Sharp launches 20″ touchscreen in Middle East

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Sharp Middle East today announced the availability of a 20″ full HD touchscreen, which is fully compatible with Windows 8. The unit can be primarily used as a PC monitor, however it can also be positioned nearly flat on a desk as an alternative display mechanic, or to use an on-screen keyboard. The display also comes with a 2mm pen point stylus, which is ideal for making detailed notes and illustrations. The display also prioritizes the pen’s input, which means that even if your wrist is resting on the screen, you won’t make any accidental clicks on the screen. The display was first shown at Infocomm at GITEX last year, and overall the feedback from visitors was quite positive. We certainly like the sleek looks of this display, and can’t wait to get our hands on one for review.

Press Release: Sharp Middle East has officially launched its latest small size touch screen LCD in the Middle East, bringing businesses an expanded range of versatility through smart design and intelligent integrated features.

The region had a first look at the device on Sharp’s stand during Infocomm 2012, held during GITEX Technology Week last year, but the small size screen packed with technology is now officially available across the Middle East.

The full HD unit is primarily a PC monitor, however the in-built features give it flexibility beyond the notion of a traditional PC screen, making it truly multi-use for businesses. It is right up to date with the latest features, with full Microsoft Windows 8 touch function compatibility, and the zero bezel flat screen enables smooth Windows 8 touch operations.

“We want to challenge the perception of what a PC monitor can do, and the benefits it can bring to a business – the 20 Inch touch screen display does exactly that,” said Ravinder Kumar, Deputy General Manager, Sales, Sharp Middle East. “By incorporating features which add value through multi-use versatility, the 20 Inch helps companies to think about investing in new IT peripherals in a smarter fashion, weighing up what returns they will get on their investment.”

He added: “The feedback we received during Infocomm about the model was hugely positive, especially with the unit running on Microsoft Windows 8, with visitors intrigued at the numerous applications the display can be used for, so we’re very excited that we can now offer this to our customers across the Middle East.”

One key feature of the display is its use of the world’s thinnest pen point stylus. The pen, at 2mm, makes detailed notes, precise pointing and neat digital handwriting smooth and natural. This, combined with the innovative palm cancellation feature, which prioritizes pen recognition so users can write with the touch pen even if their palm is resting on the screen, opens up a range of uses for the unit including electronic signature boards and education or business note taking directly on a presentation.

One of the most attractive features to business looking to supplement an existing professional display installation is the full compatibility with many of Sharp’s other professional LED displays. The 20 Inch is ideal as a digital lectern or teaching aid linked to a large size professional displays such as Sharp’s 90 Inch, or a Sharp video wall, enabling audiences such as students to see exactly what the teacher is doing through real time mirroring, all in high definition.

Depending on the application desired, the monitor can be inclined at 10 degrees – perfectly angled for handwriting with the stylus – as well as being used flat on a table top or mounted in standard ‘standing’ style at 75 degrees for easy viewing in a group situation.

Sharp is targeting a variety of applications and vertical industries with the 20 Inch. In addition to using it to control larger LCD signage and video walls, there are uses as diverse as interactive touch signage at airports, shopping malls, and travel agencies, along with hospitality and banking uses and medical uses in hospitals and dental surgeries for going through digitised doctor’s notes, scans and diagnoses.

The model slots into the Sharp professional LCD line-up at the smaller end of the scale, giving businesses the opportunity to select models from 20 Inch all the way up to 108 Inch. Sharp recently launched its 90 Inch LED with the unit completing the full professional display line-up in ultra-large sizes from 60 Inch to 108 Inch.

5 quick tech gifts for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is this week, and already I’m swamped with emails from various hotels about ‘getaway offers’ and special romantic meals. But I’m a techie, so a box of chocolates or a candlelight dinner isn’t going to cut it for me.

So rather than spend a ridiculous amount of money on flowers, chocolates, or other things that will be forgotten the next day, here are five quick tech gadgets you can splurge on for your better half this Valentine’s Day.

Libratone Zipp – AED 1,999

A new kid on the block, the Libratone Zipp is a portable wireless speaker that delivers 360 degrees of sound. Not to mention it comes with a handy leather carrying strap and a range of funky zippable covers. It supports AirPlay, DLNA, and requires literally zero setup. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these for a review – for science of course.

Nokia Lumia 620 – AED 899

The Nokia Lumia has been making quite a few waves since its launch, and the recently released Nokia Lumia 620 is no different. Packaged in a small form factor with the staying power of Windows Phone 8, the Lumia 620 is great if you’re looking for a Windows Phone that won’t break the bank.

Cyberbike2 – AED 499

Because nothing says “I love you” more than “You need to work on your thighs”. No seriously, this bike for your PlayStation 3 not only gives you a good workout but also comes with a compatible game so that you don’t notice you’re exercising. What better way to burn off those pesky V-day chocolates?

iPod nano – AED 649 (16GB)

The Apple iPod nano is a cute little thing, but despite its small size is capable of cramming in a truckload of songs. Add to that the newly designed headphones, Nike+ support, inbuilt radio, and an ultra sleek body and you’ve got one groovy gift for your Valentine.

Raspberry Pi Type B – AED 150

If you’ve got a true geek in your life, then they’ll appreciate the mini wonder that’s the Raspberry Pi. This tiny hackable mini-PC can be configured to do just about anything with the right code in it, so grab one from here if you’d much rather spend Valentine’s Day writing lines of code than reciting lines of poetry.

Kingston DataTraveler HyperX Predator

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DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB Flash drive offers the fastest speeds from Kingston and the highest capacities available in the world. With 240MB/s read and 160MB/s write speeds (in USB 3.0), users can quickly access, edit and transfer their files and applications directly from the drive with no performance lag. Capacities up to 1TB allow users to store their entire digital world on the DT HyperX Predator. This prestigious drive is compliant with next-generation USB 3.0 specifications and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 systems. DT HyperX Predator offers superior quality in a high-end design and also features a custom Kingston key ring and HyperX Valet Keychain for added value.

Check out our review to see what makes the HyperX Predator such an incredible USB flash drive.

Etisalat introduces new Wasel international add-on

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Etisalat today announced the ‘Wasel International Add-on’, which allows prepaid customers to make international calls at local call rates.

The add-on supports 6 countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China, and Etisalat networks in Egypt and Sri Lanka.

“At Etisalat, we continuously seek to provide our customers with attractive offers that meet their needs. Leveraging Etisalat’s presence overseas, we are delivering an incredible value to residents of the UAE, allowing them to talk longer at more affordable rates on Etisalat’s high-quality network,” said Khaled Elkhouly, chief marketing officer at Etisalat.

Wasel prepaid customers can subscribe by dialing *141# or by sending ‘IDD’ as an SMS to 1010. Users will be charged 0.5 fills per second, with AED 1 at the beginning of the call as call set-up free.

Five tweaks that BlackBerry should make to the BB10 Hub

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The more I play with the recently released BlackBerry Z10, the more I like how it works. When I’m not using the Z10, I have found myself unintentionally swiping up whatever device is in my hand. As I mentioned in my review, I think RIM BlackBerry has laid out a great foundation with BB10. However, as their CEO Thorsten Heins mentioned, this is just the start for them and there is still lots of work that needs to be done. I completely agree with that and thought I’d highlight five changes that I’d love to see implemented on the messaging Hub in a future update.

1) Shrink messages to fit screen

On the iPhone and very recently on Android device, you have the option of opening an email in a zoomed out view so the entire message fits the screen. With BB10, the default view is expanded and you can pinch the email to fit in its entirety on the screen. I would very much like an option that lets me set that as the default view as I can always double-tap to zoom into an area.

2) Move between emails and chose what to do

Right now you cannot move between emails. If you’re looking at an email, you HAVE to go back to the list and open the next emails. From what I have heard, this will be implemented in an upgrade to the software so lets keep our fingers crossed.

3) Allow customization of soft buttons

When you open an email, the soft buttons across the bottom show Reply, Reply All and Forward. Instead, I would love to see just ONE button that you could set as the default action (holding it would bring the other options.) The extra two buttons could then be used for a “delete” button and a prev/next button split diagonally to move between open emails. That would solve #2 as well.

4) Swiping actions on the list

The latest update to GMail on Android allows you to delete or archive your emails by simply swiping horizontally on that email from your list. This makes dumping emails quickly very fast and easy. Mailbox app for the iPhone uses a similar concept and takes it up a notch. Something similar would work wonderfully on BB10 which is all about swiping.

5) Power scrolling

Getting back to the top of a list might not seem like a very time consuming job but if you have a Universal Inbox with hundred of messages, it can become a bit of chore to continuously swipe up. While there are buttons on the side menu to do just that, I think using two fingers for power scrolling would make it more efficient.

So there you have it- my list of five updates that I think would be a welcome to the current BlackBerry 10 Hub. Hopefully BlackBerry is in the listening mode and we’ll some some, if not all, sooner rather than later.

GeForce GTX Titan 3DMark benchmarks leaked?

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NVIDIA’s upcoming and much speculated about GTX Titan is still not officially announced, but that doesn’t mean that leaks won’t come out inadvertently. According to a close source from OBR Hardware, the below graph shows what the single GPU behemoth from NVIDIA is capable of.

The 3DMark score sure is impressive to say the least, especially showing its prowess in the Fire Strike Extreme preset, but at the end of the day this is just one synthetic benchmark. Real world gaming performance can vary quite a lot, perhaps not performing as close to the GTX 690 as shown here.

We’ll have more on NVIDIA’s latest flagship card in the coming weeks (or days!), so be sure to check back for more.

Microsoft Surface Pro jazzes up your meetings with dance

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet has finally come out this week, and in keeping with the high-impact yet seemingly bizarre adverts that we’ve seen in the past, Microsoft released another one at tonight’s Grammys, touting the Surface Pro’s USB port and pen digitizer. The advert, entitled entitled “The Vibe”, opens at what appears to be a simple meeting, but instantly transforms into a dance routine featuring flying covers, somersaults, and beat-boxing. Because nothing softens the blow of a disappointing sales report better than reenacting Peter Pan in your boardroom.


In contrast, Google also released an advert during the Grammys, opting instead to go for a more sane approach when talking about its Google Now feature on the Nexus 4. The advert flips to different countries and shows Google Now reporting the weather, giving directions, and of course Google Hangouts.


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