Twitter trademarks the word ‘tweet’

October 14, 2011 by  
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Twitter’s 2 year long struggle to trademark the word “tweet” has come to an end after they got the TwittAd firm to finally give it up. TwittAd is a twitter service that pays users to tweet ADs from their accounts.  They had trademarked their phrase “Let your Ad Meet Tweets” back in 2008. But by 2009 more than 3 companies had asked to trademark the word “tweet”. So, twitter’s official application was denied.

Twitter had been struggling with these companies to drop their applications. They even blocked TwittAd’s account from their service to bring their services to a halt. Thus now TwittAd has agreed to allow twitter to trademark “tweet”, and in return Twitter will drop their lawsuit and to allow them to resume their service.

Facebook app finally comes to iPad

October 13, 2011 by  
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Facebook app has been on every device from Nokia to iPhone to Windows Phone 7. But iPad has been long deprived on any dedicated official app for its platform. Facebook has been prepping up for a “Full Facebook” experience on the iPad for which they had to delay the release rather than just porting the iPhone version to iPad. This new iPad targeted app has full large screen photo galleries, slideshows, groups, lists, apps, games, navigation and search bar etc.

The app is fully capable of allowing you to use the new facebook video chat and even recording HD video directly via the app and sharing it. You can easily use the big iPad screen to play games with friends.

Facebook fully realizes the importance of apps for mobile devices as more than 45% of their traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. So, it is integral for them to make all facebook’s features compatible with these devices and not just the desktop PC. The iPad version of the app is shining example of that how they aim to bring the maximum core features of facebook to the touch interface.

Do note that an updated version of facebook app for iPhone is also available taking some of navigation bar etc. bringing some of iPad version changes and features to smaller counterpart. You can grab the app for free @ iTunes

Google launches Dart language to replace Javascript

October 13, 2011 by  
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Google has announced that a new scripting language called “Dart”. This scripting language is targeted for web and meant to replace Javascript. Javascript had gained even more importance after the advent of Web 2.0. Web apps and Ajax enabled sites of today heavily depend on Javascript to stream data to users to reduce the overall loading and on-screen rendering times. But the language is as old as web itself and thus not short of shortcomings. Dart is meant to replace those shortcomings as well as provide new much needed features to developers.

One of examples Google has given is of snapshotting technology in Dart lanugage which serializes block of data. So, a script which using conventional techniques loaded in 640 milisecond, loaded in just 60 milisecond using Dart’s snapshotting technique. Even though the prospect of language appear good with industry relying heavily on Google to lead the technological innovations; but Google does have a lot of fight ahead before we see Dart becoming a web standard any time soon.

Google will be demoing the language to other browser vendor and industry leaders to get the backing in hope to get it standardized. There is no point in a scripting language that only Google’s own chrome can understand. So, they need to standardize it before web developers can think of putting it to any use. Moreover Javascript is the cornerstone of web, and even if Dart comes along the way, it will remain that way for many many years to come. Google does understand that and they are hoping that Dart does one day infact slowly replace Javascript on web by allowing more power and easier scripting to developers.

For now they are looking for feedback from developers and vendors by providing the structure and example codes to users on the official Dart site @

Google TV final SDK released

October 13, 2011 by  
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Google TV is a Smart TV platform based on Google’s popular Android OS and Chrome browser to bring smart TV applications to TV’s and Media players. This allows you to watch net based programming, video on demand and other such services as well as access internet from your TV. The project was started in 2010 by collaboration of Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech. The final version of its SDK has launched around 1 year after its official launch. This means that developers can now use the SDK to make their own compatible programs for TV sets too.

The TV being used as a net-enabled device does put some restrictions on usage like requirement of simplified controls and big easily selectable buttons etc. If you have a website, streaming media or any web app that is useful on TV too, then you can use this SDK to make a compatible version to be controlled by a TV remote.

Grab the TV SDK add-on @ Android Developers site

Dragon Dictate – voice dictate your iPhone now

October 12, 2011 by  
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Dragon Dictate is an app for iOS devices which is powered by Dragon Naturally Speaking software. On desktop PC this voice-to-text software is industry favorite for dictation as well as for assigning commands to your voice but it does cost a hefty $100 for home version or $200 for pro version. On iOS on the other hand this software comes for free. Do note that this is no Apple Siri, so don’t expect it to “do stuff” with your voice commands; but you still can dictate voice-to-text messages to be sent via sms / email or to update your social network statuses.

If you are not in line to get an iPhone 4S then this is the closest (legit) thing you can get to Siri. I just hope that in future version they add integration to assign commands to your voice cues too.

Grab the app for free @ iTunes

Qualcomm – powered by insects viral AD

October 12, 2011 by  
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Qualcomm the company behind the small yet powerful processors that power most of smartphones of the world have released a viral AD featuring.. insects powering up a HTC Desire S. You will see insects running in treadmills, beetles and even scorpion in this promotional video working to operate the device. And the most hard working bug gets blown from a cannon. Its equally a weird and entertaining video to see, and funny thing is that Qualcomm says that all bugs used in the video were real.

Check the weird secret tiny army of Qualcomm that empower your tiny processors:

iOS5 – releases today, quick look at whats new

October 12, 2011 by  
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Apple’s latest iOS 5 makes it debut today on all devices as updates roll out today. For those who closely follow Apple’s developments will already be drooling with anticipation to get their hands on the new features. The update will start rolling out via iTunes. So, check updates on iTunes to find out when the update is available in your region.

The new version comes with some major updates as well as many minor features. The total list of these will be more than 200 in fact. So, we tell you the major new things you can expect to see once you update your device to iOS5:

  • Notifications replace the annoying pop-ups. Much like Android slide down menu on top with notifications.
  • iMessage brings cross-device but not cross-platform chatting to apple device users.
  • Camera comes with new image editing tools and sharing options.
  • Over the air iOS software updates.
  • Wi-Fi sync to update media and playlists.
  • AirPlay (exclusive to iPad 2 and iPhone 4S) allows to transmit the display of your device to Apple TV i.e. you can play your iPad 2 / 4S games on TV’s big screen now; or even multiple iPhone users can play split screen multiplayer on single TV screen.
  • New version of Safari with AD blocker, visible tabs and options to save websites.
  • Integral twitter integration.
  • iCloud service with 5GB free storage exclusively for your files backup (apps and media files remain stored in iTunes)

iPhone 4S sells a million handsets in 24hrs

October 11, 2011 by  
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Apple has informed that they sold over a million iPhone 4S pre-orders after its announcement within 24 hours. This makes iPhone 4S the fastest selling handset in 1 day. The previous record was held by non other than iPhone 4 which sold 600,000 sets in 1 day. This is how much people love and trust the iPhone brand that they didn’t have to think twice or read some industry opinion or review to make a decision about shifting to iPhone 4S.

Some people might have thought that death of Steve Jobs would adversely effect Apple’s shares value or their fans. But Steve has laid very strong foundation for the company that people trust would continue to deliver them with top quality products and these sales figures are a true indication of that.

Google Maps add tumbnails of layers

October 11, 2011 by  
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Google maps has received a small but neat feature. The standard layer button on top right have been replaced by live image of that layer. So, if you are actually viewing some location in map view mode then you would see that the satellite view layer button shows the actual satellite view of area under the button. Pan around in map mode and the satellite button shows that locations satellite view.The same is true if you are viewing in vice versa layer mode, as the button on top always shows inverse image.

Although this is a small change but it does look pretty neat.  Check out the updated Google maps @

Nokia Dubstep tune wins the new Nokia ringtone competition

October 11, 2011 by  
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Nokia had been hosting a competition for a month now to come up with a new version of their famous ringtone tune. And instead of hiring professionals and paying hefty royalty fees for the tunes, they come up with a public contest to remix their tune and give the company a new younger audio brand. This competition has been won by an Italian DJ: Valerio Alessandro Sizzi. He made a 24 second Dubstep version of the tune which won him $10,000. This new tune will be shipped to 100 million handsets shipping out of Nokia.

There were around 6,200 entries submitted for the competition which if stitched together amount to approximately the length of 40 full albums. Professionals and Nokia brand managers were judging the tunes along with public voting for their favorite tunes. The Dubstep version received more than 1,000 likes on his Facebook. The 5 runners up won $1,000 each and their tunes will be released on Nokia Store (previously known as Ovi Store).

The competition website attracted 1.4 million visits and entries were played over 11 million times. Around hundred thousand visitors shared the tunes via Facebook and Twitter.

You can grab the new Dubstep tune as well as the runner-up tunes right now @ Nokia Brandbook blog

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