Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid does away with fan noise

October 8, 2011 by  
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This is the DIY PC builder dream. A fan-less power supply.

The Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid series are fully fanless upto 200W, after which the fans kick in to prevent the PSU committing suicide. This fully modular series comes bundled with a fan controller, where you can happily play with the PSU and upto three system fans. The slick looking controller you see in the picture sports a pair of dials, one for the PSU’s fan and the other for your three system fans.

The series is available in three models the 850W ($200), 1050W ($250), and 1300W ($300) models, each 80 Plus Gold Certified. Definitely not the cheapest on the block then, but again new technology does come at a premium. Remember the SSDs?

The cable connectors on this series

  • Motherboard 24-pin: x1
  • CPU 4+4 pin: x2
  • SATA: x12
  • Molex 4-pin: x5
  • Fan Cable 3-pin: x3
  • PCI Express 6+2: x8 (1300W); x6 (1050W, 850W)

Cooler Master designed the new PSUs with a single +12V rail with 105A on the 1300W, 82A on the 1050W, and 70A on the 850W.

All three models are available for retail now.


Google maps now lets you preview your route

October 2, 2011 by  
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Google Maps has been a revelation of sorts, for a whole generation. They have now taken it upon themselves to let you preview the route ahead in glistening 3D. Might seem like overkill to some, but its worth it. You will be able to recognize the terrain, and the buildings even before seeing them in the flesh.

Google announced this on its official Google Maps blog today; the launch of its 3D route preview. Currently on Google Maps for the web, users now have the option to see how a route looks like in 3D by clicking the 3D play button. The map will switch to Earth view and automatically flyover your best recommended route. You can pause the flight at anytime to explore the surroundings or even skip ahead or backwards if you want. Once you’re done with the 3D view, you can simply click 2D to go back to the regular view.

Check out 3D view at the Google Maps website now. Looks good doesn’t it?

Bing Maps now covers Airports too

October 1, 2011 by  
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We all see airports around us growing bigger and bigger all the time. If you’ve ever got lost in one, frankly, you have my sympathies because I for one cannot imagine a more unsettling experience.

Bing has come up with novel solution, maps for airports. Currently, only 42 airports are mapped and only in the US, but many more are expected soon. The good folks at Bing have currently released this only for the Desktop version, but expect mobile versions (much more needed) to follow soon.

One possible sticking point could be how it can be used by shady sorts for all sorts of nuisance. Stay tuned!


Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

September 30, 2011 by  
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Samsung has unveiled yet another addition to its ever expanding fleet of tablets, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. And yes, it does manage to trump the older, popular Galaxy Tab in nearly all features.

The new Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a 7″ WSVGA display (no Super AMOLED), 1GB of RAM, 16 or 32GB of internal memory, a microSD slot (up to 32GB), 3-megapixel auto focus rear camera, 2-megapixel front facing camera, Android 3.2 Honeycomb (with TouchWiz), and a 4,000mAh battery.

Of course, you get the TouchWiz interface from Samsung and the usual connectivity goodies including 21 MBPS HSPA, Bluetooth 3.0, Quad band and WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n.

Its scheduled to be released by the end of next month in Austria and Indonesia, then gradually across the globe. Looks like we might have to wait a bit to see it in our region here.


Press Release

Samsung reloaded more possibilities on the go with GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus
Advanced 7-inch tablet experience on the go within a premium design

SEOUL, Korea – September 30, 2011 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a leading mobile device provider, today announced the launch of the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus. Offering a portable, rich multimedia experience on a 7-inch display, the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus packs power and productivity into a chic lightweight design. The GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus runs Google AndroidTM Honeycomb, enabling an easy and intuitive user experience.
“Samsung pioneered the seven-inch tablet market with the launch of the GALAXY Tab, marking an innovation milestone in the mobile industry. Building on the success of the GALAXY Tab, we’re now delighted to introduce the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus reloaded with enhanced portability, productivity and a richer multimedia experience” said JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business. He added “GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus is for those who want to stay productive and in touch with work, friends and content anytime, anywhere.”

Enhanced Portability
With 7-inch display, GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus provides enhanced portability, weighing just 345g and measuring at just 9.96mm thin. Enhanced portability ensures that it fits easily into an inside-jacket pocket or a handbag, making it an ideal device for those who need to stay productive and entertained while on-the-move.

Advanced Productivity
GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus delivers a smooth and intuitive user experience with powerful performance powered by 1.2GHz dual core processor. Mini Apps allows seamless multitasking by consolidating 7 applications easily accessed from a bottom-side tray on main screen. Users can launch favorite features such as music player or calendar as pop-ups over full screen applications. Not only that, users can design an individualized up-to-the-minute interface through Live Panel.

Web browsing is also enhanced by Adobe Flash and super-fast HSPA+ connectivity, providing download speeds up to three times faster than a conventional HSPA connection. On top of that Wi-Fi Channel Bonding bonds two channels into one for improved network connection and data transfer at up to twice the speed.

Furthermore, the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus offers voice and video call support, with no need for a headset.
Users can see friends and family from anywhere in the world in high quality thanks to the device’s larger screen.

Rich Multimedia on-the-move
Full HD videos can be enjoyed on the 7-inch WSVGA PLS display, with DivX & multi codec support ensuring the device is capable of supporting a variety of different formats. An improved virtual clipboard, which stores text and images enabling easy copy and paste, further adds to these capabilities.

Additionally, the GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus features Social Hub, Readers Hub and Music Hub services. Social Hub aggregates the user’s contacts, calendar and email along with instant messaging and social networking connections all within one easy-to-use interface. Readers Hub provides e-reading content such as e-books, newspapers and magazines. Music Hub enables access to over 13 million songs even when out and about.

GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus will be available starting in Indonesia and Austria from end-October and gradually rolled to globally including Southeast and Southwest Asia, US, Europe, CIS, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Japan and China.

Google Nexus Prime to be released next month

September 30, 2011 by  
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We’ve all been waiting for the inevitable Google Nexus phone for a while now, and this one is going to be a whopper reports say. The phone in question is to be manufactured by Samsung so naturally, the screen will be a beaut.

Rumors say it will have a Super AMOLED HD screen, with an almost unheard of 1280×720 resolution. The pixel freak in you will be happy to know it carries a conventional RGB matrix and not the controversial ‘pentile’ pattern; and will be powered by a 1.5 GHZ dual-core CPU.

Previously, all we had was a shadowy whisper about a tentative October release date. Many prominent sources on the web are now touting 11/11 as day, after Samsung began sending out invites to an ‘unpacked’ event with special guest Google. We will almost certainly see the Ice Cream Sandwich update and Google Nexus Prime unveiled at this event.

For the Ice Cream sandwich update leaked video, go here.

Apple hires JailbreakMe creator Comex

August 26, 2011 by  
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Yesterday we heard about the retirement of Apple figurehead and industry legend Steve Jobs, whose is leaving a glittering legacy behind for his successors to follow. How the new CEO Tim Cook will adapt and adopt is anyones guess, but Steve is a tough act to follow.

Today, however, prominent Jailbreaker Comex announced his plan to join Apple as an intern. What he will be up to at 1 Infinite Loop is all speculation at the moment but a smart money will be on Security of the very iDevices he is skilled at hacking.

Nicholas Allegra, commonly known as Comex, is the man behind JailbreakMe hacks. He broke the news through a recent tweet that he will be working at the company as an intern from next week.

Last month he released Jailbreak 3.0, which was a web-based Jailbreak. He is also notable in the community as a A-list hacker, and was the first to release a Jailbreak of iPad 2.  Sources say 12 percent of iDevices are Jailbroken, and that is a conservative estimate.

The news leaves the Jailbreak enthusiasts slightly apprehensive. Comex has been at the forefront of this war with the Cupertino giant, and has worked with people like Geohot. It wouldn’t be far wrong to say Apple has hired him in order to guide them in fixing security issues in the upcoming iOS 5 making the new iOS safer than ever and possibly even jailbreak-proof.

Lets see where this goes.

Via Engadget

Steve Jobs steps down as Apple CEO

August 25, 2011 by  
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A dark day for Apple?

A couple of hours ago, Apple’s iconic CEO announced his resignation via a press release. The company has moved quickly to announce Tim Cook as his replacement. Jobs himself published the following letter

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.

I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.

As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.

I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.

I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you.


Like the rest of the world, we too wonder how the Cupertino giant will cope with life without Jobs at the head, who has become almost an industry legend after taking control of Apple at a difficult time and turning it into arguably the most valuable technology corporation in the world today. Apple have confirmed he will stay on as Chairman of the board.

Expect him to still have major influence on critical decisions.

Windows Phone 7 Mango ready to rumble

August 20, 2011 by  
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We live in strange times.

Peter Wissinger, Microsoft’s director of Mobile Business in the Nordic countries,  released an official update on Friday regarding the status of Mango, the massive update for Windows Phone 7. According to Wissinger, the update was actually completed earlier than planned, and is now up to the phone manufacturers to distribute accordingly.

“Now it’s up to our manufacturing partners to release Mango to our customers. Microsoft has delivered complete Mango earlier than planned to the manufacturers. Feels good now,”  read the release.

The Mango update is a major one, and is set to bring around 500 new features. More promising ones include more customizable tiles, contact groups, IE9 and better multi-tasking operations.

The official Windows Phone blog says they actually signed off the release build on 26th of July. They give the update date for current phones to be in Fall this year.

Microsoft’s list of hardware partners includes HTC, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Dell, Acer, Fujitsu, and ZTE. There has been no significant news on when a native WP7 Mango phone will be released into the wild, except one from Fujitsu expected in September.

WordPress shows steady growth

August 20, 2011 by  
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WordPress announced some impressive growth stats recently at their conference in San Francisco. WordPress now powers 14.7% of the top million sites in the world, up from 8.5% previosuly. They also say 22 out of a 100 new domains activated in the US are using WordPress. These stats are for both and sites.

For the founder Matt Mullenweg’s ‘State of the Word’ address at last weeks WordCamp San Francisco, go here. The worlds most popular CMS giant passed the 50 million mark last month. At that time they revealed that WordPress powered sites see  2.5 billion page views each month.

WordPress also released findings from a user and developer survey they conducted. Mullenweg says that 6,800 self-employed respondents were responsible for over 170,000 sites personally, and charged a median hourly rate of $50. If you want to get your hands on the anonymized data and make some further sense of it, go here.

We too like WP quite a bit, not just for the ease of use it gives you but also for the open source-ness of it all.

Leaked: Xbox 360 dashboard upgrade

August 19, 2011 by  
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We’ve all been waiting for it and it has finally been leaked, as always.

At E3 Microsoft unveiled their intentions of updating the Xbox 360 dashboard integrating Skype, Youtube and other apps. Today a video surfaced on YouTube which shows off the upcoming dashboard update for Xbox 360, featuring majority of the new features and design improvements along with demos of some features.

The video shows off a simply gorgeous new interface. Don’t get me wrong, its still as green as a frog, but the new dashboard now features live tiles in the same way that Windows Phone 7 and the upcoming Windows 8 do. The interface uses Microsoft’s much talked about Metro UI standard across the whole dashboard.

Apart from the gorgeous interface it has been revealed that this new dashboard update would introduce further use of Kinect and add additional features such as Bing support, built-in (and now Microsoft-owned) Skype, cloud storage, expanded Kinect voice support, and the new social interactive gaming tool called ‘Beacons’.

Beacons is a way to let your friends know if you intend to play a game at a set time, so you can be sure you wont be bottom of the table again.

Unfortunately, the video has been removed due to complaints from Microsoft. However it has been confirmed that ‘Beacons’ and Skype will make an appearance in the new-look dashboard coming sometime next month.

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