds another avenue through which users can enjoy multimedia entertainment.

When it comes to control, the ET2411 comes with a multi-touch interface that contributes to a more intuitive web surfing experience. It also features touch-enhanced software that allows users to easily browse through their music, video, and image files.

The iF Design Award-winning ET2701 features a 27” Full HD 1920 x 1080 LED display and a frameless ultra-slim design that is just 3cm at its edge and 7cm at its thickest part.

It features a 178˚ wide view angle VA panel that provides crystal clear images from any angle. It sports the NVIDIA GT640M graphics processor that enables users to enjoy Blu-ray quality HD visuals on a large screen.

Both the ET2411’s and ET2701’s visual prowess are matched by their ability to reproduce life-like audio thanks to SonicMaster technology, where a finely-tuned digital signal processor reproduces every note in pristine clarity with zero distortion. DTS Surround Sensation™ technology ll enhances vocals and low frequency sounds to deliver a realistic 3D multi-channel listening experience through built-in speakers or headphones. To complete the experience, a tailor-made 10W subwoofer drums up deep rich bass.

The ET2411 and ET2701 can also double up as TVs or monitors. Plug N’ Play TV lets users plug a cable connection to watch TV, with users being able to switch channels through its accompanying remote control. The inclusion of HDMI and VGA input ports also lets these all-in-one PCs act as a 24” or 27” Full HD LED displays for a laptop or game consoles.

Superior multitasking and multimedia capabilities with the CG8270 and CM6870
The CG8270 and CM6870 both aim to provide users with unmatched gaming, multitasking, and multimedia capabilities.

These desktops deliver top-notch performance with 3D-enabled graphics, DirectX 11, Blu-ray, and 7.1 channel surround sound; while files can easily be shared through a rich array of input/output options like USB 3.0, SATA 6G, or the free 3GB of ASUS WebStorage space. External devices like smartphones, tablets, and cameras can also be recharged in double quick time by AI Suite II even when the PC is turned off.

The addition of ASUS Audio Maker also provides users with an audio suite in which they can easily cut, mix, and create their own songs even if they lack the technical knowhow. These audio clips can also be incorporated into songs and videos, which can then be shared online easily.

In spite of all this performance, system stability is not compromised thanks to Smart Cooling Technology, which lowers system temperatures by as much as 11.4°C while the Q-Fan intelligently adjusts CPU fan speeds according to system loads. The ASUS-exclusive Energy Processing Unit (EPU) reduces overall energy consumption by 40% when compared to other PCs. In addition, ASUS Instant On features a hotkey-enabled Eco mode that provides up to 98% in energy savings. Instant On also enables 2-second resume from sleep mode; while keeping data safe and secure.

Quality with style – No.1 Windows-based desktops in reliability and customer satisfaction
ASUS desktops reflect a tradition of the finest product quality, innovation, and longevity. Based on PCWorld USA’s 2011 and 2010 Reliability and Service surveys, users ranked ASUS as the leading choice for Windows® desktops both years, citing high satisfaction due to reliability, value, and quiet operation. ASUS desktops received further praise for performance, design, upgradability, and connectivity

The iF and Red Dot award-winning ROG TYTAN CG8580’s aggressive lines are inspired by the cutting-edge lines of submarines and stealth battleships; with each design element serving a specific function. It features a DEFCON indicator which informs the user of the system’s overclocking modes through a series of red and blue LEDs. It also features a mechanical gate which conceals the drive bays and hot swap HDDs.

The CG8270 features a sleek tower design which provides easy access to top IOs; the unique titled chassis design features an LED-backlit ASUS nameplate, brushed aluminum panel, large venting areas and is finished in high quality liquid paint. The CM6870 soft curves are inspired by the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai; its simple lines and polished black finish are designed to appeal to those with discerning taste.

With their ultra-slim, space-saving designs, the ET2411 and ET2701 All-in-One PCs provides a clutter-free workspaces, not to mention stunning audio visual capabilities.

Price and Availability: TBA

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