Samsung Galaxy S4 reportedly debuting March 15th

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There’s no denying that the Galaxy S3 has been a huge success for Samsung and has seen major usage around the world with record breaking sales. There’s also no other denying that the hype behind the successor and we’ve seen a good share of rumors about it. Well, looks like the device isn’t too far away based on a report of its launch date.

Samsung fan site SamMobile reports that Samsung Electronics will unveil the Galaxy S4 on March 15th or the ‘Ides of March’ so to speak. They will be sending out invitations soon but don’t expect Samsung to confirm this, since they flat out said that they ‘don’t comment on rumors and speculation’. It’s no surprise since the last phone was unveiled in the same month, but it’ll be interesting to see if the date holds.

Are you looking forward to the S4?

Blackberry unveils limited edition red Z10 for developers

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With the Z10 apparently doing impressive numbers and sold out launches in both UK and Canada in black and white colors, we now know that a third and very sexy looking variant exists. Too bad almost none of us will never be able to own it.

At Blackberry Jam Europe, the company unveiled the limited edition red Z10 device to the audience. But here’s the kicker – they’re only producing 12,000 of them exclusively for the developers who made native Blackberry 10 apps for their app store. However, there’s still a chance apparently. If you can make a native app and submit it to Blackberry and get approved before February 28th, you would be eligible for this exclusive and very sporty looking unit. I have to say that the red Blackberry looks good and definitely will pique a lot of interest. Here’s an unboxing video for the phone thanks to Crackberry:


Blackberry Z10 UAE sales have been “solid” so far

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UAE is one of the first markets to get the new Z10 device on February 10th, and there’s no surprise that almost every retailer as well as service provider is actively taking pre-orders for the phone (with some online retailers selling it for exuberantly high prices). But the results have been expectedly positive in this region. reports that analysts at Jefferies & Co. say that the Z10 has had a ‘solid’ start in the UAE market in terms of sales along with Canada, but it hasn’t been able to eclipse the UK which has been a great dominant market for the Blackberry with many users lining up for the launch. The white version of the phone has been a particularly impressive seller and has sold out in most markets.

Here’s the company’s mixed bag of a Super Bowl commercial that aired this week:

Did you pre-order your device yet?

Blackberry Z10 Middle East retail unboxing

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The new Blackberry Z10 is coming all across UAE on February 10th for a retail price of 2,599 Dhs. But before you get your hands on it, here’s an unboxing of the device in its Middle East packaging.

Looking forward to the device?

No Blackberry 10 tablets coming anytime soon, says CEO

February 3, 2013 by  
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Blackberry 10 has been a success for the company so far, in the sense that it definitely now competes against the best of the industry and matches their performance. And even though they’re really focusing on showing off the technology on their new handheld devices Z10 and Q10 at the moment, don’t expect them to come out with a Blackberry 10 tablet anytime soon.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins tells reports in a Q & A (courtesy of Mashable) that even though the company will ‘continue’ in the tablet space, they will not churn out a new tablet anytime soon and will look to differentiate their next tablet offering from the rest of the industry whenever it happens. He cited challenges including low cost and low margin tablets like the Kindle Fire, but also reassured owners of Blackberry Playbooks that the tablet will get an update to Blackberry 10 soon but without a specific date in mind. He detailed a little bit about the way to differentiate their tablets:

“We want to provide a value proposition that is not just hardware, but software, too. What we’ll be doing in the tablet space is looking for specific services on top of the tablet — financial, healthcare verticals. We are still exploring various use cases for it.”

Are you looking to a Blackberry 10 tablet?

Etisalat and du launch Blackberry pre-order plans

January 31, 2013 by  
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After yesterday’s successful launch of the Blackberry 10, RIM (now called Blackberry) is riding high on the buzz of the flagship device Z10. After the CEO revealed that the device will hit UAE on February 10th, we now have information from both du and Etisalat about the product.

Starting from  Today 31 January 2013,  Etisalat is accepting pre-orders on for the new BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone powered by BlackBerry® 10. The new device is available to both pre-paid and postpaid customers in BlackBerry Complete, BlackBerry Unlimited and BlackBerry Global packages. Priced at AED2,599, Etisalat is running a special offer on the BlackBerry Z10 for the BlackBerry Unlimited package where customers pay half the rental for the first four months. The BlackBerry Unlimited package offered normally at AED185 per month is now priced at AED93, providing high internet access speeds to support the streaming of websites such as YouTube. The rest of the Blackberry Packages remain the same, including the 49dhs Social Package.  Visit their page for more and to find out if your number is eligible.

du has also launched their pre-order for the Z10, where you can visit one of their nearest stores and pay a 200Dhs deposit  to pre-book the phone. The interesting thing is that none of them have revealed any post-paid contract plans for the phone, which is something that a lot of people may be interested in. But in time, they should be revealed.

I hope.

Youtube planning to introduce paid channels soon

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Youtube is slowly planning to become more than just a collection of cat videos. It’s aiming to become a replacement for your cable TV. And a collection of cat videos. Now, they’re taking a step forward in that direction. reports that Google is currently working with a select number of video channels on Youtube to test out paid subscription systems on the website, meaning content that you would have to pay for in order to view it. Only some of the top channels are in conversation right now, but you can see how they’re testing the waters with them. Now they’ve dealt with something like this before with introducing movie rentals that only had so-so success so it makes sense that this would be their next step. But the question is – will people pay for Youtube videos?

Will you?

Twitter launches mobile video sharing app Vine, Facebook hates it

January 27, 2013 by  
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There has been a lot of talk about video version of Instagram and the possibilities of success that could bring to any startup that successfully launches one. Well, looks like Twitter itself beat everyone else to the punch when they dropped the bomb earlier this week by launching ‘Vine’, a mobile video sharing app that is actually very cool.

The idea behind the application is pretty cool – it allows you to create 6 second long loopable GIF videos and post them on Twitter. The videos used in the GIF can be very short clips stitched together to tell a story or just for fun. The app is currently only for the iPhone and iPod Touch which is a damn shame, but we hope it arrives to Android and Blackberry soon enough. Most people don’t really know what to do with the thing yet, except for Facebook who know that they want to cut it off. The application has been denied accessed from accessing a user’s Facebook friends within the app to share the videos to, and Facebook reasons that apps that don’t share information back will not be given information from Facebook. Fair enough, but a shady business move more like.

Here’s an example of a Vine:


Here’s a funnier, more creative example for it:

Thoughts on the service?

Blackberry Z10 takes on the iPhone 5, wins

January 22, 2013 by  
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I don’t think there’s any stronger confirmation of the Z10 we know actually being real than a comparison video of the device with the iPhone 5. And for Blackberry fans around the world, the more comforting news is that the Blackberry Z10 manages to blow the iPhone 5 out of the water in almost every compared department including voice controls.

German website TelekomPresse has the video which compares both the phones primarily with its voice controls in the German language and surprisingly, the Z10 does a better job than Siri when it comes to recognizing what the user wanted to say.  It also gives us a nice view of both the devices side by side, where the Z10 looks taller than the iPhone because of a larger screen. So far, the Z10 has been beating the competition in its beta software release so one can only imagine that the release version will actually improve upon it.

Watch the video below for more:


FUJIFILM Showcases Innovative New Range of Cameras at CES 2013

January 21, 2013 by  
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FujiFilm has been making a comeback in the digital camera market after a stagnant few years, and their focus is marketing their cameras to the professionals who crave a simple and retro style of the good old years instead of competing with the likes of Canon and Nikon without skimping on quality and features. And at CES 2013, they announced a new range of some admittedly beautiful looking cameras. Here’s the press release:

FUJIFILM showcased a broad spectrum of photo and imaging solutions at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from 8th-11th January, under the theme, “Fujifilm. expect INNOVATION.” FUJIFILM is committed to developing and building its innovative technologies that not only create new and advanced products, but also improve the lives of consumers and businesses everywhere.

“FUJIFILM’s core strength lies in its commitment to innovation and creating state-of-the-art cameras that enhance the lives of people around the world,” said Keitaro So, General Manager, FUJIFILM Electronics Imaging Division, MENA. “The Middle East will see a plethora of new camera ranges available in the market within the next few months, with the X100S and the X20 from the acclaimed X-Series being the highlights.”

X-Series: X100S & X20

At CES 2013, FUJIFILM showcased its award-winning, professional grade X-Series digital cameras. Developed to appeal to generations of professional photographers that appreciate true craftsmanship, the FUJIFILM X-Series digital cameras combine the highest caliber FUJINON lenses and advanced APS CMOS sensors with the latest EXR image processing technology to deliver extraordinary image quality.

The FUJIFILM X100S combines three high-performance FUJIFILM components that together defy ordinary digital camera limitations, and gives photographers a uniquely-advanced professional digital camera experience. By using FUJIFILM ‘s X-Trans CMOS II Sensor, EXR Processor II and FUJINON 23mm F2 fixed lens, the X100S is capable of the world’s fastest autofocus speeds of up to 0.08 seconds*1, and increases its image resolution by 25%*2 and reduces noise by 30%*3 over the first generation X100

The new FUJIFILM X20 digital camera improves on the highly-acclaimed FUJIFILM X10 with an advanced 12MP 2/3” X-Trans CMOS II Sensor and the EXR Processor II to deliver the world’s fastest autofocus speed of up to 0.06 seconds*4. The X20 also receives a newly-developed, advanced optical viewfinder with aDigital Trans Panel that displays critical imaging information syncing perfectly with the manual zoom lens

Bridge Cameras with Long-Zoom: HS50EXR, S8200, S8300 & SL1000

The new flagship FinePix HS50EXR features a manual zoom lens for high precision zooming over a huge 42x focal length range (24-1000mm*7) and a new ½” EXR CMOS II sensor with phase detection that achieves the world’s fastest autofocus speed in its class of just 0.05 seconds*6

There will also be to new additions to the popular long-zoom S and SL-Series lineup – the SLR styled FinePix S8200 and FinePix S8300 that each boast fast apertures of F2.9 to F6.5, an amazing Optical Image Stabilization system for excellent blur reduction, and genuine FUJINON long zoom lenses with 40x optical (S8200) and 42x optical (S8300) zoom options.

Additionally, the new FinePix SL1000 uses a newly-developed 50x optical FUJINON zoom lens (24-1200mm*1) with a fast aperture of F2.9-5.6 and a powerful new Optical Image Stabilization that reduces the effect of blurring at longer zoom lengths

Tough Camera: FinePix XP60

The all-new FinePix XP60 brings back rugged and durable for those adventurous shots that other digital cameras just cannot get. The new XP60 uses an improved 16MP CMOS sensor for enhanced image quality, a reinforced 5x FUJINON lens, and is Waterproof to 20ft (6M), Shockproof to 5ft (1.5M), Freezeproof to 14°F (-10°C) and Dustproof. The XP60 also has a newly redesigned battery door lock with double seals for enhanced protection so that users are certain to get their most adventurous shots, all with an attractive camera body that is easy to use for the whole family.

Polaroid Camera: INSTAX™ Mini

FUJIFILM showcased the newest consumer model of Instax Instant Film Cameras, including the new INSTAX™ Mini 8 and new rainbow frame-colored instant film. The all-new INSTAX Mini 8 instant film camera offers user-friendly control functions, fun style, and fantastic image quality found in the current INSTAX Mini models. The new fun and compact INSTAX Mini 8 will be available in three new exciting colors – pink, blue and yellow – along with the classic white and black models.

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