LG Optimus GT540 Mobile Phone review

September 5, 2010 by  
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If you want to get a sturdy, no-nonsense loyal phone that gets your job done, without you spending too much of your time figuring out its price and intricacies (may be because there are hardly any), then the LG Optimus GT540 will fit your bill just about right- considering you give it a week to grow on you. Well, that’s about how long it took me to realize End Call is a 2 step process: Click the End Call button, and then slide the call shut using the on-screen slider. One can only imagine my horror at this late realization.

The LG Optimus GT540 will surely have your attention with its commanding 3’’ resistive touchscreen that takes up most of its front, leaving room for 3 click buttons and further 2 touch buttons. The three input variations of the buttons and screen can frustrate trying to figure out the right pressure for each touch, but nothing a few days of use won’t fix.  The pale pink model with the pink-tinted metal edging and extravagant back cover design I got for review does a great job at creating a feel of a high-end product, but just about; limited consumers will opt for this clinically hygienic color, except maybe Hello Kitty lovers and high-school girls.

Being installed with the older Android version of 1.6 seems to be the phone’s biggest plight, with the OS lagging at times and newer features like an updated browser missing. A flash-less browser only gets you so far while surfing, though connectivity wise the phone has got its basics down pretty well, with Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth nicely snuggled in the homepage’s pull down top bar. Also, LG has tweaked the older Android version, adding 2 additional screens to the previous 3-screen layout, and throwing in some pretty nifty widgets, like Dual Clock and Memo. The neat and tidy Android homescreen can be pimped out using the 4 LG mood themes.

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