AMD confirms no HD 8000 series till Q4 2013

February 9, 2013 by  
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In a recent tweet AMD’s marketing manager has confirmed that the company will not be releasing the much anticipated HD 8000 series of graphics cards this year, but instead will focus on the existing HD 7000 series. The HD 8000 series currently being advertised by OEMs is just a rebranding of the existing hardware with, presumably, minor clock speed bumps. The marketing campaign for the “Never Settle Bundle” will continue on.

The true HD 8000, it seems, won’t be out till Q4 of this year as seen from the roadmap chart released on 4gamer. For the mean time AMD will be focusing instead on their 28nm GPU architecture which will be used in the upcoming next-gen consoles, most likely the PS4.

Yandex surpasses Bing as 4th globally used search engine

February 9, 2013 by  
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In a recent report released by comScore’s qSearch results yields some rather interesting data as far as search engines are concerned. It seems that in November and December of 2012, the global search queries done on Microsoft’s Bing were surpassed by the Russian search engine Yandex.


In their market analysis comScore includes all Microsoft sites such as Hotmail, Windows Live, etc. Although Bing accounts for the largest share with 92% usage for search queries. And where Microsoft’s entire network accounted for 4.477 billion queries worldwide, Yandex surpassed it by 4.844 billion. Obviously Google is still the king with a massive 114.73 billion searches worldwide, followed in the distance by China’s search engine Baidu with 14.5 billion searches and Yahoo! coming in third with 8.63 billion searches worldwide.

It is surely is interesting to see that where Microsoft with all of their marketing might was still struggling to reach fourth place in the global search markets, the relatively unknown Russian firm came out of nowhere and has now claimed title for fourth place. How long till Yahoo! is also passed by, or perhaps even the mighty Google loosing its share?

The Pirate Bay documentary now online

February 9, 2013 by  
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The Pirate Bay is one of the world’s most popular and notorious websites. For years authorities have been relentlessly trying to take it down and bring its founders to justice. As one of the world’s largest file-sharing websites, it has come under attack year after year, and emerges bruised but never beaten.

Now a documentary entitled “TPB AFK” (The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard) sheds light on what goes on behind the scenes at the website, as well as what makes the site so determined to stay online despite pressure from various legal bodies.

In a statement, director Simon Klose narrates how his meeting with Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde back in 2008 changed his life, and inspired him to put out this documentary. “One reason for making this film was that I couldn’t relate to the media industry’s claim that sharing files was a threat to creativity. To me, the unrestricted access to culture was the very spark in the online revolution, where every imaginable artistic expression exploded with creativity. On one hand, many of my artist friends were suffering from less sales, but on the other, the possibilities to produce, market and distribute their art had fundamentally changed for the better. I kept thinking that there must be ways to build a thriving digital economy that incorporates these new tools rather than criminalizing them.”

The film can be watched for a minimum $10 contribution or downloaded via magnet link on The Pirate Bay website. Or, you could just grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the entire movie on YouTube which we’ve embedded below.


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