Nvidia Titan to outperform GTX 690; out next month?

February 1, 2013 by  
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While everyone is waiting patiently for AMD’s 8000 series and Nvidia’s revamped GTX 700 series to show up in the market somewhere around June this year, there’s a large gap left in the market for people who want a new bleeding edge graphics card.


The Nvidia Titan is one such card which was supposedly leaked last week on various forums around the net. Originally thought to be the new GTX 780, the Nvidia Titan is apparently a standalone card with no numerical value attached to its name. This single GPU card was though to have come close to the performance of Nvidia’s current flagship dual-GPU card, the GTX 690. However, according to Tom’s Hardware, the Titan actually outperforms the GTX 690 by healthy margin. Where a single GTX 690 posts around X6000 score in 3DMark 11, the new Titan GPU scores upwards of X7000.

Rumored to be available for retail in a limited quantity for $899 (AED 3,600) the Nvidia TitanĀ is supposedly out by the end of February and will be based on the GK110 architecture with 6GB RAM.

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