Monster Diddybeats In-Ear Headphones review

December 8, 2010 by  
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Black-Gray-White-Red: these are the colors of quality sound and a truly desirable product. This week I got a chance to test the Diddybeats headphones by Monster. These high-end earphones provide a high-class experience that starts from the packaging and the design of the box. As I unpacked the box, I saw the two earpieces secured in a hard plastic cup holding the headsets and their carrying case. Also included is small velvet headset case that looks stylish and elegant with the emblem of db (Diddybeats) embroidered in it, however, I think a hard case would have probably been a better option.

My first reaction of holding the product was one that made me feel like I was a part of the major Urban/commercial movement of the US music industry, involved with fashion, glamorous events, Diddy, Lady Gaga, Dr.Dre, Justin Timberlake, The Game & co… It was quite an overwhelming feeling to be honest.

Coming from a professional audio background, I am very spoiled with leather-coated headsets from world leading audio equipment companies. As a result, putting on the diddybeats was a little bit of an adjustment. It’s sort of like getting out of your HUMMER and getting into a BMW M5. I had to figure out the size of the soft plastic nub to fit comfortably in my ears. Once I chose one of the five sizes, it was just a matter of a few minutes and I was ready.

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