Apple is stronger than ever

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Apple has a lot to rejoice for. There is good news with a chery on top. Firstly for the big news. Apple has now surpassed the Market Cap of Windows and Intel, COMBINED! You have read it right (No need to rub your eyes in surprise). The Register blogs; with news from a very confident source, that on June 3rd 2011, Apple’s market share closed at $317.6bn compared to that of Microsoft ($201.59bn) and Intel ($115.21bn). Combine the two, the difference may not seem so much, but Apple is still way ahead. The iPad has helped Apple up its ante, while Intel is still tying to break into the low power mobile market.

This may come as a surprise to to naysayers like Michael Dell and Bill Gates. Michael Dell said in an interview (1997) that if he were an Apple CEO he would “shut down the company and five the money back to the shareholder”. Then there is a quote from an unpublished article in which Bill Gate says, “What i can’t figure out is why is Steve Jobs even trying. He knows he can’t win!”

As for other seemingly smaller news, Apple now has 200 carriers for the iPhone. Even though Apple has delayed the launch for the next iPhone from its usual June-July slot to sometime in September-October, the sales remain strong. Bill Shope, a Goldman Sachs analyst says, “Apple is adding lots of new carriers abroad. They’ll more than make up for any decline due to folks holding off on their iPhone 4 purchase for news of the iPhone 5 or 4s. We believe bears are failing to consider the continued underlying demand momentum for the iPhone 4, its international strength, and most important, continued carrier expansion.”

With the recent announcements regarding the next update for iOS, Apple is playing it pretty safe.  Read our other articles pointing out the best features of iOS5 and Mac OSX Lion.

Blackberry Bold 9900 won’t release till September

June 5, 2011 by  
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No matter how much you don’t want to believe, it seems to be the truth. I am a big fan of the original Bold 9000, and still use it. It is dying on me now and was excited for the new device. There was news of delay since the very beginning, but nothing was confirmed, until now. BGR claims that they have confirmed reports from multiple sources that the flagship device won’t launch till September. It was suppose to release this ‘summer’ but RIM never issued a firm release date.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and our hopes up.

Who in the world hacked Gmail?

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Gmail has been hacked. Yes, you heard it right and people aren’t happy, specially account holders like senior U.S. government officials, Chinese political activists, officials in several Asian countries (predominantly South Korea), military personnel and journalists. Google made a public statement about the incident and warned users of any phishing scams. Google added that they are not sure of who is responsible, but have traced many of the attacks to Jinan, the capital of Shandong province and a suspected centre of cyber espionage. The register notes that China has denied the allegations and have declared themselves a victim of cyber crime.

Hong Lei told a regular press conference. “The so-called statement that the Chinese government supports hacking attacks is a total fabrication out of nothing. It has ulterior motives.”

Google has always had trouble with the Chinese government and their censor regulations. Last year the Lanxiang vocational school in Jinan was linked to the so-called Aurora attacks against Google.

“It is very hard to say this is a problem caused by any one country. China is also sometimes a victim,” said Song Jiaxing, a professor in the computer department of Tsinghua University. “What this certainly shows is that security measures are inadequate. It’s like operating a goldmine without sufficient locks.”

Google Chromebook now available to buy, privately

June 2, 2011 by  
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Google is readying the launch for the its debut OS vehicle, the Samsung Chromebook series 5. Due for release on June 15, the item is now on sale on Gilt Men, a subsection of Gilt Groupe’s popular private sale website. Priced at $499, the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook features a 12.1-inch display, a dual-core Intel processor, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and an HD webcam, and it ships with a free sleeve as part of Gilt’s sale.

Chromebooks are designed to work online while being connected to the internet. Similar to netbooks, they are small in size and require much less processing power to function smoothly. Instead of installing and using traditional programs, users will use web apps, provided by Google’s Chrome browser, such as word processors and instant messaging. A media player applications will come installed in all Chromebooks.

Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s phone business for $19billion

June 2, 2011 by  
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There are endless possibilities if this goes through. BGR reports that according to industry insider Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft has struck a deal to purchase Nokia’s mobile phone business for $19 billion. The iOS and Android devices have hard struck Nokia’s business, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone is far from success. Nokia confirmed in February that it would adopt the Windows platform for its smartphones in the very near future. This decision stands true to the vision of former Nokia CEO Pekka Kallasvuo, which believed the company to transcend to a software and services company, much like IBM. Both companies have reached a deal to collaborate on the creation of new smartphones, which will roll out sometime next year. The deal is etched to close by the year end.

Obviously, both parties are denying the claim and this news is still in the ‘rumour’ segment. I guess we will just have to wait and watch.

Facebook Like = Twitter Follow

June 1, 2011 by  
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Twitter has been as busy as a bee these days. After acquiring Tweetdeck and announcing its own photo-share plugin, Twitter announced its new ‘follow’ feature. Much like the Facebook like button, the ‘follow’ tab allows a Twitter user to follow their favorite celebrities, power users, news editors, brand, etc and what not. Next to the ‘follow’ button is the handle the user is commonly known by on Twitter. This move was to bring about a heavy traffic to the website and for brands to reach more customers. It makes integration much easier for users, rather than them searching for the account on Twitter.

Some of the early adopters to Twitter’s Follow button include AOL Inc., Yahoo Inc., The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated and TV Guide. You too could use the ‘follow’ button.

“Adding the Follow button to your website and using Twitter to stay connected with your audience is a powerful combination. People who follow your account are much more likely to retweet and engage with your Tweets, and to repeatedly visit your website,” explained Twitter’s Brian Ellin in a blog post. The competition between Facebook and Twitter seems to be growing and is showing no signs of stopping.

Twitter to launch its own photo-sharing service.

May 31, 2011 by  
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The days are numbered for Twitpic and Yfrog as Twitter will announce its own photo-sharing service at the D9 conference in Rancho Palos this week. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is set to speak at D9 on Wednesday.

Twitter just acquired TweetDeck for $40 million, and this seems to be the next big step to push them against the big leagues, read Facebook. “This acquisition is an important step forward for us. TweetDeck provides brands, publishers, marketers and others with a powerful platform to track all the real-time conversations they care about. In order to support this important constituency, we will continue to invest in the TweetDeck that users know and love.” The service is said to launch as soon as today, after it is announced at the conference.

Currently, users that wish to post pictures on twitter need to link it to third party websites like Flickr. The twitter service would work around in the same way. This would help twitter earn some cash by introducing branded pages with ads, much like Twitpic and Yfrog.

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