A Beginner’s Guide to Video Encoding

Watching movies on your computer and on your favorite portable devices has become an increasingly difficult task. Thanks to the plethora of video formats and media players found on the internet, casual computer users are completely lost as to which media player to use and what video format each of these can play.

The same thing goes for iPads, iPhones and Android handsets; each one of these devices can play only a limited range of video formats. To overcome this problem, users usually resort to video converting software to get the job done. Such software is usually costly, and even when it’s available for free, getting through the hectic interfaces can prove to be a daunting task.

Video transcoding, or converting, used to be (and still is) an extremely difficult task to accomplish, but thanks to the talented group of programmers behind Handbrake, it’s been simplified to the point where even the most casual user can convert a video from one format to another successfully and without any hassle.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of transcoding a video to work on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The steps below work for pretty much all operating systems: Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

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